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August 12, 2017 18:05

Choose a dimmer for LED lamps - characteristics , types and costs

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desire of consumers to save on payments for utility services has caused the inflow into the market of new types of various home appliances, including lighting products, which are positioned as an energy-saving manufacturers.Views of both experts and users agree on one thing - LED products really better "light bulbs Ilyich" familiar to us.

simultaneously in use appeared mysterious (for those who are more distant from the electrical engineering), the term "dimmer".Let us examine what this device is and why it is needed.

Dimmer installed in electric / lighting chain (including the 220V LED lamps) and allows you to adjust the current.So there is nothing new in principle, no.In fact, this kind of rheostat, we know from school physics lessons.It should be noted that certain types of products are used not only to collaborate with LEDs, but also to conventional incandescent lamps.


Scope of use

It all depends on what the user intended purpose.But in general are the following options for the use of dimmers (although it is rather arbitrary, since their installation allows to solve several problems at the discretion of the user).

  1. ice - bulbs Regulation luminescence intensity lamps (light level "zone of responsibility"), which not only makes the stay in the room more comfortable, but also allows you to efficiently consume electric / energy and therefore save on payment of theservices.
  2. There is an opportunity to emphasize the beneficial features of the design of the room, set off particularly spectacular place to produce so-called "zoning" areas and the like.
  3. When using dimmers there is no need to install additional devices (different highlights, "night-light" and so on).
  4. On / Off lamps can be made or remotely (even from the area adjacent to the house), or embedded in the program memory of the device.

In principle, if you understand the role played by this unit in the E / chain, no third-party recommendations for use and do not need - own imagination will tell you where and how to mount such a product.It can be monobloc (for indoor installation) or a module (located in the power panel with a connection to the "smart home" system).There dimmers "remote", which can be attached directly to the fixture housing.

Key Features Dimmers

  1. load capacity (Max).
  1. control method:
  • remote (from the console or via Wi-fi);
  • button;
  • touch;
  • turning (Rychagova)


Various options and specific features added comfort in use of the device, and the list for a particular product depends on its model.A set of specific functions depends on the manufacturer and, naturally, the number of the device implies appreciation.And they are important or not (and if so, how) to judge you, dear reader.

  • QLD -I- C- VNITI ability to use the premises, characterized by elevated temperatures (or lower).
  • option automatically extinguishing lighting.
  • Resistance to jumps in the supply voltage (for suburban buildings is more than urgent!).
  • presence in the unit circuit protection elements (short-circuit, overvoltage, overload, and a number of others).
  • Highlighting the controls on the remote.
  • «Memory" function.
  • possibility of introducing specific control program (for example, smooth illumination changes).

There are a number of other "bells and whistles".Keep track of all the new products impossible, as the manufacturers always something to improve.When buying a dimmer all of its characteristics can be specified on the passport.

cost dimmers

It depends on the version, the mode of lighting control and key features.price range is huge, so it is sufficient to point out that the cost of the simplest (mechanical) models start from 650 rubles .Price improved devices with different feature sets, comes to 3 800 rubles .

dimmer - 1-003

Practical recommendations

  • assortment of LED lamps is huge.This involves not only the differences in the characteristics, but also in the specific operation.If you plan to install a dimmer, you should immediately clarify whether he is working in conjunction with the controlling device can when buying a lighting device, since not all articles "compatible."On the packaging of lamps that can be turned on with the dimmer, there is an appropriate designation.Options - "Dimmable", "dimmable", "brightness adjustment".
  • Independent dimmer installation complexity is not.The only thing you need to know - this circuit element is set to break the phase conductor .

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