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August 12, 2017 18:08

theodolite device - will know which side to approach the machine

What theodolite?

Theodolite is used in construction, topography, geodesy, and in many other areas where precision is important.Like the name of the device, and its applicability is that we really are not clear, if you have not had to use it.An even greater mystery is the structure of the device.These devices fall into two categories: optical and electronic.

In the optical device on the lenses located reference points that allow to calculate the coordinates.The electronic version has a display function and storing coordinates of points.To understand how the device works, consider the structure of the theodolite.

Theodolite is a U-shaped device on a stand with the telescope.The main part of the theodolite with which work is carried out as follows: a horizontal circle, telescope, vertical circle, cylindrical level, as well as lifting the legs 3.

theodolite Main elements and their function

Now consider these parts in detail.Horizontal circle has two components: the limb and aliadu (this entire rotating part of the device).Limb theodolite has an important function.It marked the division, and aliade - reading device.The attached diagram theodolite help visualize all of these parts and their work.

Limb aliada and can be used separately from each other.If it is necessary to measure multiple angles of equal height, limb is fixed in position and can be rotated aliadu depending on needs.The rotation axes aliady and limb so important in the device, they are called the principal axes of a theodolite.

If aliadu and limb read in conjunction with the telescope, they are called the basic components of a theodolite.To measure the angle, it is necessary to place the center of the horizontal range of the measured angle.Optical plummet will do it.

To theodolite telescope is not moved to the side, all the moving parts in it are fixed by means of clamping screws and suggestive.

What role does the vertical circle of a theodolite?It also has its limb and aliadu.With it, the projection is measured vertical surfaces.The angles are above the horizon, called positive and the angles below the horizon - negative.

How to use a theodolite?

How to understand correctly recorded the desired point of measurement of the angle?Each level has a theodolite.It is important to put them exactly during installation.Adjusting screws help to achieve the desired level.The optical plummet or a plumb establish the accuracy of the limb center.

Knowing what is in the theodolite, you can begin to practice.How to use this device?To start working with the instrument , set it on a tripod, and choose two reference points.They induced telescope theodolite.

telescope leads to point "A", fix the instrument and measure the vertical thread.On the horizontal circle do the countdown, and the data is written to the log.Fixing removed, and track the second point, let's call it "B", by turning clockwise the device.

next step is to transfer the tube through the zenith.Change the position of the circle and leads to point the telescope.For small differences in measurement, the average number is correct.The value of the measurement of the limb should be zero or close to the zero.Aliada rotates as long as the strokes of zero values ​​on the microscope and the limb will not coincide.All measurements are made on a circle.