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August 12, 2017 18:07

Connecting the spa to electricity

Specific requirements for the location of the jacuzzi

Specific requirements for the location of the hot tub

Jacuzzi should be connected in the room when such conditions are fulfilled:

  1. all repair and construction work in the bathroom need to be completed.
  2. approach to the source device and a Jacuzzi, must be available for the repair or preventive procedures.
  3. sure to be electric with earthed outlets.
  4. presence of sewage and water supply networks.

correct device whirlpool

for proper connection to the water supply network should follow these requirements:

  1. When the device is operating, the water pressure should be 4-5 bar.

when establishing and connecting the circuit spa installation, you must ensure the safe protection of hydraulic, as it is expensive.Just to the bathroom, a special device for the pressure control must be set (gearbox).

Proper hot tub unit

  1. For whirlpool should be installed special water treatment filters, since installing the nozzle, it is very sensitive to water with different impurities.
  2. When installing bathroom comes on legs, it vodopotrebitelnye device must, is close enough to the water pipe system.Further, the height of our hot tub should be set at a level with the help of the adjustment screws.Also, the device can be installed on a fixing frame.
  3. To avoid problems with your sewer, you need to remember about the fact that the drainage funnel is 10 centimeters lower than the draining of our installation.
  4. Jacuzzi has a mixer that is connected to the stationary systems and is used by a hose.In this case, the distance between the tub and the wall about 0, 5 meters.
  5. should not forget about the conclusions of water, that is hot and cold.They should have vodozapornye taps with thread.

Proper bath unit to electric networks

When you make the connection hot tub to electricity, you need to adhere to these basic rules:

  1. necessary to adhere to the rules of technical systems, as well as desirable to the presence of an electrician.
  2. necessary installation outlet, which will be closed to prevent water from entering.

Proper bath unit to the power grids

  1. socket-outlet should be placed 30 centimeters on a side wall of your installation and 50 centimeters from the floor.
  2. To make wiring into your outlet, you must use a wire with double insulation and such sections 3h2,5
  3. To avoid overloading the power supply, it is possible to install automatic system.This system will give you the assurance that your power supply cable to the machine system will be in a special corrugated tube.

It is recommended to connect the bath to use such advice:

  1. Do not operate the hot tub if it is not grounded outlet.
  2. Grounding is done through water, drainage and heating devices.
  3. If the bath is connected to a network, repairs and engineering works are not carried out.
  4. Jacuzzi can not be used with an electric cable fault or if there is a grounding problem.

avoid problems with electrical equipment and for safe operation of the equipment, you need to install surge protectors that will make system protection against power surges.

Proper bath unit to the power grids

Installation and connection of the drainage system

To properly connect the spa installation must comply with these instructions:

  1. connection must be fixed.
  2. Apply drainage plums, around 40-50 millimeters in diameter.
  3. Release drains must be installed on the drawing project.The pipe can be embedded in the wall or under the floor, then follow the following rules:
    • If the drain is designed in the wall, then his flight should be 2 cm.
    • Release drains should have a diameter of 40-50 mm.
    • When connecting the release of sewage and drainage, should be carried out of the corrugated tube.

Installation and connection of the drainage system

To comply with all the rules for installation and connection bath can avoid problems with her breakdowns.Note that when connecting the spa to electricity, it is necessary to see a specialist for advice.