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August 12, 2017 18:07

Tile Bathroom

tile in the bathroom.

Today we tell about the basic variants tile design in the bathroom.Photos will also be presented.

It is worth remembering that the tile is slightly different from the ceramics.Tile cooking technology is virtually the same.But tiles, unlike ceramic, a durable and high-quality material.The fact that the manufacture of ceramics fired in a kiln, and overcoated with special tile glaze having additional beneficial properties.There are also different kinds of firing tiles - a triple, double and single.

Tile for the bathroom - 1

On tile is given a long guarantee (30 years), if you are, of course, will not be pounding it with a hammer.

price of tile, however, is also higher.

Before buying tiles need to properly calculate the amount of material.Bathroom can be of different sizes, so it is necessary to accurately calculate how many square meters will be covered with tiles

also pay attention to the properties of the tiles before buying.Often you can overpay for unnecessary features such as the frost resistance and resistance to toxins.It is best to visit several shops and read the labels on packages.

Tile for the bathroom - 2

specify in advance greatly if this slippery tiles.Often, in the bathroom on the floor quite slippery, it can lead to a completely unnecessary injury.Be sure to check the evenness of the tile.Ideally, the surface must have bias.To check, you can use a normal elbow.

is also necessary to check the strength of the tile.To this end, it is not necessary to knock a hammer, just look at the wrong side of the "tablets".If the color is uneven, and the surface is shiny, then most likely the tile manufacturing process was broken.

should definitely look at the picture.Lines should not be fuzzy or broken.It is necessary to exclude any, even small defects.

Laying tiles

Practically the only thing you need to tile it myself (pardon the tautology) tiles.Well, the tile adhesive.

Tile Bathroom 3

Pre surface on which the tiles will be glued, cleaned of dust and dirt, degrease.Read the baseboards and trim.If you want to close up a crack.Cracks can close the priming (1-2 call).

Do not forget to do waterproofing.

Then using a special technology (better check with the tile manufacturer) made styling.

tile design in the bathroom

Going on to talk about the design of the tile in the bathroom.The photo below will give you an initial idea of ​​what you can think of for your bathroom.

Tile Bath 4

recommended to combine different colors.Do not lay the tiles on the entire width of the same color - it will look tasteless.

Speaking about the combination of colors, it is possible to combine a variety of colors in the bathroom.For example, such as white and black, that would not have looked in the living room.

Tile Bath 5

Also you can try to put on the wall and a single contrast to the overall picture of the plate.This plate will immediately attract attention and make diversity shade.

diversity effect can also make floor tiles.In recent years, it is often used variant of a tile that mimics the surface of various structures - wood, bronze, metal, water ripples.

In the photo below you can see a few more options in vannoy.Dizayn tile design, if you doubt the choice, you can order from the experts.But it is better to express their own imagination, and enjoy clean their "work of art".