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SNIP 3.05.05-84 - technological equipment and technological pipelines

SNIP 3.05.05-84 - technological equipment and technological pipelines

building regulations

technological equipment and technological pipelines

SNIP 3.05.05-84

USSR State Committee for Construction

Moscow 1985

DESIGNED VNIImontazhspetsstroem Minmontazhspetsstroya USSR (engineer V. J. Adelman, Doctor of Technical Sciences Vladimir Popovski - heads topic;.. candidates of Technical Sciences VI Oboturov, V. Popov, R..I. Tavastsherna) Giproneftespetsmontazhom Minmontazhspetsstroya USSR (cand. tehn. Sciences I. Goldenberg) and Giprohimmontazhom Minmontazhspetsstroya USSR (engineers IP Petruhin, ML Elyashiv).

INCLUDED Minmontazhspetsstroya USSR.

prepared for approval by the Division of technical regulation and standardization of the State Construction Committee of the USSR (eng. Boris Sokolov).

With the introduction of SNIP 3.05.05-84 "technological equipment and technological pipelines" loses force SNIP III-31-78 * "The process equipment. Main provisions".


USSR Committee for Construction (Gosstroy USSR)
Building Regulations SNIP 3.05.05-84
technological equipment and technological pipelines Instead
SNIP III-31-78 *

These rules extend to the production and acceptance of works on installation of technological equipment and technological pipelines (hereinafter - "equipment" and "pipes") for production, processing and transportation of rawintermediate and final products at an absolute pressure of 0.001 MPa (0.01 kgf / cm2) to 100 MPa incl.(1000 kgf / cm2), and piping for supplying coolants, lubricants and other substances required for the equipment.

rules must be respected by all organizations and enterprises involved in the design and construction of new, expansion, reconstruction and technical re-equipment of existing enterprises.

Work on the installation of equipment and pipelines under the control of the State Engineering Supervision of the USSR, including svorka and quality control of welded joints must be carried out according to the rules and regulations Gosgortechnadzor USSR.


1.1. the production of works on installation of equipment and piping necessary to comply with the requirements of SNIP on the organization of construction, SNIP III-4-80, standards, specifications and departmental regulations, approved in accordance with SNIP 1.01.01-82 *.

1.2. Work on the installation of equipment and pipelines should be carried out in accordance with the approved design and estimate documentation and working, the project of works (PPR) and documentation of manufacturers.

Made Minmontazhspetsstroya USSR approved

decree of the USSR State Committee for Construction Affairs
on May 7, 1984 № 72

into effect 1 January 1985.

1.3. Installation of equipment and pipelines should be carried out on the basis of the node method of construction and installation of complete-block method.

Notes: 1. Under nodal method of construction meant the organization of construction and installation work-sharing start-up complex interrelated with each other technological components - technologically and structurally separate part of the facility, technical readiness which, after completion of construction and installation work allows autonomouslyregardless of the willingness of the object as a whole, to make commissioning and testing of individual and complex testing assemblies, mechanisms and devices.

2. Under complete-block method of installation refers to the organization of the installation of equipment and pipelines with a maximum transfer of work from the construction site in terms of industrial production with the aggregation equipment, pipelines and structures in blocks of supplier factories as well as assembly and picking plantsthe construction industry and construction organizations with delivery to the construction site in the form of sets of block devices.

1.4.. documentation issued in accordance with clause 1.2 installer must be provided:

a) application of technological units and communication units with aggregation, their components, based on the range and specifications, approved or mutually agreed by the parent organizations of the customer and the contractorthat installation;

b) separation of the construction on the technological components, the composition and boundaries of which determines the design organization in coordination with the customer and the contractor that installation;

a) the possibility for process units and communication units to the installation site in an assembled form with the establishment of appropriate mounting apertures in the walls and ceilings of buildings and hinged devices in the supporting building structures for mounting the rotation method, and a gain in building structures need forperception of additional temporary loads arising during installation;permanent or temporary roads to move heavy and bulky equipment, as well as heavy-lift cranes;

g) tolerances data to calculate the accuracy of performance geodetic works and the creation of an internal geodetic framework for the installation of equipment.

1 .5. General contractor must involve mounting the organization for consideration and preparation of the conclusion of the project construction organization, construction solutions of buildings and structures, as well as the technological arrangement in which the possibility must be defined and the basic conditions of works complete-block and nodal methods.

1 .6. General Contractor shall provide and installation company - charge from a general contractor (or, in agreement with him, directly from the customer) necessary set of working documents with the mark of the customer in each drawing (copy) acceptance to production.

1 .7. supply of equipment, piping and necessary for the installation of components and materials should be carried out according to the schedule agreed with the installer, which should provide the primary supply of machines, apparatus, fixtures, structures, products and materials that are included in the specifications for the units to be manufactured installers.

1 .8. completion of the installation of equipment and piping should consider the completion of individual tests performed in accordance with Sec.5 of these Regulations, and the signing of the act of the working committee acceptance of the equipment.

After the installer Installation, t. E. Individual test completion and acceptance of the equipment under the complex testing, the customer produces comprehensive testing equipment in accordance with the mandatory application 1.

1.9. At every construction site in the process of installation of the equipment and pipelines should be carried out general and special journals of works according to the SNP on the organization of building production and arrange production documentation, types and content of which shall comply with the mandatory application 2, and its forms - set departmental regulations.

2. Pre-production installation works


2.1. Installation of equipment and pipelines should be preceded by the preparation in accordance with SNIP for the organization of construction industry and real snip.

2.2. With a total organizational and technical training shall be determined by the customer and agreed with the general contractor and installer:

a) the conditions of acquisition of the object-supply equipment and materials of the customer, providing for the supply of components to the process line equipment, technology node process unit;

b) charts that define the terms of equipment, products and materials, taking into account the sequence of installation, as well as the production of related special construction and commissioning;

c) the level of operational readiness of equipment to meet the requirements of GOST 24444-80 and specifications that define the assembly and technological requirements for the supply of equipment to be mounting;

g) a list of equipment installed with the assistance of contract supervision personnel of the manufacturer;

d) the conditions of transport to the installation of large-size and heavy equipment.

2.3. When preparing the installation company to the production of works shall be:

a) approved by the PPR for the installation of equipment and pipelines;

b) works on site preparation for the pre-assembly of equipment, pipelines and structures, blocks (technological and communications assemblies);

c) prepared hoisting, vehicles, devices for the installation and individual testing of equipment and pipelines, inventory and manufacturing sanitary and domestic buildings and facilities provided by PPR;prepared production facilities for assembling blocks (technology and communication), the manufacture of steel structures and pipelines;

g) are provided for standards and measures on labor safety regulations, fire safety and environmental protection.

2.4. Preproduction installation work must be carried out in accordance with the schedule and include: the transfer of the customer in the installation of equipment, products and materials;the acceptance by the installer of the general contractor of industrial buildings, structures and foundations for the installation of equipment and pipelines;manufacturing of pipelines and structures;assembly of technological units, communication units and pre-assembly of the equipment;delivery of equipment, piping and structures to the working area.

products and materials

2.5. Before the transfer of equipment, products and materials by the customer (the general contractor) should be brought installer:

a) equipment and fittings - supporting documentation in accordance with GOST 24444-80;

b) assembly of pipelines Py units over 10 MPa (100 kgf / cm2) - Assembly of pipelines drawings, supports and hangers and documents certifying their quality;

c) materials - certificates of supplier.

In the absence of company-supplier documents, they can be replaced by their respective content documents signed by senior representatives of the customer.

In the accompanying documentation must be checked matching brands, sizes and other characteristics of equipment, products, materials and working documents, which should be carried out on the installation.

2.6. equipment, products, materials must be sent in to block installation of complete technology and assembly in accordance with the working drawings.Py pipelines over 10 MPa (100 kgf / cm2) is transmitted to the assembly assembled in the assembly unit.

order of transfer of equipment, products and materials installed "Rules of the contract for capital construction" and "Regulations on the relationship between organizations - general contractors with subcontractors."

2.7. When transmitting equipment installation made his inspection, verification of completeness (without disassembly to assembly units and parts) and compliance with documentation requirements of the working drawings, standards, specifications and other documents that define the installation and process requirements, checking the existence and validity of the guarantee companies-izgotoviteley.

Remedy equipment defects detected in the process of acceptance, is the responsibility of the customer.

2.8. equipment and products, which expired warranty period specified in the specification, and in the absence of such instructions - at the end of the year can be taken only after the installation of the audit, correction of defects, testing, and other activities provided by the operational documentation.The results of this work shall be entered in the forms, passport and other supporting documents in accordance with para. 2.5 of these rules.

2.9. equipment, materials and products made in the installation must be kept in accordance with the manufacturers' documentation and PPR.

during storage should be made available for inspection, conditions to prevent mechanical damage, moisture and dust into the inner cavity.


2.10. in buildings and structures which are handed over by the installation of equipment and pipelines should be performed construction work provided for CPD, including specified in para. 2.3 of these rules are laid underground utilities, produced backfilling and compaction, soil, to design marks, are arrangedties under the flooring and channels, prepared and adopted runways and monorails, with holes for piping and installed inserts for installation of supports for them;foundations and other structures should be exempted from the formwork and cleared of debris, openings protected, trays and hatches are closed.

In buildings where installed equipment and pipelines in the technical specifications for the installation of which there are special requirements on the purity, temperature and others., At the time of the installation must be ensured compliance with those conditions.

2.11. in buildings, structures, on foundations and other structures which are handed over by the installation equipment and piping, shall be marked with the required accuracy in the order established by SNIP at surveying works in construction, high-rise unwinding axis and defining the design position mounted elements.

on the foundation for the installation of the equipment, the accuracy of which are increased requirements, as well as to set the length of the axis of a large equipment and elevations should be marked on mortgages metal plates.

elevation of the foundation for the installation of equipment requiring gravy should be 50-60 mm below this mark in the working drawings bearing surface equipment, and equipment protruding ribs locations - 50-60 mm below the level of the ribs.

2.12. in the foundation, handed over by the installation, must be set the foundation bolts and inserts, if their installation is provided in the working drawings of the foundation, made wells or drilled wells under the foundation bolts.

If the working drawings provided the foundation remaining in the array conductors for foundation bolts, the installation of these conductors and fixed to them by the Organization of foundation bolts, mounted equipment.Drilling holes in the foundations, installation of anchor bolts secured with glue and cement mixtures, construction company performs.

Foundation bolts, rendered monolithic in the basement, on the projecting part of the foundation should be protected from corrosion.

2.13. Upon delivery-acceptance of buildings and building structures for the installation must be transmitted simultaneously executive circuit arrangement of anchor bolts, base and other parts of equipment and pipeline mounting.

deviations of actual sizes from those specified in the design drawings should not exceed the values ​​established by the relevant SNP.

2.14. By acceptance of the installation must be submitted at the same time buildings, structures and foundations required for installation of complex equipment and piping, forming a technological hub.

MAKING PIPE assembly units

2.15. Manufacturing assembly piping units must be carried out in accordance with the detailed drawings, GOST 16037-80 and the requirements of departmental regulations.