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August 12, 2017 18:06

Making the iron gate with his hands

Metal gates simplest designs that are often mounted on a suburban suburban areas, are two symmetrical folds, forming swing design.Metal gates are made approximately the following dimensions: width - 3 m, height - 2 meters, these dimensions can be adjusted based on the needs of the site owner or tasks to be performed by the gate.In that case, if the gate width will be too large, the structure will experience a back-breaking load, so the size you need to calculate carefully.

Metal gate with their hands

metal gate with their hands

One of the most common materials used for production of door leaf, is profiled, the gates can be lattice or forged, in principle, a variety of inexpensive materials used in the manufacture of such structures.

types of gate structures.

most common scheme, where two gate leaves hung on hinges.There are also design complexity; when the valves and passages can be more than two, in addition to the protective function, the gates perform decorative functions, high quality and well-made gates give suburban area well maintained and neat appearance.

Iron gate of corrugated board.

The obtained result

Gates from corrugated

as pillars for the gate of corrugated board using the profile pipe with wall thickness of not less than 2 mm, and the size of 60? 60.Calculation of the amount of material required is as follows: total length of the fence is divided by the distance between the posts, added to the resulting performance of one post for each gate, and another one for each gate, and one pole on the turn.Between the columns is recommended to leave a distance of 2.5 meters, the length of this will ensure the necessary rigidity and to avoid breaking the design when changing seasons.

In the role of a lag for a fence you can use a metal profiled pipe wall thickness not less than 2.5 mm, the size of 40? 20.Calculation of the amount of material is as follows: the number of lags to be installed in each the span, there should be at least two, multiplied by the length of the future of the fence, and the result is added to the resulting length of the gates, and the gates.

to manufacture sheets for the fence should be selected profiled, the thickness of which must not be less than 0.5 mm, the profile rib height should be 2 cm required amount of material is calculated on the basis of the working width of the sheet, for example, sheet C20 -. It is 1100mm.The total length of the fence is to be divided on the working width, the result is the desired number of corrugated board also needs at least one sheet of the reserve.

The construction of a fence made ​​of profiled sheet

Construction fence of trapezoidal sheet

Attach the sheets to the frame with screws is best, it is recommended to choose high-quality fittings, otherwise, logs drilling will take an inordinate amount of time.

also in the manufacture of swing gates need the following construction materials and tools: awnings (loops) - 4 pieces, sheet corrugated board, drill (screwdriver), screws, cement, stone or brick chips, shovel, sand, Bulgarian, welding.apparatus, paint brush, metal tubes.

tools needed for installation design.

To install and gate and fence requires a certain tool, depending on the type of construction and the material used: welding machine, the level of a sledgehammer, roulette, laces, drill or benzobur, Bulgarian.

Manufacturing supports and frames for metal gate.

particular difficulties manufacture and installation of metal gates alone will not cause.The first support made as a material used in steel pipe with a diameter of 10 cm and a metal profile, I-beams or channels, with the shelf at least 100 mm.Depending on the degree of strength and rigidity of the support will be judged on the durability and reliability of the gate structure.Best sash made of a metal profile of rectangular or square section.The best option is a condition that the width of the profile of the shelves is not less than 40 mm.

installation of metal poles gate.

Installing poles for the gate should be carried out more thoroughly than for a fence, the reason for this is the increased load experienced by the axes at the closing and opening of the valves.Therefore, you must set the Gate supports very thoroughly.As the metal canopies for swing gates are ideal for garages constructively loop, it is better that the diameter of the inner section was more than 120 mm.For doors of simple construction will suffice four pieces of loops for a massive project requires six sheds.Each loop thoroughly on both sides of the square just touch loop welded metal plate thickness of 0.5 cm.

Installation priopornyh racks gate.

Gates mounting racks priopornyh

To produce priopornyh stands for gate leaves is necessary to take a square profile, from which you need to cut two identical pieces that need to be 15-30 cm shorter than the height of the valves.By the uprights are welded plate loops, two structures must be received the same.After that, it is necessary to fix the design on the supports by means of the gate fasteners to be clear up responses horizontally and vertically.To carry out the work necessary so as to make the smallest possible gap between the support column and priopornoy resistant, preferably 3-5 mm.After fixing priopornoy stand to cut the top piece of the profile size, after which it must be installed on the upper ends of the uprights.The design is examined in the flat position of all the components, and then the entire structure must be "tochkovat" welding.

final phase of the installation of the Iron Gate.

After preparing the frame, two central strut mounted on the center gate so that the clearance be approximately 10 mm between them.All the central pillar as the "point" welded and welded plates thoroughly to the supporting pillars.To enhance the gate structure must take the steel sheet thickness 4-3 mm, which are carried out 8 pieces, which must be attached at the corners of the flaps.At the final stage of the frame structure is divided into two halves by a grinder.The best option would be to perform a minimum clearance of the loops, in this case, the valves will be able to offset virtually avoided.As a decorative design decisions can be made finish the post with any material.

Video - the process of creating iron gates with their hands