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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make the gate with their hands

When erecting fences around their land or in the construction of the garage necessarily have a question about how to make the gate with their hands. Before purchasing materials and get to work, you must decide which of the existing kinds of gates is optimally suited for a particular installation. not proschita in in se nuances in advance, and not selecting the best design, you condemn yourself to a completely unnecessary laborious process of clearing the site for their installation.

How to make the gate with their hands

How to make the gate with their hands

It is therefore necessary to start by examining information about the kinds of gates used and the features of their design.

Today, there are three basic types of gates - is sliding, swing and tilt-up.All of them are seriously differ from each other structurally, so you should consider each type separately.

Swing gates

Article Contents

  • 1 Swing gates
    • 1.1 Installation swing gates
    • 1.2 Video: the device and how to install the swing gate
  • 2 Slidinggate
    • 2.1 Video: types of sliding gates
    • 2.2 Mounting sliding cantilever gates
    • 2.3 Video instruction about installation cantilever sliding gates
  • 3 up-and-gate
    • 3.1 Video: an example of autographic manufacturing of up-and-over doors
The most simple in execution the scheme - swing gates

most simple in execution the scheme - swing gates

swing gate with a wicket door, built-in, or installed next - a traditional scheme, which is most often used inprivate homes.The basis of its are the pillars, two of which are installed on the width of the gate, and the third, if necessary, determines the width of the gate, unless it is arranged next to the gate.

Overall concept hinged gate with a wicket

total concept swing gates with a wicket

sash doors and gates in this structure are mounted on welded to the supporting pillars loop.They can be attached to the outer side or inner supports.From this and from the loop system of the device will depend on the direction in which the gate leaf will open - inwards or outwards.

flaps swing gates often are metal frame, welded from the corner of the pipe or profile, which can then sheathed with different materials - thin metal sheets or timber floorings.

swing gate version is made completely of wood.In this case, on the reinforced frame of the timber disposed on the inner side flaps fixed board.

In manufacturing the valves is important to remember that they should not be too heavy , not to give a large load on the supporting columns and loops.Sami components and suspension parts in size and strength should correspond to the weight of the valves.

on the door leaf installed closure device - it may be a bolt or hinges for the lock, and sometimes - powerful latch .When you close the gate leaf at the bottom, in the middle of the width of the entrance, run into the limiter installed, and when you open them wide open, they can be mounted with spring clamps.

The disadvantages of this design include the ability to tilt the supporting pillars and sagging shutters, but this can only happen in the event that a violation of installation technology or incorrectly calculated've with a tvorok.Therefore, you need to properly bury the foundation supports are used for fabrics too hard material and set the corresponding value for the loop.

advantage swing gates can be called the relative compactness of their placement.The design does not require clearing additional space along the fence, as it will be done for the other species.

Installation swing gates

If swing gates have a moderate weight, for example, if they are made of corrugated board, for them well suited metal poles from pipes in diameter 80 ÷ 100 mm or profiled tube with the samethe size of the sides of its square.Such support is quite cope with the task.However, the fit and the more massive pillars, if they will be easier to find .

Mounted poles-poles for the gate in two ways - clogging and concreting.

  • scores a post usually to a depth of 1,2 - 1, 3 m .This method has many advantages, chief among them can be called adequate reliability and speed of performance.

Proceed as follows:

- drilled hole of the desired diameter, about , half of the planned burial poles.

- further poles are installed in these wells, and hammered by a shock grandmother or a sledgehammer.When driven continuously monitored and adjusted vertical racks.

- now the pillars must be attached to the posts of the fence or to stationary buildings, located in the courtyard;

- then welded to the posts loop, on-site, pre-marked on the level;

- welded on hinges hung sash collected, checked the correctness their convergence on center.

  • Concreting pillars for installation gate gives increased rigidity and stability of the construction.Such support would be required for large or heavy flaps.

This installation method is carried out without the use of reinforcement or reinforcing glass.Work is carried out in stages:

- first drilled hole with a diameter not less than 200 - 250 mm and a depth of 1 , 5 - 1, 9 m .The exact size of the hole will depend on the post section

- at the bottom of the hole backfilled with layers of sand and gravel and well compacted.Each of the layers should be about 100 mm;

- then into the hole on the sand-gravel cushion set pole;

- around him filled with concrete, and the solution is not frozen, pole exposed on the level vertically, being fixed in this position with the help of props.

Post will be a lot safer if we apply the reinforcing glass

pillar will be a lot safer if we apply the reinforcing glass

  • If used for securing pillar reinforcement design, the installation is carried out in the same way as without reinforcement, until the ram cushion for the installation of the column.

on the pillow, in drilled hole is placed first so-called glass reinforcement, and column is inserted into it.Then, into the pit filled with concrete.In this case, the backup for the post may not even be necessary, as it will keep the reinforcing structure.

After complete hardening of concrete and set them to the proper strength, and are marked on the pillars of a massive welded hinges.We must not forget about leaving gaps that allow free opened and closed flaps, even with a possible slight inclination of the pillars in relation to the movement of ground during snow melt or prolonged rain.

To avoid such deformations designs, you can further seal the poles between a beam that is welded to the lower parts of the pillars ( its can imbedded in the ground).Rama will even more rigid , if and equip its top crosspiece , but in this case it will be limit proez qq A truck or a van.

Video: how to install the device and swing gates

sliding gates

sliding gates are divided into several subspecies, and from them you can choose the right for certain conditions.But almost every one of them will need to free space along the fence installed. Therefore, perhaps, have further work to make way for the free movement of the movable sash when its opening.

Type of sliding gates from the yard

view of the sliding gate from the yard

sliding gates are cantilevered, suspended and sliding, which go by rail or other metal profile (channels, I-beams and etc .).

Video: types of sliding gates

1. Suspension option is not too popular in the private sector for the installation, since the height of the entrance is limited to set top profile, which is suspended and it is moved to the canvasgate.

2. Sliding doors, which go along the rail, installed in a doorway and along the wall, also not too popular option, especially in snowy and cold regions.The gate will move freely along the rail, if he will be cleared of ice and various debris, but in winter, when snow drifts or icing flap can not be opened and closed without prior clearance.This option is the goal, rather, is good for the southern regions, where snow does not lie for a long time and there is no severe frosts.

This is the only, but very important design flaw.For the rest, it is very convenient because it does not require a large area for opening and closing.

For sliding gates necessary to provide free space along the fence

For sliding gates necessary to provide free space along the fence

On rack with the side , which will open the valve on top of the set and stick to fabric rollers brackets.

underneath the mobile gate leaf and set the rollers on them, and it moves on the ground mounted on a rail or profile.

3. Console - most convenient option out of all kinds of sliding gates, especially because they have a few different designs, from which you can choose the optimum.

Such gate rigidly secured to the beam, which is moving in the console node, moves with him and fabric sash.

Cantilever gates more complex device, but better than any other work in the snow of winter, as their leaf never touches the ground.More one positive quality of this type can be considered that it has no height limiter, ie .on the site can call , both passenger and freight car.In design console powerful gate-bearing pillars are not installed on both sides, and only one - precisely in this direction and will move when you open the flap travel.

cantilever beam can be positioned in three different positions - top, middle and bottom.

Cantilever gates with central beam location

Cantilever gates is centrally located beams

  • The most common option is to location of the mobile beams in the middle of the door leaf.Due to its location, it enhances the rigidity design.Console mechanism with the guide rollers is high enough not to be covered with snow, which means that the gate will be at any time of the year in operation.
The cantilever beam is located at the bottom

Command bar located at the bottom

  • Cantilever gates whose movable beam is installed at the bottom of the web to be more vulnerable in the winter and require constant care in the form of cleaning snow drifts and ice.As for the rest, - is also a convenient option, since the blade is not in contact with the surface of the earth, and no need to install a guide rail for it.
Top location console

Top location console

  • In the third case, the beam passes through the upper part of the canvas and will always be safe from the rubble of snow, water, garbage.But this version of the console scrying reflux rebuet particularly hard strengthening frame and fabric, or it can deform the bottom.

Cantilever gates are readily available for production of its own, but only if the owner owns certain skills such works . versed in assembly drawings, it has a basic knowledge of physics and mechanics.Make every effort possible to make these gates, which will be impossible to distinguish from the factory production.

Any cantilever gate can be opened automatically, if equipped with an electric drive and electronic remote control system.This will allow the owner, without leaving the machine via the key fob to open the passage.

Installation of sliding gate cantilevered

Installing sliding or sliding gates - a much more complex undertaking than the installation of swing options.

Such gates with due diligence and skill can be done by yourself

Such gates with due diligence and skill can be done independently

On each side directions when applying this type of gate, as a rule, set the pillars of brick, which are mounted rollers, supporting brackets and clamps - traps.

Overall design scheme of the console door with lower guide

total design scheme of the console door with lower guide

main burden always falls on the channel, which is set on on reliably hosted by the foundation on the side of the gate, which will be attached sash (at bottom locationconsole) or on metal supports, if the console is located in the middle or at the top of the gate is tight.

  • foundation for the installation of sill may be continuous or consist of 2 - 3 pillars.The second option - more economical. Rummages a foundation pit - it may consist of one well or two or three to columnar type.The depth should be from 1.2 to 1, 5 m , width - 40 ÷ 50 cm, and the length - least 1, 5 m .
  • Further, in the pit are arranged two pillows of sand and gravel , each 10 cm thick.
  • Then, in a hole set the formwork and her laid waterproofing materials - roofing material or dense plastic film .
  • The formwork fasten reinforcing structure, and then pour the finished concrete solution with the brand strength of not less than 300 M
  • Over drenched surface mounted channel with welded reinforcement to its shelves.Channel pushed into the concrete shelves down to their full immersion.After the final curing of concrete should get reliable metal platform.The gate can be installed no earlier than one month after pouring the foundation.
  • Made framing.For him, you will need a metal corner or square tube having a cross-section of 60 × 40 mm.
  • frame is welded to the frame additional crossmember, giving the required rigidity design.On the console's location (in this case - from the bottom) to the frame must be welded rail cantilever beam, with which the rollers will move the gate.
  • Welds design should be thoroughly cleaned from slag .All framing necessarily need to be primed and cover paint for metal, which will save it from corrosion.
  • Secured profiled sheet metal or boards, depending on the chosen design of the door leaf.
  • When the design is ready, and the foundation established with the console channel bar completely pick up strength, you can proceed to the installation needed to move the gate units and parts.
The main parts and components sliding cantilever gates

main parts and assemblies sliding cantilever gates

  • on the prepared foundation with a channel bar mounted console units, equipped with rollers.
  • Then they rolled gates, reconciled strictly on the level, and then the blocks are welded to u.
  • then installed and secured top and end rollers.
  • By opposite supporting pillars fixed lower and upper collector.They need to accurately calculate the location rolling by rollers mounted on the door leaf.