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August 12, 2017 18:06

Making wicker fence with their hands - instruction

So on your site there is a house, but do not have the most beautiful part of all designs - this fence.It is noteworthy that the fence is not only a decorative component and pleasing to the eye, but in conjunction with it - woven fence protects your site from not application reviews (neighbor kids wanting to feast on apples) or pets, somehow dreaming wander on your site.In this article, we will not consider the construction of the wooden fence of slab or trapezoidal sheet fence and make a beautiful wicker fence .

Wicker fence with his hands

Wicker fence with their hands

Step fence construction technology

  1. harvested long rods for the construction of the fence is perfect - willow, hazel, alder or birch in a pinch.
    way 15 minutes prior to the start of construction of the fence is necessary to arrange the branches of a steam bath or just reheat them in warm water - this will give the tree the necessary flexibility and will help us to easily and freely bent branches.The rods will eventually back into shape, and straighten the fence.
  2. The second step will be the alignment of a column under the base (frame our rods).The rods will need to pass between the posts !.Note that the thicker your sticks the thicker should be the pillars for them, or the base can not sustain and fractures.It is worth mentioning that the poles better dig in metal because it is they do not require any maintenance and for more harmonious fitting into the design of pillars painted in the color of the wood - it will create priglyadny appearance.Wooden poles with time - (5-10 years depending on climate) become useless and just simply rot, but it does not mean they do not need to buy wooden poles they just need care and it is advisable to treat their stains or other substances that support the tree in fullform.So: the pillars dig in better by 30-40 centimeters, but if the ground is soft, it is best to dig poles by 0.5 meters - this will create more resistance and protects against strong wind !.And the poles must be placed every 0.6 meters - of each other.
  3. hurdle fences make the image "snake" setting the stage for a rod for one to start weaving the bottom is necessary.
  4. following rows trailing on the principle of a chessboard attachment should begin every time from a new angle.
  5. Note that the bars can sometimes be wiring for additional fixation.

Photo Wicker fence

Wicker beds

Wicker beds

wicker garden furniture with their hands

wicker garden furniture with his own hands

your fence is ready!And now let's see the video, but how do you fence weaves?details in the comments!

Video - woven fence fence