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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make the sectional metal fence of welded wire mesh

fence performs not only the function of the protection of property from intrusion, but also an aesthetic, decorative function, as a decoration of land.While previously used for the protection of stone, brick, wood, modern welded wire mesh fence can quickly recreate the desired height, strength, and individually designed.

Sectional metal fence of welded wire mesh

Sectional metal fence of welded wire mesh

Advantages fences Welded mesh

Sectional metal fences Welded meshes are lightweight, they are durable and resistant to aggressive external influences, installation of fences not labor, performed with his own hands ina short time, to the same mesh creates shade and optimal pricing policy.easy to replace damaged parts When defects.

Welded mesh for the fence - photo

Welded Mesh for fence - photo

kinds of metal welded mesh fence for

Metal mesh made, welding wires of different thickness at the point of contact (spot welding).Thus cells may be of different sizes and shapes - from standard square or rectangular, polygonal to unusual (rhombus, trapezoid, etc.).On the grid surface to protect it from corrosion, a layer of polymer or other coating.The result is a fabric, which is used for fences.

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Species of metal mesh for the fence, depending on the type of coverage:
Grid welded polymer (PVC) coating, usually such a grid has a green color.The polymer is applied to the wire surface by dipping it into a solution or powder dyes applied in special cabinets.
Welded mesh galvanized and neozinced.The manufacturing process may be different stages of the procedure.Or already welded galvanized wire, or on the contrary, make a grid, which is then sent to a galvanizing or implementation uncoated.
Welded mesh galvanized and color coated.This grid more robust, but at the same time very expensive.For normal use of such a mesh fence is impractical.

mesh manufacture and supply to consumers in the form of panels and rolls.Rolls produced in weight from 50 to 500 kg, height of two meters.mesh roll length is 15 to 33 meters.

Installation of sectional metal fence

Soil Preparation
first step is to study the territory, as well as metering the required length the future of fencing.
In places where the fence will be held, it should be to align the soil, remove trees and bushes, remove large rocks and foreign objects.

Installing supporting pillars without the use of concrete.

The support poles for the fence

Supporting pillars for a fence

racks before installing them into the ground (concrete) must be protected against corrosion.To this end, the bottom of the columns apply a layer of paint, bitumen or wrap them with a piece of roofing material.

Ease of installation without the use of concrete struts is that without the use of concrete can be installed at any fence, even in the winter, the time of year.Furthermore, it is easy to dismantle fence installed if necessary.The method is optimal to install a fence on heaving soils.

Fence will hammer into the ground literally.Therefore, you need to prepare small-diameter recess in the soil for the supporting pillars.All holes must be the same depth and positioned in line to left end in the fence perfectly flat.The distance between the wells receives 250 to 300 cm.
in a prepared recess insert metal racks and hammering them into the ground.The depth of the wells receive equal 1/4 of the length of the support column.However, if the depth of soil freezing is too high, the pit depth is increased.

Note the vertical installation of columns and their height, which should be equal across the fence perimeter.Use roulette, building level and strung on thread pegs for easy alignment supports.

The space between the ground and the walls of the pillars fall asleep Booth fine fraction (a mixture of crushed stone or gravel and sand) and thoroughly compacted.

Trying to drive posts into the ground for a fence

Trying to drive fence posts into the ground for

careful tamping provides immobility posts and durability of the installation of the fence.

Installation and concreting the supporting pillars.

Installing the supporting pillars

Installing supporting pillars

Similarly to the first method, on the site you need to mark a place in the hole, dig them up, checking the distance between them and the depth.In
dug wells insert racks and fill them with concrete solutions.
To post are not deviated, for the period of hardening concrete solution (two days) should strengthen its struts.

Particular attention should be paid to the posts, which are located in the corners of the site and topics that will be fixed gate (gate).Such racks require highly durable fastening, as carry the additional load.

Foundations under the fence tape monolithic

This foundation is able to withstand heavy loads and ensure proper reliability and stability of the future of the fence.
Before starting work, should make a layout and dig a trench.In this trench dig additional wells under the poles.Install wooden formwork in the trench.Laying fixtures for durability.Set the rack and fill the entire trench with concrete mix.Poles for the period of hardening solution strengthening struts.

Fixing metal mesh to the support poles
To make mounting sectioned metal fence to the support pillars, need: clips with bolts and nuts to ensure grid clamp to the post (or clips instead of staples);clips for connecting the docking paintings, screwdriver, corners, welding machine.

Prepare intake section for the installation.Lay them next to the reception.

welds metal corners on the rack.They serve as a mount for the fence sections.
in the corners of each section drilled holes through which fastening screws produce sections.

Another method eliminates the need for connecting brackets, but to dismantle the fence will be difficult, if necessary.To do this, connect the fence sections with metal corners on the racks and their welds.

A fence made of welded mesh - photo

fence made of welded mesh - photo

If instead of using the web sections, the edges of two rolls should be attached to each other, take one extreme wire and connect it the edge webs to form a single monolithic.Then, expand the grid and is fixed to the rack brackets or clamps.

Video - metal fence of welded wire mesh