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August 12, 2017 18:06

Mitre box with his hands

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The final finishing finishing facilities includes the installation of the ceiling and skirting boards, door obnalichnikov.Cut them at the required angle is not difficult, when the hand is a special carpenter's tool - miter box.If cut "by eye", the appearance may not be perfect and will require alteration.Furthermore, cutting accuracy is important in case of need to high-precision parts abutting.

Mitre box with his hands

Mitre own hands

What miter box and types

Mitre - is a tool, which is used in carpentry for sawing materials at an angle from 1 to 179 degrees (the most commonly used cutting corners 90and 45 degrees).

stuslo made of hardboard, boards, hardwood, plastic.Professional rotary stuslo manufactured using metal and magnets.The angle of the miter box to exhibit on their own, and timber is fixed with special clamps that allows you to make the cut as precisely as possible.The most durable and long-lasting considered wooden and metal miter box.Unlike plastic, cutting grooves do not change its width, which allows to use the tool for a long time without compromising the appearance of the sawed parts.

Before using miter box must be secured, for this it is screwed to the woodwork table with special metal clamps or screws.After this note in pencil on the blank desired length, place it in a special tray miter box, clutching one of its ledges.At the same time closely monitoring to the process of cutting miter box labels and blanks are not shifted relative to each other.For convenience, it can be used as a clip board short.

Mitre made ​​with their own hands

Mitre made with their own hands

How to make their own stuslo

To produce a simple miter box we need the following materials :

- plank hardwood (ash, oak, conifers) with a thickness of 10 to25 mm, depending on the sort of wood or veneer sheets of the same thickness;

- screws;

- carpenter's glue;

- emery paper;

- simple pencil;

- protractor or a ruler with an angle of 90 degrees;

- hacksaw.

Mitre consists of three parts, fastened together with glue and screws.

Driving miter box mounting

scheme fastening Mitre

- Wooden boards before work carefully oshkurivaem for a perfect smoothness and angles of 90 degrees.The width of the planks should be from 100 to 150 mm (if the board will be lower height, the saw can jump out of the groove, and if more, the cut will produce inconvenient);

- battened together, to do this, use glue and screws;

- Remove the glue residue and leave the workpiece until full adhesive dries;

- We make pencil markings to it, using a protractor, hold at the end of the boards two perpendicular lines that form a square, diagonal of the square, and another line, just off conducted;

- Carefully check all the angles and dimensions, should get two lines with an angle of 45 degrees and a line with an angle of 90 degrees;

- Using a very sharp hacksaw, cut begin to produce, according to the drafted lines (each a side must be cut separately, without pressure);

- Expanding slots using sandpaper, folded in half.

nicely stuslo lasts a long time, helping sawing baguettes, plinths, wooden slats, obnalichnikov the desired angle with maximum precision.

That's all.Well, since you are interested in Mitre also learn about how to glue the ceiling moldings with their own hands.

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