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August 12, 2017 18:06

Detailed advice on repair washing machines with their own hands Samsung

Detailed advice on repair washing machines with their own hands Samsung

Regardless of the level of complexity of breakage, afraid Samsung washing machine repair their own hands is not necessary.

Nowadays you can find a lot of information filed in an accessible form so that it will understand even a novice.

read articles-instructions and watching the video, where all clearly shown to make their own hands Repair Samsung washing machine common faults would be possible.

Skilled craftsmen claim that most of the damage occurring with its typical all washing machines.

This is due to the similarity of their design and operating conditions.

The circuit of the washing machine

Another thing, if in need of repair failure, which appeared as a result of poor assembly, manufacturing defect or software management irregularities.

In this case, fix the problem with their own hands will be more difficult, and it is better to ask for help in the service workshops.


  • Types typical faults
  • How to disassemble the washing machine?
  • How to replace the heater in the washing machine
  • How to replace the pump in the washing machine Samsung

Types typical faults

use the washing machine saves a lot of time and energy of modern humans.

If the device suddenly stops working, human life becomes uncomfortable.

Incorrect operation of the washing machine, including the brand Samsung, can manifest itself as follows:

  • The water is not heated.From a technical point of view, the failure reasons can be many.But in practice, 95% of the devices does not heat the water from the broken heating element.Slightly less common cause of the problem lies in the supply line break when the terminal is burned.Very rarely cause problems become faulty sensors or a malfunction of the control unit;
  • Water is not supplied.For the normal flow of water must be pressure, but if not, then there is no water.This usually happens if you forget to open the water tap that is connected to the Samsung machine.If the water ceases to flow some time after the start of the wash, it is a signal that the filter is clogged and must be cleaned;
  • water is drained immediately after dialing.The reason samosliva may be improperly connecting the device to the sewer communications.This problem is not necessarily appear right after the connection - are cases when samosliv detected after some time of operation.Another reason samosliva may be more serious internal damage, which leads to malfunction of the software management.In this case, find the problem is no less important than to eliminate it;
  • the vehicle appeared a pool of water.There can be several.If there was a puddle after washing curtains, then, no cause for concern.A large amount of foam is generated due to the fact that the blinds absorb almost no water seeping through the hole on the technical floor and is deposited in the form of water.Another possible reason - a bad gasket hose that supplies the water.It must be replaced and the problem will disappear.But if the water flows as a result of a leak in the pipe or impulse cuff or leaks in the drum, - need serious repair;
  • Samsung machine can not drain the water.In most cases, you can solve the problem is very simple - clean the drain pump.If this is done regularly, such problems will not arise.Otherwise, clogged filter will inevitably lead to damage to the drainage pump, and then have to buy and install a new one;
  • problem with the inclusion of the washing machine.Typically, the device is not included, if there is no power supply.That is, one of the possible causes of the phenomenon can be broken plugs or banal forgetfulness.Then, turn the wire into the socket, or the right to choose the automatic protection.But it is also possible that Samsung does not work and the control unit needs repairs;
  • Increased noise and the sound of a running car.If suddenly there were similar symptoms, it means in the mechanism of the problem.This happens if the inside of the tank proved a foreign object.It is also one of the possible reasons may be uneven distribution of the laundry inside the drum.Among other causes of faults - useless bearings or incorrectly installed machine.

How to disassemble the washing machine?

to provide repair Samsung machines, it is necessary to make available its mechanism, that is, pre-parse it.

To do this is to prepare such tools:

  • Phillips screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • flat screwdriver;
  • pliers;
  • hammer;
  • spanner and Allen key 8;
  • clippers.

first remove the top panel.Using a cruciform screwdriver, unscrew the screws located under the top panel from the back side of the machine Samsung.

then the back of the panel slightly ascending, and a second hand helping to move up to the panel itself.


next step - removing the tray for cleaning products on the front panel.

To do this pull out the tray and cross-shaped screwdriver to unscrew the screws on the sides.Tray disconnect.

Samsung Now remove the control panel will be easier.

It is convenient to do so: the one hand, hold the control panel on the right hand, the other hand to gently and gradually move the left side of the panel, unhooking from the mounting fixture.

From the control panel inside the mechanism are the wires, it is important not to damage them.

Therefore, the control panel is hung on the right side of Samsung washing machine using a special service tool.

To better understand the process, be sure to watch the video instructions.

Next, you need to pull out the service panel, it is located beneath the hatch door.

screws, reinforcing bar, located on the sides of the washing machine Samsung.They spun from the panel using a Phillips screwdriver.

to separate the body from the service panel Samsung require little effort, so handy crowbar made of plastic or wood.


Now, opening the door window, remove the clamp and the central panel cuff.Then unscrew the cross-shaped screwdriver screws that fixed center panel.

Perform the following steps:

  • dismantle the central panel.Implemented together with the hatch;
  • disconnect door locking connector;
  • using pliers, making weaker hose clamp, then remove the hose clamp;
  • remove cuff hatch with a Phillips screwdriver;
  • remove the clamp collar flat screwdriver;
  • remove the cuffs from the drum.

to build a washing machine used the same steps in the same sequence, only in reverse order.

How to replace the heater in the washing machine

need to replace PETN - one of the most common failures.The main reason - the hardness of the water, which is formed due to an increased amount of scale.

carry out such repairs with their own hands, as a replacement heating element simply.To do this, we disconnect the appliance from all communications - electricity and sewerage.

checks whether the left in the mechanism of the water.If yes, then merge it through the drain filter.We provide access to TENu.

The brand Samsung devices it is located under the front cover.

Remove the front cover panel.

Determine the exact location of the heater.Generally, tank heater is under the bottom part of the mechanism.Carefully disconnect all wires leading to TENu.

while noting their marker, so you do not get lost in the reverse connection.Weakens the attachment of the heating device.

Carefully dismantle the TEN, taking care not to touch the other elements of the mechanism.The place where the heater was cleaned from the remnants of scale.Mount the new heater.


How to replace the pump Samsung

washing machine Features Samsung washing equipment allow its repair not just a hassle, but also with his own hands.

Before starting repairs, it is necessary to release the machine from all communications - disconnect from the mains and sewerage, disconnect the wire of the pump motor.

Then you need to remove the mounting unit and remove the machine from the pump.

Visual assessment of the state of the pump is carried out after the cleaning and allows us to determine the need for its repair or replacement.

If you still need a replacement, the procedure should be as follows:

  • unscrew the screws on the rear panel and remove the top cover;
  • take out the dispenser for powder;
  • open the filter cover on the bottom panel;
  • unscrewing the screws, remove the bottom panel to the right movement;
  • unscrew 4 screws located under the panel;
  • open sunroof, weaken a collar, remove the cuff;
  • unscrew the 3 screws under the top panel, remove the front wall;
  • unscrew 3 connecting bolts from the pump volute and the body;
  • disable the pump from the electrical circuit;
  • unscrew the pump from the filter;
  • install new pump.

assembly machine is in reverse.For the convenience of repairing the machine can be put on the left side.


Once work on the replacement of the pump has been completed, you must collect the washer and carefully check its efficiency.

Video section clearly and in an accessible form shows the sequence of pump replacement, the Samsung washing machine.