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August 12, 2017 18:06

Pink Bathroom : features of design and color combinations ( 24 photos )

Bathroom in pink
  • Fashion pink interior baths: the history of
  • bathroom in style Shabby-chic
  • Combinations
  • competently choose the color
  • Choose accessories
  • Furniture

Decorating the bathroom in pinkcolor is an unusual idea, which is more like young girls.Although now the pink bathroom is found not only in the apartments of young ladies, if skillfully choose color combinations, then a finish support and men.

Pale pink bathroom

Pink attracts the fact that is one of the bright palette of shades, so it will visually increase the room. bright shades are considered unobtrusive and helps relaxation.Psychologists know about the features of color therapy, asserting that such a design would be beneficial for the bathroom and the appetite of the heart, eliminate insomnia.In addition, the pink in the bathroom looks good and did not get bored.

Delicate pink bathroom

Fashion pink interior baths: the history of

first pink bathrooms were in the 30s in the US, but their popularity has made the wife of President Eisenhower, decorating the White House abundance of chrysanthemums.Her pink bathroom has become an inspiration for other Americans who want the same interior.Manufacturers then responded to the demand for a large range of sanitary ware pink, pink tiles and other items.In the middle of the 20th century pink bathrooms were at the peak of its popularity.Over time, green and blue replaced the pink bathroom options becoming more popular.Now

bathrooms in pink tones back into use, and the number of fans increases pink bathroom.

Pink bathroom

bathroom in style Shabby-chic

This interior will make the bathroom very feminine and elegant location.Chebbi-chic provides plenty of pink in the decor is often balanced by a white.Walls can be painted pastel (cold or warm) shades of pink.

Pink tile in the bathroom

If the bottom of the bathroom walls is provided panels finishing, it is better to leave a white and pink to paint only the top of the wall.When facing walls tiled such a combination is also relevant - the lower part of the tile let it be white, and the top will be presented in a pink color.Mouldings and Door also make white.

pick curtains of thick fabric shower.Excellent choice decor curtains - white and pink floral pattern or stripes with white and pink tones.Hang curtain prints on white, which may be metal or wood.To hang the fabric, you can use pink ribbons, tying them loosely for easy sliding curtains.Tapes need to engage in the bows, and the ends cut at an angle.

Bath with the pink tiles

The bathroom decorated with Shabby-Chic will be appropriate wooden table, painted in pink. Treat a table tool, which facilitates cracking paint and then paint the white - then the pink base will show through in the cracks that make the kind of table ancient and old.Handles for furniture made of porcelain is preferable to choose (well suited white) or glass (preferably transparent).

The pink color in the interior of the bathroom

snow-white suspension shell trimmed "apron" with assemblies of the same fabric, which applied to the curtain.You can pick up and other material suitable or pink print.

Mirror in the interior should be a rich decor. good choice - a carved wooden frame painted white or covered with gold or metal frame with a complex sophisticated design. To add brightness can choose a mirror in a frame that simulates climbing plants.

The mirror in a pink bathroom

On the ceiling hang the chandelier from crystal pendants with pink.If you can provide wicker or wood blinds and pleated blinds in the bathroom there is a window for him.Interesting idea - close the window or transparent lace cloth.Add atmosphere to help towels, rolled rolls, glass or porcelain pink accessories.


with pink flowers associated sensitivity, warmth, romance, comfort, femininity.Pink soothes and relieves the negative.Now it is very popular with the female audience.However, for the successful addition of pink in the interior, it is important to consider a combination with other colors.

Tenderness of pink in the bathroom

Vivid Pink is a bright and original look in the bathroom.It appears a game of contrasts.

saturated pink and white in the bathroom

Interior design in pink requires dilution of the other colors.In most cases it is combined with a cream or white in order to get soft combination.For example, the walls painted in pink, and the door, furniture and floor made into a cream shade. compound of white and pale pink color makes the interior is particularly delicate.

Pale pink and white in the design of the bathroom

also ideally complement a pink or silver gray.Grey general is a versatile complementary color, but with a pair of pink gives particularly noble and elegant appearance.To add a special effect to the interior mirror, metal accessories, as well as velvet and shiny silk.Decorate the walls gray, you will get a great background, giving the interior a matter of great individuality.

Pink combined with gray

Pink nice combined with purple hues, adding interior mystery.

The combination of pink with purple in the bathroom

If the selected shade of pink is bright and saturated, it should be combined with black.This combination looks very brutal and dramatic, so it is suitable even for men.

Deep pink with black in the bathroom

also bright pink wonderful coupled with a dark brown shade.Masculinity in the interior can add a combination of pink and burgundy.

The combination of pink walls with brown bathroom
The combination of pink and blue
Pink and black

Pink and Black - contrasting combination that will look unusual.The main thing in a bathroom - do not overdo it with flowers.It is better to dilute neutral ootenkami.

To add freshness, you can combine the pale shades of pink and green.

Unsuccessful combinations believe Pink + Blue + Orange and pink. With the addition of yellow, too, is to be careful.Sunny and good mood to add a combination of muted shades of yellow and pink.The combination of pink and blue is rarely used, and will be more air, if diluted with a white interior.

competently choose the color

designing bathroom interior in pink color, remember the least, not to turn the room into overly "cloying". Against delicate peach shade, though faded, not even men. Muted shades of pink are perceived as soft and tender.

Vivid pink (fuchsia, magenta, raspberry), on the contrary, stimulates and gives vitality.This design is useful when a low activity and low pressure.

light and delicate colors, the most suitable for the bathroom, is a pink peach. It will contribute to proper rest.It is also the most suitable for the interior of the bathroom light shades of crimson and feel the gentle lilac.The proximity to the blue color will make the room cooler, and a shift towards orange pigment in the bathroom will add comfort and warmth.

Pale lilac bathroom
Delicate peach- pink bathroom
Crimson tiles in the bathroom

As for the style of the room, the pink range suited to almost any scenario.It looks good in the classical interior, if the tone will be diluted.The classic design includes a two-tone finish with a darker bottom and top lighter.Country permits the use of blurred shades of pink in furniture or decoration of the walls.Tea Rose is well suited for minimalist and delicate blush remarkably fit into the high-tech bathroom.For those who want glamorous style, pink is simply irreplaceable.

Bathroom color of tea roses


bathroom accessories in pink color fit perfectly white blinds or curtains, whose airy feel. To enliven the room, add fresh flowers in the white floor vases or pots. Mirror in a bathroom can have a pale pink frame.Complete all the little rug, decorated with an intricate pattern.

Accessories for the bathroom

With pink room blend beautifully fluffy white towels. towels can be rolled rolls shelves and decorate them with other pink accessories.The emphasis in a pink bath also can be moved on the elegant chic chandelier.Pick up it must be based on the proportions of the room, as well as a sense of harmony with the other elements.

Harmonizes the elements in the bathroom


If you are caring for the bathroom pink furniture, the room is better to draw in white, beige or gray.A good option is the black-and-white interior and furniture of bright pink color.If the room is decorated with gentle pink colors by itself, and you want to diversify the interior shades of pink color, the furniture is better to choose the more juicy colors.

Pink bath

in pink bath looks nice furniture with glass inserts, and wood products with the effect of aging. For example, it may be multi-tiered table, which can be arranged on the glass vases (preferably from opaque glass) for the storage of soap and other accessories.