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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bathroom in Scandinavian design : design features and interior ( 21 photos )

White bathroom in a Scandinavian style
  • Characteristic features
  • Colors
  • finishing Features
  • Interior
  • Furniture
  • Plumbing
  • Mirrors
  • Accessories
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Scandinavia - a place that is notcan not excite the imagination, because it is associated with a variety of interesting people, facts and events.Severe Vikings, majestic fjords, The Little Mermaid - this is only the first associations that come to mind at the mention of Scandinavia.

relatively recently started gaining popularity in the Scandinavian style of architecture and design.It is absolutely natural, as the Scandinavians as nobody else know how to organize the space around them.For all countries that are part of the region's small enough and their inhabitants willy-nilly have to learn the best way to use the area, which is at their disposal.And the Scandinavians are very successful!One has only to look at the tiny wooden houses, is located between hillocks.Another example - this is the Swedish company IKEA products - it offers a huge number of solutions for small spaces.

Interior bathroom in a Scandinavian style and White bath and shower

Characteristic features

  • mostly natural materials;
  • bright colors;
  • large windows, lots of natural light;
  • ergonomic furniture and sanitary equipment.
Bathroom in a Scandinavian style - natural materials , large windows , light walls and plumbing


Scandinavia is the northern region, which has preserved a lot of wildlife.In those places nature in their own harsh and does not seek delight in bright colors.Snow-covered slopes of the hills, fast mountain rivers, pine forests - this is what used to see around them Scandinavians.Restraint and calmness - this is what characterizes the color palette of Scandinavian interior.

Bathroom in a Scandinavian style - walls of real wood , white tub , white ceiling , towels with the national pattern and Scandinavian

The dominant color is white - as a reminder of the snowdrifts and snowstorm outside. White diluted patches of gray, blue, cyan, green, and other "natural" colors.Red, yellow, orange, purple may also be present, but in much smaller quantities.For the colors of the foundation you need to choose two, maximum three shades.

In Scandinavian interior are widely used national patterns - snowflakes, Christmas trees and deer.But in the bathroom, this kind of pattern should be dosed, otherwise a small room will look clumsy, but the Scandinavian style does not permit this.

Bathroom in Scandinavian style- white walls and national patterns on the floor

finishing Features

Scandinavian style - is, above all, wood and stone. However, in the bathroom is a spectacular combination of textures is not always possible to implement for two reasons: the high cost and poor moisture resistance of natural materials.Therefore, we can safely call for help of modern materials that mimic wood and stone surfaces - this can be water-resistant tiles or laminate.

Bathroom in Scandinavian style

Another equally good option for finishing floors and walls in Scandinavian bathroom - a white tile.In Scandinavian interior white can not be too much, but if you are afraid that the room will look dull, combine white tiles with color, such as blue or beige.

Blue red and white ceramic tiles for walls and floors in the bathroom in the Scandinavian style

Do not forget about the achievements of modern technology - all the same, we do not live in the Viking Age and modern Scandinavian interior use novelties of the construction market is fully justified.For example, it is possible to abandon the traditional tiles and set in the bathroom heated floor filler.

Combined wall tiled and wooden slats in the bathroom in the Scandinavian style


Despite the restraint of Scandinavian style, interior space formed in this spirit, looks very cozy.There are several reasons.Firstly, quite minimalist Scandinavian interior that saves us from the clutter of unnecessary things.Second, the small space Scandinavians tend to be used to the maximum, so all the interior items are very comfortable and functional. Finally, the Scandinavian style is very like the unusual, designer clothes or hand-Maid. Therefore, if you at least know how to work with your hands a bit, then some of the fitments Nordic bathroom you can make your own, such as simple wooden shelf or towel rail from scrap materials.And if I can not perfect - do not worry, the main thing is done with his own hands, and other such no one else has.

Wooden furniture in white bathroom in the Scandinavian style
A homemade ladder for drying towels in the bathroom in the Scandinavian style


Even in the living room or in the kitchen, furnished in Scandinavian style furniture should be as small as possible - what can we say about the bathroom.Therefore, interior items we can save considerably.We leave only a couple of shelves and a small locker for storage of towels (preferably built so as not conspicuous).From sets of bathroom furniture you can not hesitate to give up - for the Scandinavian interior it will be obvious overkill.

Natural wood furniture in the bathroom Scandinavian design
Furniture, floors and bathroom walls made ​​of natural wood in the bathroom in the Scandinavian style

Preference should be given furniture made of wood, it is best almost raw, so you can see the wooden texture. Ideally, furniture should be made of wood of coniferous species, as it is the most consistent with the spirit of Scandinavia.However, such experiments can afford not to everyone, so you can just buy the most simple, light furniture from MDF and particleboard.Another good option - to go shopping in the already mentioned IKEA.In spite of the mass, there are many models of furniture sold in the laconic Scandinavian style.

Wooden furniture in the Scandinavian bath


Moderation in all things - that is the main principle of the Scandinavian style.Therefore, plumbing, as well as furniture, bathroom Scandinavian should be the minimum number.Offers a bath or shower, toilet, sink - this is quite enough.Denmark, Sweden and Norway - is the development of European countries, therefore, the Scandinavian interiors should be modern.Pay attention to the trends that offer the manufacturer of sanitary ware.Suspended, corner and built-in models - is not only stylish but also ergonomic solution for arranging the bathroom.

White and orange bath sinks for the bathroom in the Scandinavian style
White sanitary ware and white furniture in the Scandinavian bath

plumbing Choose classic white - for the Scandinavian style, it fits perfectly.When buying components also need to strive for originality - a small mixer and shower head in brushed metal will be the best decision.

White oval bath in a wooden frame to a set of bathroom furniture in the Scandinavian style


Mirror - is a mandatory element of the interior in any bathroom, no matter what style it is framed.In addition to its primary function, the mirror also contributes to the expansion of visual space, but also reflect light, thereby becoming lighter room.

In Scandinavian bathroom welcome large, square or rectangular mirror in a simple frame or even without it.The frame may be made of plastic or of light wood.If you allow the size of the bathroom, you can not be limited to a mirror hanging above the sink, and another set in which you will be reflected in full growth.In this case, the mirror may replace window.In our bathrooms windows are rare, and they are in the Nordic in order.

Mirrors in wooden frame , wooden desk under the sink and the floor made ​​of wood - the characteristics of the Scandinavian bath


By choosing bathroom accessories in the Scandinavian style should be approached carefully, because of "random" things should not be here.Scandinavians like simple in form, but unusual, and sometimes funny decorative elements.If the surfaces, furniture and sanitary ware in the Nordic bath is preferred bright colors, the accessories, it is desirable to choose the bright, saturated colors.Welcome useful things, made their own hands or imitation hand-Maid.For example, a colored knitted mats, wicker laundry baskets, wooden drawers for storing toiletries etc.

White bathroom in a Scandinavian style with bright accents

Using too many unusual accessories for the Scandinavian style. paintings, flower pots and vases, floor in the bathroom - it's overkill.It is better to limit yourself to two or three little things necessary to support the selected style of the room.

Bathroom accessories in the Scandinavian style
Vintage items are handmade in the Scandinavian bath


  • Choose a multifunctional home furnishings, such as a stool-ladder, which can be used as a seat and a footrest, and as a childladder and as a bedside table.
  • Scandinavians are very fond of marine subjects.The interior is reflected in the active use of white, blue and blue colors and ornaments, depicting, waves, anchor, or marine life.Therefore, this topic will be decorative elements related to the sea and ships.
  • national patterns - it is the most recognizable component of the Scandinavian style.They can decorate the textile interior items - towels, mats, curtains, curtains for baths, etc.
  • In Scandinavia, quite a bit of sunlight, so the locals compensate his lack of bright lighting devices with a "warm" yellow light.The lamp in the Scandinavian bathroom should not be much, but they must provide adequate lighting.Scandinavian interior - it is a very bright interior.
Wooden furniture and flooring for the bathroom in the Scandinavian style