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August 12, 2017 18:07

Terms construction of the roof made ​​of profiled sheet

main characteristics of the trapezoidal sheet roofs

roof of corrugated board has its own unique features:

  • reliable protection of roof space;
  • resistance to low temperatures;
  • ability to maintain color even under strong sunlight;
  • relatively low weight of the material;
  • easy to install;
  • versatility, can be used at any ramps.

Profiled deservedly received the trust among their customers

are the following types of corrugated board (classification based on the parameters of the material thickness):

  1. Ball shaped sheet.It is used for the roof of garage space, outbuildings.It requires both a concrete slab ceiling tie Support section
  2. Wall steel sheet.Used for the construction fence fences, partitions, cladding Driving profile wall mount
  3. Roofing corrugated board.Available in various color palette.It has a polymeric structure and galvanized surface.Roofing corrugated board

Importantly: trapezoidal sheet thoroughly before use is measured and then cut with special tools (knife, special scissors with blades sharpened).If necessary, cutting can produce specialists in the point of sale purchase of roofing material.

Laying roofing pie

trapezoidal sheet flooring must be laid on a series designed layers - "roofing pie".Its function - heat and sound insulation of the building premises.Particular attention is paid to roofing pie in the regeneration of the attic and attic space as a living room.He is obliged to ensure the safety of the premises heat, dry air and its remove excess noise from precipitation.

The structure of the roofing pie

vapor barrier helps to eliminate moisture and condensation.Basically, the place of occurrence of the roof is a portion of the valley or the joints of the roofing material.By providing sealing surface of the roof space, the resulting steam, absorbs moisture and dissolves it into its structure.
Heating ensured by laying mineral wool (flooring thickness of 15 centimeters).

Soundproofing will protect the room from the additional external noise

step by step action by the example of the roof of the two ramps:

  1. Building roof begins with the arrangement of roof batten boards
  2. on the boards crates stacked layer of insulation
  3. tier insulation is covered with an airtight film (vapor barrier) overlap of 10 centimeters.The film connects staple gun
  4. next layer - a counter-lathing.Its mission is to provide free air
  5. Roof Decking cake covered.His fastened with screws with rubber washers to crate

The roof of corrugated sheet

additional items used when mnogoskatnoy roof structure: flagon, razzhelobki.

Principles trapezoidal sheet laying on the roof

Fixing happens toolkit:

  • Scissors for cutting roofing material;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Bolts, screws, self-tapping screws;
  • Rubber washer for screws;
  • ladder ladder.

Before you start laying a corrugated tier waterproofing mounted cornice board that protects the walls from falling rain.
Flooring profiled sheet overlapping runs.
hipped roof meant sheeting method of attachment of the skates center to the edges, eaves should be the parameters of 30 centimeters in length.Initial profiled sheet fixed screws on the top center of the slope, the side placed subsequent overlapping and sealed in the same manner.Screws are placed at intervals of 50 centimeters from the bottom up along the ridge of the roof.It is important to place the fasteners perpendicular roofing professional flooring.Placing
profile along the ridge and eaves portion passes through the two sheets into one.When calculating the number of screws, their sum is calculated as follows: 1 square meter uses 4 pieces.
Too long options rays roof deck attachment takes place in several rows.If there is a sheet drain holes fixing takes place according to the scheme for an initial list of the lower tier is placed an initial list of second tier overlapping by 20 centimeters, then the second sheet of the bottom row and the second sheet of the second row.