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August 12, 2017 18:06

Four stages of the construction of a frame house with their hands

Brick or concrete blocks?And, can, timber or logs?Each prospective home owner decides on the choice of technology of erection of walls on the basis of financial capacity, the time to build, the requirements for housing and even the site conditions (soil, level of groundwater).Frame house - one of the best solutions if necessary to erect a house quickly and cheaply, and it should be warm and comfortable.This house can be built in a single season, in contrast to the brick, and to do so without the involvement of major construction machinery and even virtually alone as materials weigh a little for him, and the construction can be carried out in stages.

Step 1: Selecting the location and construction of the foundation

One should analyze the features of the site, determined by the construction of a frame house, due to the use of a large number of wooden elements.It is necessary to choose the most driest place on the hill, as moisture will cause rapid decay of wood.Nor should we choose the site with old trees, since their root systems contribute to the speedy destruction of the foundation.It is also best to avoid areas with a high groundwater table, as the soil they are not stable, and frame house could "story."

columnar - foundation

For these houses erected finely recessed types of foundations: strip, columnar, made of concrete blocks.Collateral guarantees strength in strip foundation is a fixture in columnar - monolithic grillage, and block foundations - reinforced concrete piping.In general, the rules and the technology of laying the foundation does not differ from that of other types of homes.

Along the perimeter of the future house, on top of the foundation, paving the wooden beam impregnated with an antiseptic, it is placed under the roofing material.The design strengthens anchor bolts.Be sure to check the angles at the level of assistance that was not straight.Rough sex can be drawn from edging boards.Please put lags between the insulation of expanded polystyrene or basalt wool, and placed on top of the board.Overlapping can also pour the concrete.

skeleton diagram

Step 2: frame assembly

After the bed floor, begin the erection of walls.At the heart of the house frame - a rigid structure of the uprights of square section and the associated increased horizontal studs and beams.Frame construction are metal and wood.metal frame and wood is more expensive for its mounting, welding equipment and skills to work with him.But in this case it is possible to save on the foundation, since hollow metal wood profiles weigh less.

wooden frame made of oak or other high-quality and durable wood.Size bars is not less than 150 * 150 mm, length - corresponding to the height of the house.Angles connected connection "tongue and groove", customize them very carefully that there are no gaps.

not recommended to use metal fasteners, because the wood rots quickly when in contact with metal objects.Will reliably secure the connection pegs, it will increase the service life.


Beams installed every 300, 400 or 600 mm, choosing the distance in accordance with the plating material.In places where it is assumed installation of windows, should lay beneath them additional horizontal beams.

Stage 3: Construction of wall insulation and

insulation materials and materials used for walls, selected depending on the purpose of housing.Inside the walls are cased boards, OSB or gypsum fibrous plates with screws.With a choice of materials to better define the frame assembly to lay the pillars because of its width.

If the house is designed for year-round, for thermal insulation is necessary to stop on foamed polystyrene thickness of at least 5 cm or a similar layer of mineral wool.For the summer garden you can do thinner insulation.Insulating material is placed between the beams so as to leave no voids, and fixed braces or special fasteners.Above the insulation to the studs attached waterproofing film and crate stuffed with thin strips to provide ventilation between the house and the outer skin.

Wall - to - sectional

exterior sheathing frame house can be a vinyl siding, paneling, OSB or psevdobrusom.Siding is installed according to the general rules described here.Wooden paneling is better to nail at an angle of 30-45 degrees and not do it very strongly, becausetree may crack from dryness, or vice versa swell.

Step 4: Roof and final works

Complete erection of the roof construction.The best option - gable roof truss system to be installed on a standard technology as described in this article.The choice of roofing material depends on the desire and taste of the owners.Materials for many: and shingles, and soft roofing and metal decking.However, clay tiles is better not to use frame construction because of its great weight.


Finish building the house installation of windows and doors.If the house will live only in the summer, it will be enough with a single glass windows.If you stay in the house all year to install double-glazed windows.

Erected by all the rules and in compliance with all of those technologies, frame house will serve their owners as much as a stone, and will be as warm and durable.