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SP 53.13330.2011 - Planning and development areas of gardening ( suburban ) associations of citizens and buildings

SP 53.13330.2011 - Planning and development areas of gardening (suburban) associations of citizens and buildings



SP 53.13330.2011

Planning and construction
Gardening (the villa)
association of citizens,

The updated edition

SNIP 30-02-97 *

Moscow 2011 Preface

objectives and principles of standardization in the Russian Federation established by the Federal lawdated December 27, 2002 № 184-FZ "on technical regulation" and the development of rules - decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of November 19, 2008 № 858 "on the procedure for developing and approving codes of practice"

information about a set of rules

1ARTISTS: Russian Institute of Urban development and investment - JSC "Giprogor" and JSC "TsIIEPgrazhdanstroy".

2 INTRODUCED Standardization Technical Committee TC 465 "Construction".

3 prepared for approval FSI "DSF".

4 APPROVED by the Russian Federation (Russian Ministry of Regional Development) Order of the Ministry of Regional Development of 30 December 2010 № 849 and entered into force on 20 May 2011

5 REGISTERED Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart).Revision of SP 53.13330.2010.


Planning and Development
Gardening (the villa), citizens' associations,

Planing and occupation of territories
of gardening (country's) unions of citizens, buildings and erections

Date of introduction 2011-05-20

1 Scope

1.1 This set of rules applies to the design development areas of gardening, suburban non-profit associations of citizens (hereinafter - Gardener, country associations), are on their buildings and facilities, andalso it serves as a basis for the development of territorial building codes of the Russian Federation.

2 Normative references

2.1 List of normative documents that are referenced, is given in Appendix A.

Note - When using this set of rules it is advisable to check the effect of the reference standards and classifications in the public information system - officialOnline national authority of the Russian Federation for standardization on the Internet or on annual basis the information sign "national standards", which was published on January 1 this year, and the corresponding monthly published information signs, published in the current year.If the reference document is replaced (changed), when using this set of rules should govern replaced (changed) document.If the reference material is canceled without replacing, the position where reference is made to it, applied to the extent not affecting the reference.

3 Definitions

3.1 Terms used in this normative document and their definitions are presented in Appendix B.

4 General

4.1 Organization of garden, cottage association is carried out in accordancewith the approved local government planning project of garden, cottage associations, is a legal document, binding on all participants in the development and construction of garden, cottage associations.All changes and deviations from the project must be approved by the local government.

project may be designed for one and for the group (array) adjacent areas of gardening, country associations.

For group (array) area of ​​gardening, cottage associations, occupying an area of ​​over 50 hectares, developed the concept of a master plan that precedes the development of areas of planning projects of gardening, country organizations and containing the basic provisions on development: external relations with the settlements system;transport communications;social and engineering infrastructure.

list of key documents required for the development, coordination and approval of project documentation for planning and building areas of gardening, country associations are listed in the set of rules [1].

4.2 In determining the boundaries of garden, cottage associations must comply with the requirements of environmental protection, for the protection of the area from noise and exhaust fumes highways, industrial facilities, from electrical, electromagnetic radiation emitted by radon from the ground and other negative influences.

4.3 Placing areas of gardening, country associations are prohibited in the sanitary protection zones of industrial enterprises and other protected zones with special conditions of use of the area.

4.4 of garden, cottage associations must be separated from the railways of all categories and common I Road, II, III categories of sanitary protection zone of a minimum width of 50 m, from the roads of IV category - at least 25 m, with accommodation in it shelterbelta minimum width of 10 m.

4.5 of garden, cottage associations must defend from the filament oil pipeline at a distance of not less than specified in SNIP 05/02/13.

4.6 prohibited from posting horticultural areas, suburban communities on the land beneath the high-voltage transmission lines 35 kVA and above, as well as the intersection of the land oil and gas pipelines.The horizontal distance from the extreme high-voltage wires (at the maximum of their deviation) to the border areas of gardening association shall be in accordance with the rules [2].

4.7 Distance from building on the territory of gardening association to forests must be at least 15 m.

4.8 When crossing the territory of gardening association utilities must provide sanitary protection zone in accordance with SanPiN 2.2.1 /

4.9 Territories of gardening, country associations depending on the number of land located on them, are divided into:

small - up to 100;

average - from 101 to 300;

large - 301 or more sites.

5 Planning and construction of garden, cottage associations

5.1 On the border of garden, cottage associations provide fencing.Allowed not include fence in the presence of natural boundaries (rivers, brow ravine and others.).

fencing of garden, cottage associations should not be replaced by moats, ditches, ramparts.

5.2 of garden, cottage associations must be connected to the approach road to the public roads.

5.3 In the territory of gardening, cottage associations with a number of gardens and 50 should include one entry, 50 - at least two entries.The width of the gate should be at least 4.5 m, gate -. At least 1 m

5.4 Land provided horticultural, country associations, composed of public land and private land plots.

Lands are public land occupied by roads, streets, passages (red lines limits), fire ponds and playgrounds and areas of public facilities (including their sanitary protection zones).

minimum required composition of buildings, structures and sizes of the public areas are shown in Table 1.

Table 1 - The minimum required composition of buildings, structures and dimensions of public areas


Specific sizes of land, m1 garden plot on the territory of gardening, country associations with a number of areas

to 100 (small)

101 - 300 (average)

301 or more (large)

lodge with the board associations

1 - 0,7

0,7 - 0,5

0,4 - 0,4

Shop trade mixed

2- 0,5

0,5 - 0,2

0,2 and less

Buildings and facilities for the storage of fire-fighting equipment




Grounds for disposal




the car park at the entrancethe territory of the horticultural association


0,9 - 0,4

0,4 and less

Notes 1 The composition and area needed engineering structures, the size of theirland security zone defined by the technical conditions of operating organizations.

2 types and sizes of buildings and facilities for the storage of fire-fighting equipment are determined by agreement with the authorities of the State Fire Service.Storage room for portable pumps and fire fighting equipment must have a minimum area of ​​10 m2 and fireproof walls.

5.5 When entering the territory of the public gardening, cottage association shall be provided a lodge, composition and area of ​​buildings which are set by the charter of gardening, cottage associations.

5.6 Planning solution of garden, cottage associations must ensure vehicles travel to all the individual garden plots and communal facilities.

5.7 In the territory of gardening, holiday combining the width of streets and driveways in the red lines should be m:

for the streets - at least 15 m;

for journeys - at least 9 m

minimum radius of curvature of the edge of the roadway -.. 6.0 m

width carriageway of streets and passages taken to the streets - not less than 7.0 m, for journeys - at least 3,5 m.

5.8 for travel should include small general area of ​​no less than 15 m and a width of not less than 7 m, including the width of the roadway.The distance between the traveling facilities, as well as between traveling platforms and crossings should be not more than 200 m.

The maximum length of the dead-end directions shall not exceed 150 m.

Stub passages provided reversal area measuring at least 15 × 15 m. Using the reversal areas forCar parking is not allowed.

5.9 To ensure fire fighting, in the absence of centralized water supply in the territory of public gardening, cottage associations must provide for fire ponds or reservoirs with a capacity of m3, at a number of sites: 300 - not less than 25, more than 300 - at least 60 (each withsites for the installation of fire equipment, with the possibility of water intake pumps and entrance organization of at least two fire trucks).

number of reservoirs (tanks) and their location determined by the requirements of the joint venture 31.13330.

Gardening, country associations, including up to 300 garden plots, for fire purposes must have a portable motor pumps;when the number of sites from 301 to 1,000 - Trailed motor pumps;when the number of areas to 1000 - at least two motor pumps trailer.

to store water pumps necessarily build a special room.

5.10 Buildings and public facilities must be separated from the gardens borders no less than 4 m.

5.11 on the territory of gardening, country associations and outside is prohibited to organize waste dump.Household waste, as a rule, must be disposed of in the garden, the suburban areas.For non-utilizable waste (glass, metal, polyethylene and others.) On common areas must be provided for mounting site containers.Sites should be protected on three sides by a deaf fence at least 1.5 meters in height, have a solid surface and located at a distance of not less than 20 and not more than 500 meters from the border area.

5.12 drain runoff and drainage water from the territory of gardening, cottage associations in ditches and ditches carried out in accordance with the project planning of garden, cottage associations.

6 Planning and construction of the garden, the suburban areas

6.1 Area of ​​individual garden, the suburban area is taken not less than 0.06 hectares.

6.2 Along the perimeter of the individual garden, suburban areas is recommended to arrange a mesh fence.By mutual written consent of the owners of the neighboring plots (harmonized rule of gardening, cottage associations) may device other types of fencing.

allowed by decision of the general meeting of members of the horticultural, suburban combiner deaf fences from streets and driveways.

6.3 on the garden, summer cottage is necessary to provide a device of the compost site, pit or box, and in the absence of sewage - and the bathroom.

6.4 on the garden, summer cottage can be built residential building or dwelling house, farm buildings and structures, including - greenhouses, summer kitchen, sauna (sauna), shower, shed or garage for cars.

allowed the construction of farm buildings of various types, some local traditions and settlement conditions.The procedure for the construction, composition, size and purpose of outbuildings for keeping small livestock and poultry, as well as the requirements to comply with sanitary and veterinary regulations are established in accordance with normative legal acts of local self-government.Members of the gardening, country associations have on the site small livestock and poultry, must comply with sanitary and veterinary rules on their content.

6.5 Fire safety distance between the buildings and structures within the same garden plot is not standardized.

Fire distance between residential buildings or residential buildings located on adjacent sites, depending on the material of bearing and protecting structures shall be not less than specified in Table 2.

group and allowed to block residential buildings or houses on two adjacent plots with single-rowbuilding and four adjacent plots at the two-row building.

This fire distance between residential buildings or dwellings in each group are not standardized, and the minimum distance between the outer residential buildings or dwellings groups taken from Table 2.

Table 2 - Minimum distance between the extreme fire residential buildings (or buildings)and the dwellings in groups (or houses) in areas

material bearing and walling structures

distances m





stone, concrete, reinforced concrete and other non-combustible materials





same with woodfloors and coatings, secure non-flammable and nonflammable materials





Timber frame building envelope of non-flammable, slow-burning and combustible materials




6.6 residential building or residential building must be separated from the red line the streets for at least 5 meters from the red line driveways - not less than 3 m at the same time.between the houses, located on opposite sides of the passage, should be taken into account fire distance specified in table 2. The distance from the farm buildings up to the red line the streets and driveways should be at least 5 m. in consultation with the board of gardening, cottage associations carport or garage for the carIt can be placed on a site directly adjacent to the fence from the street, or directions.

6.7 Minimum distances for sanitary conditions to the neighboring property line must be from:

Dwelling Unit (or at home) - 3 m;

built for keeping small livestock and poultry - 4 m;

other buildings - 1 m;