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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to build a garage of sandwich panels with their own hands - all the steps from A to Z

garages Advantages of sandwich panels are obvious: they do not freeze and so hot in the sun like metal, are being built faster than stone, and easier than reinforced concrete.Sam garage, finished basement with, you can collect, enlisting minimal support, in just a weekend.

Why sandwich panels?

Sandwich panel is a "pie" of 2 protective layers with insulation in between.Of heaters may be mineral wool or foamed polystyrene, and be sure to equip the garage ventilation, because the moisture on it acts negatively in the case of cotton.The protective layer of such panels can be made of galvanized steel, plastics, OSB, plasterboard.For the construction of the garage is better to choose steel panels as the most durable and can withstand corrosive effects of gasoline vapors, solvents and water.


Choice of sandwich panels as a building material for the garage is justified by their technical characteristics:

  • This garage keeps the heat on the principle of the thermos and does not require additional heating during frosts down to -20 degrees, as the heat transfer through the walls and the roof is minimal.The north of the region, the thicker the panel should be chosen.So, if the winter temperatures consistently below -30 keeps you must stay on the panels 300 mm thick.
  • panels have a high degree of sound insulation - sound engine warms not wake the household.
  • All work is carried out quickly and without the involvement of specialized equipment as well as the weight of the panels have a small.It is also possible to build a garage and in the winter, when the foundation was poured in warm seasons.The main thing is to avoid wetting the inner layer of the panels, as this impairs their thermal insulation properties, and eventually lead to the deterioration of the entire structure.
  • Variety of colors of the protective coating will help orchestrate the garage to the house and buildings on the existing site.The panels do not require additional exterior and interior, which reduces the time and cost of construction of the garage.
  • quality sandwich panels are non-flammable, non-corrosive, does not emit harmful substances and are environmentally friendly.
  • garage for one car, if you build it yourself, will cost the owner in the range of 15 thousand. Rubles, including all components, and will serve at least 30 years.

During the construction of the garage of sandwich panels must be borne in mind that they can not withstand the high loads, so, for example, attach them to the metal shelving tool impossible.The coating is not too strong, and it is easy to scratch the metal objects.You also need to pay attention to sealing joints, as they may freeze during severe frosts.


For the construction of the garage, in addition to themselves sandwich panels are needed:

  • hammer and drill,
  • screwdriver,
  • Bulgarian
  • finely toothed saw for metal,
  • level, tape measure,
  • material for the frame,
  • fasteners,
  • gaskets,
  • sealer for exterior use.

foundation for the garage

foundation Since the garage of sandwich panels obtained a light, not particularly need a strong foundation under it.Suffice melkozaglublennogo columnar or strip foundation.Even more simple version - "cushion" of crushed stone and gravel in the compacted soil, but in this case will have to organize the drainage and poured concrete foundation for fastening the frame.

Construction frame

The fully dried up a foundation or gravel prepared based on the framework of the future is being built garage.It can be a metal or wood.

  • To use the metal area 50 * 50 or 75 * 75 mm.Between a part of the frame are welded or bolted.
  • to use wooden frame beams 100 * 100 mm, soaked in antiseptic solution, and fire protection.It is connected by means of metal parts.


frame is a rigid box with additional uprights.First, collect and attach to the base of bottom shell belt.He absolutely must lie horizontally, so to align it using pads from sealing strip or plank.Vertical racks are mounted on the corners and sides of the gates of the future, and not less than 3 meters for each wall.


Installing panels begins with any of the corners of the frame.To stand with screws to secure the bolt head first docking panel, aligning it to the horizontal and the vertical plane is level.Screws should be located not less than 5 cm from the edge of the panel connection.

Screws screwed every 50 cm, that is, the two-meter panel should be 4, but on the three-meter - 6 pieces.If the wall will fall heavy loads (mechanical, wind), the interval between the screws is reduced.

The first panel is attached by means of a second locking mechanism.The sutures are inserted spacers for more dense and tight connection between the panels and the frame also laid sealing tape.To the panel grappled well with each other, the joints must be carefully "prozhat", preventing them from warping.In regions with cold winters and plenty of precipitation recommended promazyvat locking mechanism sealant, and after that connect the panel.

Each new series begin with the docking panel, and try to make the joints between the panels in horizontal rows were "vrazbezhku".For this new series starts with a piece left over from the previous row.At the ends of the walls leave expansion gaps, which also cover the corner plates.

If you need to trim panel is used for this purpose finely toothed hacksaw or jigsaw rather than grinders, since from her overheated and deformed edge of the panel.

places where the panel is not docked using the tongue and groove connection, but simply butt, covered with a protective steel plates.And they need to advocate for the seam 5 cm on both sides.Lining the inside are coated with sealant and screws to fasten.The tightness will joints, the warmer will be a garage in the future.

After completion of construction works with the panels removed protective film.Do it before it is not necessary, so as not to damage the surface of the instrument.


Roof The roof is also advisable to cover the sandwich panels.It may be pent or gabled.Install the panel along the length of the roof from the bottom edge, secured them with screws on the upper ridge to the frame.Thus, the final number will go along the ridge.Every seam coat with sealant as a roof waterproofing increased requirements.All joints must be covered with protective lining.

panels rather fragile, so if there was a need to move them, use wooden flooring, which is based on the frame.For the roof of sandwich panels with mineral wool optional drain to prevent moisture from entering the panel.

What to take into account during the construction?

  • Screws must be screwed into the frame strictly perpendicular.
  • Protective and decorative trim must completely cover the installation clearance.
  • If used for cutting panels grinders, its edge overheating and corrosion-resistant coating is damaged.For these purposes it is better to use metal shears, hand saw or jigsaw.If
  • avoid scratches failed, they paint over oil paint in 2 layers.You can then carry out anti-corrosion treatment of the garage with the help of tools for metal.