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August 12, 2017 18:06

Overwrites the tile joints in the bathroom with their hands

Overwrites the tile joints in the bathroom with their hands

Performing grouting tile joints in the bathroom with their hands will ensure the effective protection of tile joints and update the interior of the room.

main thing is to choose a high quality grout and to carry out finishing work correctly.

Today the market of finishing materials offer consumers this type of products in a wide range.

When selecting the grouting for the tiles in the bathroom need to pay attention to the technical characteristics of the proposed composition.

Typically, it is a measure of water resistance, shrinkage parameters after ripening mortar joints, the moisture absorption and the adhesion to the substrate.As well as the strength of finishing performed.

Of the existing range of grout masses, it is better to opt for the manufacturer's products with the well-deserved reputation.

Italian and German brands mixtures Mapei, Litokol and Schtern are costly product type, are of high quality.

But Atlas, Plitonit 3 and silicone grout Ceresit are in the middle price range, are of good quality, because of which are in high consumer demand.

If you experience a little, but you plan to save money and make repairs in the bathroom with their hands, it is better to buy an inexpensive cement composition.

cement grout viscous and elastic, thereby obedient even in the hands of an inexperienced tiler.With its user-friendly and easy to work, the only negative - a cement composition after the discovery of "live" long.


If overwrite tile seams professional is taken in the bathroom,better to spend money on high-quality and expensive grout.

In this case, suitable epoxy mixture, but do not forget that its use requires experience.

epoxy grout hardens quickly, since it is impossible to update the composition, it is necessary to work efficiently and without delay.

consider in more detail the technical parameters of the two materials, which will choose the right grout and hold their hands qualitative formation of joints in between the bathroom tiles.


  • Types grout cement-based grout
  • Types epoxy
  • How to choose the color of the grout for tile joints?
  • technology rubbing seams tiles

Types of grout, cement-base

trowels dry composition based on cement is usually packed in packages of 1-2 kg.For the workflow mixture was diluted with the required amount of water.

How to prepare such a mixture of rubbing, tells the proposed material in the form of articles.

At the moment, high demand is the Polish grout Atlas.Production of the "Atlas" is made of three types: two cement-based, third - two component epoxy mixture.


first version of the "Atlas" is used to design the narrow tile joints.The second version of the "Atlas" on the basis of cement - used to produce joints with glitter effect.

price "Atlas" is dependent on the constituents of the finishing material.

Grouts for tiles in the bathroom of the Finnish company Kesten arrive on store shelves in the building form ready for use.Packed in plastic containers in volume from 1 to 20 kg.

price exceeds the cost of a grout dry cement mixtures, but the solution will be impossible to spoil incorrect mixing ratio, since all proportions connects the manufacturer.

trowel silicone mixture to the bathroom tile joints - Ceresit recommended novice tiler.

composition solidifies after cooking will not soon, due to which it is convenient to use, as there is time to correct the joints and removing the excess mixture.

price for this type of finishing material is suitable for middle-class consumers.

Price grout Mapei Ultracolor Plus is high, but for expensive repairs in the bathroom it can be considered the best option.In this case, the price is completely justified by the quality.

The composition of the cement grout includes water-repellent components and polymers.The solution has the ability to quickly grasp, so the excess mixture must be removed immediately.

Types grout epoxy

epoxy grout made using epoxy resin and a special hardener substances.

Typically, such compositions are completely ready to use and require no extraneous additives, they can be used immediately after purchase.


More about the working process with epoxy grouts can be learned from the story video.

Since epoxy grout is endowed with strong viscosity and hardens within minutes, run hard with it.The composition is not suitable for processing joints measuring less than 4 mm.

Price epoxy grout depends on the type and color of its components.In any case, do not expect that the price of an epoxy finish can be lower than in the cement mixture.

If the choice to stop epoxy finish for the bathroom, it is best to pay attention to the two-part "Atlas".

It is recommended to design the joints surfaces prone spots, with frequent cleaning.Grout "Atlas" has a high mechanical strength, absolutely waterproof.

«Atlas" - is a good barrier for acids and biological factors.

high level of chemical and mechanical resistance is able to provide a two-component epoxy grout brand Litokol.It is used for decoration stitches from 1 to 15 mm.

Engage with your hands can tiler and without much experience, as the mixture can be easily removed before curing.

Home during the working process - Use protective gloves.A solution of paste and a catalyst are mixed before starting work, it is very pungent and irritating to the skin greatly.

price of the material is high, but as can be seen from the photo, the result of work on quality.

grout color brand Litokol includes about 90 options, so choose the grout in order to update the interior of the bathroom, there are plenty.

How to choose the color of the grout for tile joints?

determine what mixture trowel for tile joints to choose the composition to fully renovate the interior bathroom, it has recommended to pay attention to its color.

Color soluble mixture and bathroom tile color should match each other.

Manufacturers have taken care to develop a color scheme for the grout, based on which you can choose a suitable color.Below is represented in the photo layout colors.

The layout of colors

for grouting tiles standard size is recommended to choose a contrasting color.

Contrasting shades of expressive and strongly reflected at the surface.

It should be remembered, whatever the work is not used expensive tile and grout, poorly done by laying emphasize it a contrasting color.

Choice grout joints to handle and transparent glass mosaic tiles, laid in the bathroom should match the color of the product.

In this case, the need to apply a clear solution.

color grout for mosaic composition with an interesting relief should not be a contrast, he clearly reflect the size of the tiles in the bathroom, but at the same time, overshadow its texture.

Choose optimally suitable color for the bathroom tile joints will be easier if the selection is done by taking a sample of a finishing product to the store.

By choosing the mortar material, do not just buy a big pack composition over the entire surface.

It may be that the chosen color of the grout is not very suitable for tiles, so it is best to buy a small packing.

processed the minimum work area and see how shade is combined with tile, you can buy a large packing.

Having developed packaging mixture can get an idea of ​​what weight you will need to refresh the surface the next time you repair the bathroom.

technology rubbing seams tiles

Grout tiles butt joints in the bathroom following the expiration of days after installation.Ripening time of the adhesive depends on the thickness of the layer used for stacking and humidity.

Before you get started, it is recommended to make sure that the tile is held firmly and do not walk under pressure.


If the adhesive is poorly grasped both surfaces, removing its excess of tile joints can slide.

In any case, should not be delayed for long grouting, as well as the dried glue will be difficult to remove.

In addition, the removal of excess solidified strongly appear the risk of damage to the tile edge.

If grouting is delayed, it is recommended to carry out work on the removal of the adhesive and at the right time to do design seams.

But you must remember that unprotected joints can get debris, dust and moisture.

To keep a good grout, glue joints is removed the entire thickness of the finishing product.

If the removal of the adhesive layer to hold unevenly, then ugly spots are formed on the surface of the joints.

tools that will be needed for:

  • shaped spatula;
  • rubber spatula;
  • trowel for leveling;
  • rectangular container;
  • rubber spatula for mixing.

How are the above-mentioned types of spatulas can see in the photo.

Tools for grouting

Step by Step:

  1. with curly spatula remove excess glue between tile cutters clean dried up the crosses;
  2. in a plastic container mix the dry mixture with water to the consistency of sour cream.Allow to stand 6-7 minutes.Portions do little;
  3. Using a rubber spatula, gently fill the tile joints.Working movements are performed perpendicular to the seams.Grout thoroughly rubbed so that the joints do not remain voids.The excess is removed with a spatula, moving along the seam;
  4. trowel to level the surface perform grouting.We should not be zealous and smooth down seams with bare fingers, as some types of compositions too caustic;
  5. slightly damp sponge to remove the mixture of tile, you can not avoid drying the composition.The sponge must be constantly clean, so it is often washed with water.If you use even a fine abrasive to remove the hardened mortar, you can scratch the surface of the tile;
  6. fine abrasive grind joints.For the convenience of its use sandpaper wrapped edge spatula and gently, until smooth, grinding is carried out.

read more about the process of mashing tile joints in the bathroom will allow the proposed video.