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August 12, 2017 18:06

Glazing beads for plastic windows

Glazing beads for plastic windows

When installing PVC windows to retain heat in the room, as well as to reduce unauthorized use of air beadings for plastic windows.

Fillet - a special elongated rail made of plastic figure profile and equipped with a rubber gasket.

Molding fillet windows give an aesthetic finished look, increase the strength of the entire window system, and prolong their lifespan.

Fillet of plastic windows is a reliable barrier against drafts, dust, street noise, but, unfortunately, glazing beads after some time, fail and lose their tightness.

In this case, require immediate replacement of glazing beads, which is quite possible to make their own hands.

Molding fillet different shape - rounded and normal, and size.For each design plastic window glazing beads used a certain size.

For example, for the installation of PVC windows with double glass pane using a bead, and for a three-chamber window system glazing is ideal for a narrow bead.

If PVC four-chamber design windows with double-glazed windows, the reinforced bead is applied.


When choosing the glazing beads should be borne in mind that they should be in harmony with the rest of the plastic window.

Usually beadings for plastic windows are made of PVC, but in recent years to make them more and more often used steklokompozit.

Steklokompozit - a unique plastic material which consists of a filler (silica, glass fiber, etc.), and glass fiber binder (thermoplastic polymers).

Molding fillet of fine fiberglass keep heat in the room, as well as resistant to various weather conditions and external influences.

Thanks to these reliable defenders window construction are not afraid of any corrosive processes, and are not subject to deformation.

Removing the glazing beads with plastic windows?

Many people ask - how to remove the bead with plastic windows?

Molding fillet is removed with a spatula or chisel.Pulling out the plastic window glazing beads mark which of them left and right, top and bottom.

process of removing the bead with a spatula is as follows: a spatula put to a large window glazing beads hand and beat on his palm to wedge edge of a spatula between the frame and glazing bead.

Hooking thus the middle bead drag it to the center and take out bead.Then it will go a lot easier, since one of the edges of the bead was free.


Removing glazing beads with plastic windows with a chisel made almost the same way as pictures taken with a spatula.

This requires a wide and flat chisel, a wooden or plastic spatula and a non-metallic hammer.

chisel set in the middle of a long bead - or rather, in the gap between the frame and glazing bead, little utaplivajut in this slot chisel and tip it to the frame.

beat the palm toward the glass on the arm of a chisel.

As soon as there was a gap to insert some appropriate wedge width and increase the gap.

Freed bead is removed, after which the entire removal procedure should be followed, and the rest of shtapikami.

Buy or make your own?

possible to make bead for PVC windows on their own and where to buy glazing beads for plastic windows?Try to understand what is the bead from which it is made.

Fillet is a specially made of PVC narrow rail.Rail is made, as well as the profile of the window, but in other equipment.

seems the same drawing device, such as a calibration table and extruder as in the manufacture of window structures of high-strength plastic, but the output is narrow and thin product, which, despite its weight, firmly secures and retains the heavy glazing in window construction.


process of manufacturing the glazing beads of the polymer is as follows: first of all, make a solid part of the rack, and then on the edge of her surfaced soft rubber or PVC.

width of the slats depends on the amount of glass and the window shows the form which it to become - a rounded, rectangular or square.

From this it follows that the production of glazing beads is quite laborious and responsible work and make their own completely unrealistic.

Buy beadings for plastic windows can be in the same place where buying and PVC windows, or in the company produces profiles.

most functional and well thought out - this is a classic fillet, but optional glazing beads can be made by individual size and shape.

Install shtapiki strictly from the premises.This is done in order to avoid unwanted attacks bad people.

Before purchasing a fillet should define the scope of their needs, and then select from the catalog the desired bead pattern and choose the desired color.

glazing beads cost depends on the particular model profile, its shape and producer.As mentioned above, the shape of glazing beads can be different.

Figured glazing beads have a complex shape, so they can be more expensive than a simple rectangular glazing beads.

Sale glazing beads made in any city, in specialized companies that are engaged in the manufacture and installation of plastic windows, where each buyer prior to purchase can get the necessary advice.


In addition, if you decide not to replace the bead with his own hands, the experts of these companies will help you with the replacement of glazing beads.

If you still try to make the glazing beads for plastic windows with their hands, you can run into some problems.

As already stated above, the bead - the narrow element made of plastic, glass ensures tightness.

The home is absolutely impossible to cut into narrow slats, and then laminate them.The slightest error in the measurements and the ugly slit your window provided.

If shtapik get wider than it should be, the corners of the frame may break when it is clogged.Due to the poor quality of the window glazing beads tightness will be compromised.