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August 12, 2017 18:06

Making repairs in the kitchen alone mixer

Making repairs in the kitchen alone mixer

Even when the kitchen faucet great cost, then at any time may be required to repair the mixer.

make repairs mixing with your hands or call a professional - it depends on the knowledge and skills.

If, however, opted for self-repair, it is necessary to know that the technology is dependent on the type of kitchen faucet: dvuhventilnye or single lever.

So before you get started, you need to read the instructions how to fix the mixer.

whole process of repair kitchen faucet is presented on video.


  • How to repair ball valves?
  • How to Repair dvuhventilnye cranes?
  • thermomixer How to Repair?

How to repair ball valves?

single lever faucet is the most common design with a rotary knob.Simplicity, convenience and reliability explains the popularity of such cranes.

device The device is made as follows: the crane is controlled by a handle - move up and down sets the pressure of water supply, right and left - the temperature.

Before starting repair single-lever mixer with your own hands, it is required to disassemble the crane device.

Driving a ball mixer

mechanism feature is that almost all parts are part of the cartridge, which is a non-separable.

Therefore, these parts can not be replaced separately, it is required to install a new cartridge.

Consider the most common defects of single lever faucet.

Very often there is poor water pressure.This may be due to clogging of the aerator.When you need to remove the aerator is clogged, clean it and put it back.

In the formation of cracked or chipped on the body, repair ball mixer is carried out in a certain way: the damaged area is applied sealant, but the sealant will help only a little time and very soon will still have to replace the valve.

repair single-lever mixer is often required as a result of deterioration of the rubber gasket on the sink.

To change the rubber seal, should be removed from the sink faucet.

Remove the sink unit should be careful movements without damaging anything.For this completely shut off cold and hot water, then open the faucet and water comes down.

Then tap unscrewed from carts, and then can be detached from the sink faucet.To do this, remove the lock nut, most often located under the sink.

Probably the rubber ring will be reshaped or cracked.In such cases clearly need to be replaced.

When buying a new gasket is important to choose the diameter is correct: the gasket should be included in the groove with some effort.The detailed process is presented in the video.


If after installing new gaskets, valve continues to operate abnormally, it means that there was a breakdown of the cartridge.The flow kitchen faucet can occur due to clogging.

If there is such a problem requires a complete replacement of the cartridge.

Installing a new cartridge consists of the following steps as:

  • overlap and draining;
  • removal of the crane from the sink;
  • removal of the decorative cap using a screwdriver;
  • twisting screws;
  • removal lever;
  • cartridge removal, installation of new;
  • assembly crane.

screw, located behind the bezel blank, you must unscrew the main body.The lever and the cap must be removed, and then get a cartridge.

Then wrench unscrew the washer-cam to check the print cartridge for damage.

Inspect need spring, holding up the rubber seals.If they are damaged, the replacement parts are required.

And if the space between the ball and the valve seat clogged, the cartridge is replaced with a new one.

Once produced, the machine should work, and repair ball mixer should not be required in the near future.Details replacement cartridge is shown in the video.


How to Repair dvuhventilnye cranes?

Despite various innovations, dvuhventilnye cranes still have a lot of popularity in the kitchen.

device dvuhventilnyh devices is of two kinds: with worm mechanism and head parts with ceramic discs.

last type of the kitchen is more reliable, so the repair is rarely needed.

If there was a leaking tap to install the worm, the main reason for this is a worn gasket, closing inlet.Change is required for laying of thick rubber.

Repair mixer begins with the dismantling of the crane.Therefore, first, the valve body is unscrewed by rotating it counterclockwise.

After that, the old part is removed and a new set.Then a stop edge wound fumlenta, and is going to tap.More repair is presented in the video.


If after replacing the flow was resumed, the reason is rough saddle - place emphasis rubber seal.To eliminate leaks saddle grind.

To do this, place the worm gear is inserted and scroll cutter drill.When roughness eliminated, a new gasket is installed.If the problem

flow faucet in the kitchen there is a head parts, then its removal is necessary to tighten the counter-nut on the case.

Another common failure dvuhventilnye tap is leaking oil seal, resulting from the depreciation of the packing.In this case, replacing the stuffing box or seal.

To do this you need to disassemble the faucet and try to tighten the packing follower stronger.If after that the water does not flow, the valve can be assembled, and if the problem persists, then replacing.

This can be used twine soaked in motor oil, or a piece of rubber tube.

If the valve of a modern model, you need the item sold in the store.

Stuffing should be laid in a clockwise direction.Each layer is recommended to seal with a screwdriver.

main thing - do not overdo it to avoid excessive compaction.The sleeve must be screwed onto the thread 2-3.

Since the crane structure is quite simple, mixer repair their own hands is not any difficulties.The main thing - accurately perform each action.

thermomixer How to Repair?

Thermostat - a novelty in the world of modern plumbing.Thermomixer - programmable design that can maintain the desired temperature of the water.

Some appliances with a thermostat can be adjusted and the water pressure, which is also programmable.

These devices have two regulators.One - given temperature, the other - the water pressure.Such devices may be electronic or mechanical.

E models are equipped with an LCD screen that displays the water temperature.These cranes are powered by batteries or AC adapter are push-button or touch control.

Thermomixer the kitchen

There are models with infrared sensor, operating at a distance.

Mechanical devices are equipped with standard controls, which may be presented in the form of a lever handle or valve.

device unit with a thermostat consists of a valve, adjustable mixing water and a special patron, responsive to temperature changes.

holder made of bimetallic plates or consists of wax.When changing a cartridge or extended temperature or narrowed.Set the temperature adjusting screw or knob.

on the adjusting screw set the fuse to prevent heating of water over and 80 °.If you turn off the cold water supply of the device automatically locks hot.

When the supply is resumed, continuing the mixing of hot and cold water.Since the unit with a thermostat eliminates burns.

actually repair faucet with thermostat only specialist, few can repair this appliance yourself.

Besides quite difficult to determine the presence of faults.

For example, the water supply may stop completely, but it does not indicate a malfunction, most likely, as has been said above, is not served hot or cold water, and automatically joined blocker water, as in this case, it is impossible to mix the water to the set temperature.

Accordingly, the problem will solve itself when resuming water supply.

During operation with thermostat mixer may seem that the device is faulty, as the water pressure is very weak.However, this is not an indication of breakage.

water pressure reduction may be due to a decrease in pressure, resulting in cold water instead of warm flowing, and the thermostat closes the flow of hot water, lowering the overall temperature.


As a result, there is a weak pressure.

main reason for failure of the tap is clogged.Therefore, these mixers are equipped with a mandatory filter cleaning the water flow into two: hot and cold.

If this condition is met, the Thermomixer repair is not required.