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August 12, 2017 18:06

Dividing the space of plasterboard partition with a door

Dividing the space of plasterboard partition with a door

plasterboard partitions with a door becomes a perfect solution for the division of space in the so popular nowadays studio apartments.

Installation of the wall a number of reasons: not required permits for the construction of the walls of plasterboard, installation is not accompanied by diluting solution, to make the work possible with their own hands.

septum often used to separate the bed, you can also install additional shelves or recess.

In addition, the partition of the drywall may be bent out of shape and become a "highlight" of the interior.


  • Preparations
  • Which material you choose?
  • installation plasterboard partitions
  • Mounting and installation gispsokartona
  • Installation Options doors


As elsewhere, the works on installation of plasterboard partitions with their hands starting with the preparation, which is as follows:

  1. first determined the place of the future wall;
  2. future location should be clean and dry;
  3. marking is done with a cord and a plumb.The floor and ceiling are drawn rail for mounting.

The features of the layout is that the profile of the floor must not be laid at full length.This is done from the wall to where the doorway is located.

If the door is planned to have somewhere in the middle, it fits the profile of the two segments, if next to the wall, then, accordingly, will be enough of one segment.

distance left for the door opening should be 1-2 cm larger than the size of the door.It is necessary to establish the door frame.An example can be seen in the photo.

frame walls

When markup is taken into account the thickness of the door, as well as the thickness of the proposed wall.The partition sheathe plasterboard in one or two coats.

to the total thickness of 2.5 cm design added if sheathed in a single layer, and about 5 cm, if it is done in two layers.

Mounting wall made the following tools:

  • level;
  • line;
  • roulette;
  • cord or a plumb laser level;
  • Area;
  • pencil;
  • drill and screws;
  • spatula;
  • metal cutting tool (knife, scissors);
  • trowel;
  • containers for glue and plaster.

Tools for the job

Which material you choose?

There are several types of plasterboard, so before you install of interior wall with your hands, you need to choose the right core material:

  1. ordinary plasterboard - has two colors: gray and blue.It is used most often for areas with moisture content up to 70%.See photo;
  2. Moisture resistant - is used in rooms with high humidity, ie more than 70%.The most common is green or blue in color;
  3. Fireproof - often used in the kitchen, where there is a high possibility of contact with the fire.The composition includes reinforcing glass fiber and other special additives.Sometimes red and gray colors;
  4. Moisture resistant with high fire resistance - drywall red is used rarely in areas with complex specifications.

The photo presents options drywall.

options drywall

When creating interior wall plasterboard with their hands, you should always take into account its thickness.

thickness of 12.5 mm for creating wall partitions or wall cladding, thinner material can be made installation of the ceiling.

material 6.5 mm thick is used to create arches, as he acquires flexibility if pre-moisten it.

installation plasterboard partitions

Mounting wall begins with the installation of the profile on the floor.He cut the desired length, at the point in which it is planned to place a door, the profile is bent at an angle of 90 degrees (15-20 cm).

To form such an angle on the side of the profile are made incisions.

fastened the mother with the help of dowels and screws at this step should not be too small, but not too large, 50-60 cm will be enough.

profile attached to the ceiling in the same way, except that it is not necessary to keep the gap to the doorway.


Under profiles can be put vibration isolation tape, but this option is not mandatory.

height of the vertical profiles must correspond to the distance from floor to ceiling minus 5 mm.They are fixed also on the screws and dowels suitable for attachment of the metal.

Screws need to take a length of 13-19 mm.Vertical profiles are set in increments of 50 cm over the entire width of the construction as the video.The step size depends on the manufacturer..

If the manufacturer is unknown, it is better to err and to make a small step - 40 cm When the manufacturer guarantees a step can be left 50-60 cm

Installing doors in plasterboard partition is created as follows: cut the profile of the width of the door with the proposed allowance.10 cm on each side.

allowances incised and bent at right angles, thus forming the letter "P".Mounted on the resulting design is "upside down" in the place where is the horizontal bar.

In the formation of the doorway uprights must be strengthened.This is done with his own hands with the help of wooden bars with a cross section at your profile.

To avoid partition vibrations when the door is closed, you need to make the promotion of the two uprights above the opening.

They receive a small, equal to the distance from the horizontal crossbar to the ceiling, as in the photo.

Strengthening of the opening

can strengthen the entire structure, if desired.To this end, the uprights are attached to each other back and inserted into the wooden beams.Everything is attached to the screws.

Wooden elements better to treat with antiseptic to extend the "life" of the assembly.

very important point is pre-installation of all wiring (if necessary).The wires can be placed in the holes of the vertical profiles.

After the performed operations for installing the frame future walls, proceed to installing drywall sheets.

Mounting and installation gispsokartona

installation begins with solid sheets of drywall, that is easier and more correct to begin work on the wall, as shown in the photo.

Installing drywall

height sheet must be at least 1 cm position.This is done in order to lay a good drywall, taking into account the small distortions.

Under the bottom of the sheet set small wedges (1 cm), which can be specifically to acquire or make their own hands.

This is done to save the plasterboard walls of moisture, which will rise from the floor.The sheet is fastened to the profile at a time when it is firmly pressed against the ceiling.

Features mounting:

  • gap between the screws should not exceed 25 cm;
  • From the edge of the sheet to the point of attachment should be a distance of 1-1.5 cm;
  • drywall sheets should dock in one profile;
  • the cap screws must be utaplivat;
  • screws size depends on the number of layers of facing material: one layer at fixing should be from 2.5 cm, with two - 4 cm

Another important point is that the gypsum boards must be installed with an offset..The joints of sheets above the doorway should not be aligned with the vertical uprights.An example is shown in the photo.Plasterboard sheets

When installing plasterboard with their hands in two layers, the joints do better lap.

When drywall installation on one side done, you can begin lining the other side.At the same time laid heat- and sound-insulating layer - mineral wool.

In width it should be a little more space between the profiles in order to eliminate the gaps.Next - Installation of drywall sheets on the same technology.

After all this work the joints smeared with putty, head screws are also masked.

Installation Options

doors sliding door in drywall is also the place to be.Feature installation is that doorway on the size necessary to make smaller the door.

At the same floor to floor mounted controller and is installed on top of an overhead rail.To door coupe design is not stuck out on the floor, you need to groove.

On the other side, which will close the compartment door, making an additional metal frame.It is necessary to conceal the movement mechanism.Thus it turns out false wall.


It is important to provide that such doors on the way there was no sockets, switches and wires.

Another option the doors in the plasterboard wall is a door-accordion, especially installation which can be viewed on video.