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August 12, 2017 18:06

Terrace and gazebo with a roof made ​​of polycarbonate with their hands

Terrace and gazebo with a roof made ​​of polycarbonate with their hands

roof made of polycarbonate is increasingly being used in the construction of gazebos, sheds, swing and other outbuildings.

Construction of this material is booming, more and more owners of houses and cottages prefer to cover the roof of polycarbonate.


  • Specifications polycarbonate
  • polycarbonate Types
  • What polycarbonate used in private construction?
  • How to choose polycarbonate?
  • Preparation of the supporting structure for the roof gable or pent

Specifications polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is a modern, high-tech polymer material with a longitudinal hollow chambers of equal size.

The presence of these cavities makes it resistant to strong temperature changes, why it caught on so well, and in our country, where it is so cold in winter and hot in summer.

Permissible temperature at which the material loses its properties from -40 ° C to + 120 ° C.

Features polycarbonate

Here are the main advantages of polycarbonate:

  • resistance to mechanical damage, shock, and even to heat exposure;
  • low weight and flexibility makes the installation convenient and quick;
  • high light transmission, it is used not only for roofing and glazing of buildings;
  • a high level of thermal insulation;
  • resistance to ultraviolet light, does not fade in the sun, even color;
  • excellent sound insulation;
  • strength in bending areas.Because often made of polycarbonate roof semicircular shape,
  • polygonal and other complex shapes.They can cover even the tent, garden swing, semicircular
  • roof for the pool, and the angle of inclination of the roof can be anything;
  • lifetime guarantee - from 5 to 20 years, depending on the manufacturer;
  • thick polycarbonate sheets from 4 mm to 16 mm;
  • resistance to atmospheric agents;
  • relatively low price.

Simple and intuitive installation attracts thousands of owners of private homes.The roof is made of polycarbonate with their hands is available even to those who are far from the building.

That is, polycarbonate has a lot of advantages, which led to the fact that more and more shelters for swimming pools, garages, gazebos, verandas are made of this material.

Beautiful garden swing or a tent, covered with polycarbonate can be seen in the photo below.

polycarbonate Types

In this article, we understand how going on the roof installation of polycarbonate, but it is not the only kind of material that exists.

Consider the main types of polycarbonate:

  • Cell - a wide range of applications the most, because it is possible to perform the installation of the roof at home, porch, pool, you can make a tent or swing;
  • profiled - a polycarbonate monolithic type with a wavy profile or a profile in the form of a trapezoid, is actively used in private construction.From it you can make a tent, a swing, a roof for the porch and other buildings in the courtyard;Popularly
  • the use of monolithic polycarbonate, which is a sheet of polymeric material without voids.

It is also classified according to the service life.
Types of polycarbonate

Depending on your budget, you can buy:

  1. premium class - is more than 20 years;
  2. elite class - more than 12 years;
  3. best - service life of 10 years;
  4. economical - 5-10 years.

Give preference is only to polycarbonate, the production of which the well-known, trusted manufacturers.

What polycarbonate used in private construction?

A few years ago, this material was used mainly in the construction of greenhouses in the industry or in private households.But lately, more and more often you can see the beautiful architectural solutions using polycarbonate.

Most often it is used for installation:

  • veranda;
  • pool;
  • balcony of the house;
  • garage;
  • gazebo;
  • other garden construction - swing, canopies, balconies.

Such a roof can be not only a gable or lean-to, but also a semi-circular or even a multi-faceted, ease and flexibility of polycarbonate allow to include fantasy when designing buildings.

From it you can make even a tent, arch or dome.Beautiful photo of different types of roofs you can see below.


tasks that are put in front of such a transparent andlight material - does not conceal the space, filling it with additional light and visually make more.

How to choose polycarbonate?

correctly select the brand of the material - the primary task during the roofing works for a garage, pavilions, terraces.

Firstly, polycarbonate - a material consisting of two or more plates joined by ribs which are arranged at an angle of 90 degrees with no inclination.

difference between different types of this material is that it can have different thickness may be several layers.

Most manufacturers make it in several colors - consumer choice is huge.

for roofing in the construction of porches, gazebos, garages polycarbonate is not recommended minimum thickness.

Choice in each case must be based on the features of your building.The thickness of the sheet is calculated individually.

carrying out installation, it is necessary to take into account the existing design area and possible load.

longitudinal bearing support should be located at a distance of no more than 70 cm

required thickness of polycarbonate sheets for different buildings:

  • 4 mm is used for greenhouses and sheds;.
  • 6 mm suitable for garage roof, the pool or the gazebo;
  • 8 mm use if you do swing, tent;
  • 10 mm is used for vertical partitions, glazing for buildings;
  • 16 mm take if the roof is covered.

Photo of various types of polycarbonate in different buildings can be seen below.


In choosing colors, as a rule, guided by its taste, but here there are a few tips:

  1. for placesrecreation and especially where to eat, better to do the roof in warm colors;
  2. pool opposite - choose blue or turquoise color;
  3. transparent polycarbonate is used for ancillary buildings, greenhouses, shopping pavilions.

In choosing the material and pay attention to the company's products.Only proven brand with special UV coating that protects the roof from breaking down, and the color from fading.

The second important point - the amount of recycled materials used in the production of the material.This rate must not exceed the accepted norms.

Preparation of the supporting structure for the roof gable or pent

roof of this material should have a small angle to the rain and the snow does not accumulate on the surface.

roof made of polycarbonate with their own hands can be made of almost any shape, the main thing - the right to make the frame.


During the construction of porches, pool, or building a house frame made of aluminum or steel profile.

polycarbonate There is also a special profile, which usually is made by the same manufacturer as the rest of polycarbonate.

Such a profile can be split or one-piece, its advantages over conventional metal profile that he:

  • sealed;
  • durable;
  • has a protective coating against UV light;
  • transparent, will not violate the overall aesthetics of the design;
  • is lightweight and easy fastening system.

As already mentioned, the maximum distance between the longitudinal members in the veranda roof, swimming pool, house or gazebo -. 70 cm

maximum distance between the cross members depends on what angle from the roof and a thickness of the material you have chosen.If

polycarbonate thickness of 8-16 mm, an indent of 1 m, if the model material thinner 8 mm, the pitch between elements -. 70 cm

polycarbonate roof recommended must have an angle of inclination 10% - 18cm / mbut not less than 5%, that is 8 cm / m.

Tools you'll need:

  • jigsaw or a saw;
  • polycarbonate, standard sheet width - 210 cm;
  • profile for the supporting structure.

to the rafters using metal profile or a bar with a section of 60mm x 40mm.

Grips rafters so that between them there was a distance of about 1 m, and at the same time to the joints sheets were in the longitudinal and transverse trusses.


On his end is attached a connecting profile.

Working with polycarbonate:

  • before you attach it with screws to a profile, it is necessary to drill a hole 1-2 mm thick;
  • can not tighten the screws too tightly, as due to the extreme heat in the sun polycarbonate can be expanded;
  • important not to confuse the upper and lower side of the sheet, since only the upper portion has a protective coating from the sun;
  • to sheets are not deformed with time, they should be laid parallel to the curve or slope of the roof;
  • not remove the protective film of the factory as long as not to do all the holes in the polycarbonate sheets.Before you start working with them - cover the ends of the sheets with adhesive tape or a special film that is not going to the dirt in them.

Stages of installation of the roof:

  1. mounting profile - first secure the bottom part of the profile, are fitted and adjusted calculations take into account the angle of inclination of the roof, make changes, if necessary;
  2. then you can start cutting roofing material, do it in advance, before the assembled frame, it is not necessary;
  3. securing polycarbonate frame profile - Installation is carried out so that the tilt angle is parallel to the direction of the hollow channels in sheets;
  4. assembling the upper part of the profile - if the profile is made, it is as follows: first, the lower part is mounted, then the polycarbonate, then the upper part.

This material is very good light transmission, as well as glass, and you have a beautiful translucent roof, which will give the room terrace or gazebo lots of light and visually enlarge it.

In this difficult climate to find a material that is equally quietly tolerate both cold and heat, and still relatively inexpensive and easy to assemble - easy.

That's why the beautiful roof made of polycarbonate decorated with a growing number of private buildings: terrace, swing, gazebo or pavilion with a roof look very attractive and modern.

Whatever you build, it is better to consider a small angle of inclination of the roof that lasts longer.

How to make a roof made of polycarbonate - see in the video below.