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August 12, 2017 18:06

Review options sett paving

If you have decided to pave a path near the house environmentally friendly and durable material, then it's time to learn about the options of laying pavers.

Timely a question about the possible location of the stones will allow to get the right amount of elements of the future coverage.

Despite the apparent complexity, it is necessary to try to deal with this matter on their own.

If a small area, for example, in the garden path, you pave it can be your own hands a few days.The main thing to do everything slowly, carefully, consistently.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for work and execute it qualitatively:

  • Choose the material is based on loads that coverage will be taken in the future;
  • paving must be carried to the surface with a slope to not stagnate pools;
  • to ram sand simplify and accelerate better use of road roller or sealing machine;
  • cover installation should be carried out in front of him, the master in this case must move forward.


  • Types of paving stones on the material and method of production
  • Procedure laying Planking web
  • different shape types pavers
  • methods of laying the basic forms of paving

Types of paving stones on the material and method of production

for sale can be found concrete, clinker, stone paving.

most common sidewalk pavers made of concrete.This tile is cheaper than other, has good frost resistance and durability.

Paving bricks made of special clay.

sett of these materials can be made in two different ways: vibrocasting and vibropressing.

If the surface, so the laid pavement, will affect a large load (thick stream of people, heavy vehicles), the preference is to give the cobblestones vibropressing performed.

If the load to be moderate, such as on the track at home, with its task quite cope vibropressed tiles.

This method of production enables elements covering all forms, colors and textures.Service life by quality installation, proper care can reach several tens of years.

In the video presented by the machine, by means of which produce vibropressed blocks and paving stones.

Obviously, this is a very complex mechanism is expensive, but the product resulting in a more robust and durable.


sett stone is the most noble appearance, but is much more expensive.

raw material can be granite, marble, basalt.As this material gives cobblestone coating special strength and incredible durability.

The most common use of granite.

production technology divides the elements of stone on three types shown in the photo below:

  • Fully-sawn;
  • sawn-chopped;
  • batters.

Different types of paving stones

Fully-sawing stone blocks is the result of filing of the original stone from all sides, resulting in a perfectly shaped stone block.

sawn-chopped blank pre-cut away in two opposite planes, then saw off the rough side.

batters cobblestones give a cubic shape, obkalyvaya extra six sides.

stone surface is not perfectly smooth, but have the most natural look.

Procedure laying Planking web

Before you start you need to prepare all the necessary tools and materials: brooms, rubber hammer, building level, metal stakes, rope, a device for tamping (manual or electric), gravel, sand, M500 cement pavers.

Laying of paving slabs begins with the preparation of the working surface: with the help of ropes and stakes make the markup site.

Next, remove the top layer of soil, to make the base of crushed stone and sand and tamp it.Check the correctness of the construction by using the level as follows on the photo.

Checking the building level

Depending on the load acting on the cover choose one of three types of foundation under it: a sand bag, cement-sand mixture, cement-sand mortar.

Each cover element requires rainfall, it is better to use a rubber mallet, it will not be too quiet.In the video clearly shown how to "customize" the stones together.


as a wizard makes laying on a cement mixture of verifying depth of the guide on stretched.

Border can be spread before starting work, or in the last instance, in the video it is clear that the master additionally verifies evenness rows along the edge of a predetermined curbs.

rasp elements for putting some of the perimeter, as in the following video, you need to at the very end, you can use the grinders.


Once all installation work is finished, the joints should be filled with a special dry or liquid formulation.

Then the entire coating is swept with brooms sponges or overwritten, the composition of the most filled the space between the tiles, then poured water.

A day coating can be used for its intended purpose.The following video shows how to fill the joints watertight structure.


Various types of paving stones shaped

Today, the building materials market represented very different paving slabs.

Different variants of colors and shapes: classic brick and diamond start to this series and cobblestone old city and the English cobblestone finish.

brick - the most universal and therefore common tiles.Any city is filled with roads paved with such a coating.

Application Method is not limited to the shape, but because of options you can think of a great many.If multiple colors, it increases the number of several times.

English cobblestone has a rectangular shape and the texture resembles natural stone.Like Pavement Old Town, this material resembles the paving of roads in the past.

This cover several uncomfortable for vehicles and pedestrians in uncomfortable shoes, however, create a pleasant atmosphere, smoothing out all the bugs.

Rhombus - a simple form with straight sides.Also gives room for options may be both geometric and arbitrary.

With diamond shape can even create a kind of optical illusion.For a more decorative effect it is preferable to use three colors or more.

Clover - a complex form limits the number of stacking variants.This is the most complex form for beginners, because the error is in the same row at least half a centimeter may lead to a distortion of the whole web.

Old Town - the manufacturer offers the combination of four tiles of different sizes: large, half of a large, square, or half a square tile, is one third of the big.Options styling limited only by the imagination of the performer.

methods of laying the basic forms of paving

rectangular tile (brick, cobblestone English) can be lined with one of the easiest ways, if you are using plain elements, as in the photo below.

From left to right: linear stacking without shifting, linear styling with a shift relative to each other, "Tree", spiral stacking, stacking modular, modular styling with a linear ligation.


If styling used several colors, the number of options increases at times.Below the photograph are just some of them.

pictured below presents the execution of some schemes.


Rhombus - uncomplicated form, and therefore the execution of patterns on the coating can be arbitrarily complex.This contributes to even the fact that paving diamond is not difficult to install.Below are some fairly simple circuitry.

On the following photo versions: gray and white diamond pattern to form snowflakes.


form diamond carries a huge potential.

Tile Old Town provides a wide field of activity.Different sizes of individual elements and different colors will create a unique pattern.

Because all of the tiles properly shaped, it is obvious that they can be laid in rows.

However, these ranges should not be straight, though they can be bent in an arc, drawing intricate patterns, as in the following picture.


name "Old Town" for this tile is not an accident, because in the old days the road was made of variegated granite, and no onenot engaged in the selection of colors and sizes, laid the stones randomly.

You can do today with modern tiles Old Town.However, you should still try to avoid large concentrations of elements of the same color or size.

Such a process will take longer, but the appearance will prove justified spent forces.

Paving clover has a very pleasant form of the eye.However, this affects the complexity of the laying of the coating.

And installation is only one option.The name "Clover" is derived from the similarity of the four-leaf clover shape.

following video demonstrates styling options for different paving tiles and pavers.


Advantages of paving stones are to the reliability and sustainability of materials used.

Just plus is that, if the coating is damaged in some places, it is easy to remove and replace old broken stone on the new one.

relatively simple styling and durability that make the cover paving indispensable material for paths and courtyards.