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August 12, 2017 18:08

Sandblasted glass - another way to decorate your home

Several theoretical foundations of sandblasting

There are four types of sandblasting:

  • deep - creating volume and deep engravings, as well as 3D graphics;
  • color - creation of color and glowing in the dark figures;
  • blast printing - creating a matte pattern with a velvety texture;
  • cutting sandblasting (engraved) - Create detailed ornamentation or pattern.

sandblasted glass with your hands gives you the ability to create transparent with frosted pattern, frosted with transparent pattern or matte or transparent surface with a matte deep pattern.

Blasting glass is perfect for use in the interior.It enlarges the area and divides the space in the room, as well as makes it light and bright.Sandblasting glass creates a feeling of freedom and open space.

specifics of processing equipment

Flat sandblasting on glass executed by abrasive air mixture under tremendous pressure, matting to be a glass surface, or drawing, and embossing is performed on the thick glass at least 6 mm.It is first cut deepest portions which are treated by sandblasting.Thereafter, proceed to smaller areas, they are also cut and processed.

Sandblast drawings on the glass can not be cleaned with a cloth with a nap or a colored cloth.It is also not advisable to use color for washing and aggressive materials and fabrics.In addition, getting fat on the drawing can spoil it.

is best used for cleaning white cotton cloth and transparent cleanser with gentle effect.After cleaning the surface must be dry.To make the sand blasting on glass with your hands, you should prepare the following tools and materials:

  • stencils;
  • quartz sand;
  • glass;
  • sieve for screening;
  • sandblasting gun;
  • container to dry.

How to cope with the problem on their own?

first selected pattern for the application.It can be printed from the Internet.Next, make a stencil or buy a ready in the store.they are made of rubber, thin metal film or linoleum.

Once the stencil is ready, it is placed on a glass and fixed.Then you must take the quartz sand and sift it through a sieve, followed by a drying.Now bag sandblaster gun as quartz sand is poured to the bag has been filled to 1/3.

gun is connected to an oxygen cylinder or a compressor, which is equipped with gearbox.For successful operation of the gun pressure should be from 4 to 12 atm.The surface is treated with an air jet of abrasive grains, namely quartz sand.

After this treatment the glass becomes opaque.From the size of the sand depends on the form surface, it may look like a velvet or coarse-grained.Once the glass has already been processed, you need to remove the stencil.Figure can be applied not only on one side, but also two.Only when it applied bilaterally important to precisely coincide with the image of both sides.

sandblasting method can decorate the glass pieces of furniture, stained glass windows, wall panels and mirrors.It should be remembered that the drawing image onto the mirror has certain properties.If the pattern applied to the side of the amalgam, it disappears and the surface again becomes transparent.

But when applied to the outer side of it will be displayed, which will give spectacular view mirror.Such glass and mirror will look great in any interior, so try your hand at decorating a home space.