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August 12, 2017 18:08

Grinding of logs - which tool it is better to carry out ?

Sanding logs prior to construction: is it important?

Before you begin construction of any wooden house, it is important to properly prepare the material, that is sanded logs.During the process, eliminate the array cortex.The best time for this are considered to be the first two-three weeks after the saw cut.Useful for work scraper or a well sharpened spade.The first tool can be easily purchased at any hardware store.There are several methods of sanding.

first method - sanding using Skobelev , considered the most difficult and time consuming, as it requires a certain amount of time and physical effort.To facilitate the work can, if you add to the process a little circular saw.She makes incisions along the length of the entire timber.

second method involves the use of elektrorubanka .It will reduce the time of work.But it is worth remembering that it is necessary to periodically clean the blade.

third method is mainly used in the industry for large productions.They use special

automatic machines.They are not made to install at home, because they are quite impressive dimensions.

And the last, fourth way - it stonecrop using water jet .For this purpose, it is fed to the timber under high pressure (about 280 - 350 atmospheres).Thus, it breaks like a bark.After all of the above methods, the question - how sanded log, there should be no longer.If you intend to carry out the process with their own hands, it is better to choose the first two options.

Grinding houses made of logs: Some recommendations

After you built a house, you need to perform another procedure - carry out polishing of round logs .However, before telling how to do this, we give some important recommendations.Firstly, it is not necessary to make sanding immediately after putting the house in operation.The fact that the first time the log are at their natural moisture.Work can simply be wasted due to various clues on the surface.It is best to wait for some time until finally sits down logs.

Secondly, this process is very tedious, long and dusty.It should be reserved respirator.Third, if the power tool is used, then take different nozzles.Fourth, at the end of work should definitely treat wood suitable protective means.It will protect the surface from the appearance of mold and mildew.

How to polish a log?

himself grinding process involves several stages.To begin preparing the instrument.Here is an example of the basic milling unit Makita BO5031 , as well as the little car Makita GA 4530 , where the blade width should be about 20 mm.Plus, it is important to prepare nazhdachku having a grain size of 100 mm and 125 mm fraction 40. The first - for the final cleaning, the second - for the initial, rough.Please make polishing sandpaper 125 mm.

This rough treatment, which is accompanied by a show of villi.That is why it is important to do a final sweep with sandpaper 100 mm fraction.Then smooth out the angles of joints, which are between the crowns and part of the framework.This process is not a perfect tool, it is necessary to use the antiquated method - to remove the top layer of wood with his own.In the final step is to make the processing of the material with special protective structures.

Attention! From the moment of processing the walls before applying the antifungal compounds must be not more than a week.If you do not do it in time, you will have to re-implement the polishing as 7 days is enough to have settled in the wood pests.