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August 12, 2017 18:08

Ecowool - shortcomings and disadvantages of modern insulation

What ecowool?

First of all you must be clear that this presents a thermal insulation material.So, ecowool - a modern material designed for thermal insulation of buildings for various purposes.This cellulose insulation, light, friable and fibrous.It includes a special method treated cellulose (wood fiber) in an amount of 81% and various additives - 19%.Additives

antiseptics include, for example, boric acid, and flame retardants, particularly borax.

Ecowool widely used in the construction of both residential and non-residential buildings.In many commercial buildings, warehouses and hangars of various insulation is often carried out with the help of this particular material.It is ideal for rooms with high humidity where condensation occurs constantly.If you need a temperature control, also using ecowool.This is due to the operational characteristics of this material.

main advantages ecowool

Insulation of this type provides a seamless insulation layer, which contributes to more effective conservation of heat in the room.The result is to reduce heating costs in winter.Seamless house warming not only effective, but also non-waste, which creates a special convenience when installing the material in hard to reach places.

Ecowool does not contain in its composition any harmful to human health of substances that cause allergy or irritation of the skin.

main component ecowool - wood fiber, which without loss of thermal insulation qualities easily passes through a moisture.This eliminates the need for constant use of vapor barrier materials and prevents condensation.

ecowool thermal conductivity does not suffer even at the level of its humidity, reaching 23.5%.These properties prevent formation of a heater in the mold, fungi, proliferation of harmful microorganisms.All these advantages ecowool complemented its "inedible" for rodents and insects.

Ecowool - shortcomings insulation

The presence of a particular material a number of advantages not constitute grounds for immediate purchase.You must read and its shortcomings, carefully analyze them, weigh the "pros" and "cons."Ecowool also has some disadvantages.

  • An efficient thermal insulation using ecowool necessary to attract qualified professionals with knowledge and experience of working with this material.Otherwise ecowool shortcomings which we are now considering, is not enough to lie flat and dense layer.Obviously, to retain heat in the house will not be possible under such conditions.
  • addition to knowledge of the heater installation technology, need and special equipment .Installation ecowool as uniformly as possible by using pneumatic blowing equipment.
  • worth noting that, in spite of the fire protection material, with the direct effects of high temperatures ecowool may smolder.For this reason, it is recommended to attend the device additional protections, as who might be asbestos boards or basalt mats.
  • Available cons ecowool can be supplemented by the fact that in the wet process of installation of the material will increase drying time.
  • In addition, the insulation shrinks.

Thus, knowing the main advantages and disadvantages ecowool, you can easily determine the necessity of the acquisition of a heater specifically for your home.