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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to make the arch of fiberboard - exquisite architecture with their own hands

What is MDF?

The compressed shredded wood, wood shavings, called MDF - a material often used not only in the furniture industry, but also in the design of buildings, construction and decoration.Thick boards are also used as sound-proofing material.

In some cases, manufacturers add to the compressed wood wax that provides excellent water repellency, antiseptics, reliably protects wood from the formation of bacteria and insects, as well as all kinds of synthetic resin, making the material extremely durable.Fiberboard

consists of pre-treated materials, manufacturers are currently trying to add a chemical composition of impurities to achieve the desired quality, density and pre-processed material to protect it from moisture, high temperatures and chemical attack.

Key Features DVP

Currently, you can find lists of fiberboard of various thicknesses, from 2.5 millimeters up to 4 centimeters.This spread is to ensure that every builder, the buyer was able to find a suitable for a particular type of work material.When it comes to decorative trim, you can use thin sheets, if fiberboard used as a soundproofing material, we can take a thicker sheet.

All materials are divided into 5 large groups: ultra-hard, solid, semi-solid, as well as insulation and building insulation.Plates of high density are frequently used for finishing the floor, they are not porous, practically impermeable to moisture by adding paraffin.Other variants can be used to design and manufacture of doors, furniture, wall cladding.

material will help to create an interesting design decision, such as an arch.This element perfectly fit the style of any apartment, hide the shortcomings of the walls and visually make the space more.

How to make your own Arch MDF?

first step is to prepare the surface, it is recommended to carry out the dismantling of high-quality doors and slopes.Once the walls are ready to be followed by a repair, you need to take care of the purchase of material.It is best to work with aluminum profiles that are fastened directly to the wall, and small parts cut from fiberboard.

In the process of building may need a knife, an electric jigsaw and ordinary hacksaw.First of all, you need to take measurements and draw up a work plan, a diagram showing the necessary parameters.This is how you can find out how much material will be spent on the creation of an arch.Measure the width of the opening, it is deposited on a sheet of hardboard, then held axle - this will be the top of the arch.

On the basis of an arch cut aluminum profiles for the first time to the walls fastened only straight part.Directly above the arch opening must be material, the arch, the top of which rests on the ceiling, is very difficult to fixed.Thus, in the doorway remains fixed with a sheet of hardboard cut semicircle.

very arch of fiberboard will look even better if the duration of the repair work to protect its special surface construction tape.The second part of the arch is fixed on the other side of the opening, and then cut semicircular guides.

For this purpose, the aluminum strip made special cuts - evenly at the same distance, and carefully bent to form an arc.Two ready-made designs are fixed on both sides of hardboard, then recorded on a piece of iron bars.The space inside the arch is hollow, and to design the inside of the cut taken fiberboard.Do not take little detail arch otherwise be too "triangular".