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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to choose the right glue for cork on the walls - all types and costs

product range, which is called cork flooring is quite large.But what is characteristic of such materials?Cork itself, in its "pure" form, is very expensive.Therefore, the basis of most of materials, regardless of their size (roll, tile or otherwise) is present timber (shredded bark of various trees).

In fact, all this is nothing more than a high-quality simulation models of natural cork.Consequently, the choice of adhesive for mounting cork coating on the walls has its own peculiarities.

Specificity adhesive cork

  • Given the structure of products, adhesives, water-based (eg, PVA) is not recommended.The liquid will gradually soak into the wood, and what will happen next - is understandable.Also, do not use "liquid nails" or Bustilat.
  • All acrylic compositions are considered universally applicable.With "one-sided" cork fixation techniques are recommended by them.

Recommended use: for bonding to the substrate, which is not exposed to significant load - walls or floors in rooms where there is intense movement of people (bedroom, office, etc.).

  • Contact adhesives should be used when mounting on the "two-way" technique.Such compositions may be acrylic latex, polychloroprene basis.

Recommendation for use: where the strength is of particular importance "coupling" of the material to the substrate.

  • taken into account, and which is subject to surface finishing - floor or wall.
  • matters and weight of cork coating, which is pasted on vertical surfaces.
  • Also important parameter such as the toxicity of the adhesive, because these materials are used only from within.


It turns out that quite a lot of nuances.That is why the specific recommendations on the choice of the brand of glue for cork does not undertake to provide any expert.Each manufacturer applies to your product for mounting instructions, which necessarily specify what tools are useful for fixing on the basis of samples.

Note!You can meet the recommendation that cork wallpaper is enough and normal wallpaper paste.As far as it is justified, is another question.But before you follow this advice, it is useful to ask someone of your friends is pasted plug such compositions, how long and how in the end result.And the experiment, including the cost of materials for finishing, it is hardly reasonable.

Species adhesives



series «D 3540".Used to secure flooring and baseboards.Consumption (g / m²) - no more than 250. The price - 3120 rubles per pack 5 kg.



«P55» series.For any adhesive materials based timber.Price - 441 € / kg.


«Vern» series.Equally well suited for floors and walls.Recommended flow - 0.5 l / m2.Price per pack of 5 l - 1 860 rubles.



«Areal +»

used to bond almost all materials.Price - 33 rubles / kg.


«3540» series.Consumption (g / m²) - About 200 final setting time - no more than 1.5 hours Price -. 2850 rubles per 5 liters.

List the entire range of products does not make sense, because the many formulations market both imported and domestically produced.The data presented is enough to have an idea of ​​the approximate cost of adhesives for cork coating.