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August 12, 2017 18:05

Dilute the garden on the windowsill in the winter - step by step guide for beginners

garden After the end of the season, most owners of garden plots are experiencing some stress.They not only cut off from the usual digging in the beds (and for many, it is a pleasure), but are unable to regularly bring home "all their" grown with their own hands.If you arrange on a windowsill mini-garden, the fresh greens, vegetables and even strawberries at the table is always guaranteed to be, even in winter.

This article will tell you how to organize the cultivation of crops in the home and will be interesting not only experienced cottagers, but also novice gardeners.

Selecting a location for the home garden

seems to be decided - on a windowsill.But what?In terms of comfort for garden plants to better organize the kitchen.The air is dry it is never, and temperatures are not much jumping.

As it build?If you plan on growing a mini-garden crops, which are developing rapidly up (eg, tomatoes), you have to think about the garter bushes.To do this, it is more convenient to put on the slopes of the tapestry.Simply put, it's long, thin slats located on them fixing elements which serve to stretch along the sill of strings (strings, nylon cord).

This solution is much better than to drill a plurality of holes (vertically) in each slope, install the dowels and screw the screws (the screws).Fixation is produced each trellis (depending on length) only 2 - 3 points.And if you need to pull an extra string, slopes do not have to touch it, because the new fastener elements are easy to install on a trellis.

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selection of containers for seedlings


Independently knock down boxes is hardly advisable.Wood requires systematic care, including regular and painting.Numerous glass jars on a windowsill did not adorn.A much more practical use of industrial manufacturing products from plastic.But with clay pots, given their total weight (with drainage and soil) work will be uncomfortable.

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Much depends on what crop will be grown.But if we talk about the average parameters of the container for a mini-garden, they are as follows (in cm): length - 45 (± 5), width - 25 (± 5), the height of the flanges - 14 (± 2).

Organization lighting

Obviously, natural lighting, and even in winter, is not enough for the home garden.Be sure to need lights.How to organize it?Sale Devices (fitolampy), designed specifically for illumination of the containers with seedlings at home.A great option, but the cost for the majority of ordinary gardeners unacceptable.Is there an alternative?

best of economical options for mini-garden LED lamps are considered.With a small en / consumption, they provide high-quality lighting a particular segment.What are the shortcomings of other types of lamps?

  • Halogen - excessive heating.
  • Filament - the efficiency is low, but the meter turns quite intense.The profitability of the garden is in doubt.
  • Fluorescent - at home to use them is not recommended because of the high mercury content.Rough handling of the device will cause a lot of problems.

How to choose power lamps?Usually based on the fact that each level is sufficient total of 25 - 40 watts.

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And how to put the instrument, as they are located, is solved on the spot, depending on the size of the home garden.

Manufacturing rack

may have to deal with this and that.If all that I want to grow in the home garden on the windowsill does not fit, then all containers can be placed on several levels.How to do it, it does not make sense to explain - simply nowhere.The options are: №1- in the form of the assembly of the type stack, №2 - mounted on a horizontal slopes stops, which will be installed shelves for placing containers with seedlings.


What engineering solution for the garden to choose is solved on the spot, as in different houses, especially in old houses, window openings can be very different dimensions, including depth and niches.

nuances of constructing shelving

  • To ensure good circulation of air masses at all levels, between the sill and the lower shelf should leave a gap.
  • distances between the "floor" should be such that the adult plant is not depended on the overlying shelf.Since a home garden cultivation of different crops is expected, you should first decide on the scheme of arrangement of drawers, and only then make a drawing of the rack.
  • Plants at each level should be well illuminated.Therefore, it is necessary to provide proper alignment of luminaires.
  • Each floor is necessary to mount a kind of barrier.For example, secure restrictive horizontal slats.This will prevent accidental fall of container on the floor.For example, the sudden, careless movement of the hand during irrigation, loosening the soil, and so on.

Sprouts - on - windowsill - rack

main recommendations on the organization of the home garden are.All the rest - at the discretion of the owners.You will need the appropriate equipment, but basically everything you need (for irrigation, loosening the soil and the like) have in every home, since a rare mistress in the house there is at least a couple of pots with flowers.What to buy in addition, the reader decides himself.

Practical recommendations

For home garden soil from the garden site should be avoided.There is a risk that the soil will be pests.In stores large variety of different mixtures, and they are inexpensive.There are opinions that the ground for seedlings is better to prepare yourself, as in a store, it is not always correct.From the point of view of the author, it is not entirely correct.Firstly, self-reliable disinfection of the soil to hold unlikely to succeed.Secondly, if you buy the ground in a specialty store, the risk (in terms of poor quality) minimum.

not planted in a different culture capacity.Firstly, some may not be adjacent to each other.Secondly, the conditions for their normal development, generally differ.

Ready kits home garden

On sale is a lot of domestic appliances for growing garden / vegetable crops at home.All that is required - set in the space provided and "recharge."For those who are more concerned about the aesthetic component of the garden on the windowsill - a good option.Here are some samples.

Hydroponic bed

sale under the name "Onion happiness."This design is intended for domestic sprouting bulbs 20 and consists of a water tank, spray gun, compressor and connecting hose.The manufacturer promises that each month to the table will be 1.5 kg of fresh (green) onions.Price - 1280 rubles.

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Hydroponic installation

intended for the cultivation of various crops, including, and berries.A lot of places do not take, and even fit on a windowsill.Model variety, so choose the best option were not working.For example, "Home Garden".


With the help of such a device are grown not only vegetables, but also strawberries.The average cost of installation - from 9460 rubles.Operation is simplified by the fact that will not have to prepare the ground and pick up the fertilizer.On sale there are different presets (soil + dressing) for the cultivation of many crops is at home.

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Their price varies between 370 - 848 rubles.

Information abundantly.It remains only to make a ruling and proceed to the arrangement home mini-garden.A good harvest!