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August 12, 2017 18:05

Birdhouse with their hands

In the fight against bird pests play a crucial role.It is necessary to lure them to the infield.But how to do that?Only one way out - to build a birdhouse with your hands.The birdhouse happy to accommodate not only the starlings and swifts, sparrows and flycatchers.


  1. Materials
  2. Drawings
  3. Step birdhouse manufacturing manual
  4. Photo birdhouse
  5. Video manufacturing birdhouse with his hands


before a birdhouse hishands need to take care of the workpiece material.Typically, a plank of hardwood, such as alder, oak, birch.You can not build a birdhouse their boards softwood, because they secrete a sticky resin.Also not recommended to build birdhouses of fiberboard or particleboard, as in the process of their production often use harmful solutions for birds.

Not recommended birdhouse with his hands out of plywood.In winter, plywood easily gives off heat.Also birds warn each other of danger by means of sound, and plywood is not too good sound skips.

generally accepted standard dimensioned birdhouse:. Width 15 cm, height 30 cm, thickness of the tray up to 3 cm large cabins can accommodate a large number of chicks, but it is unlikely the parents will be able to feed them.As a result, they will grow weak and will be quickly eaten by predators around them.


With video and photo birdhouse independent production you can see in this article.The construction of the house largely depends on where it will be attached.Drawings for the birdhouse can make any student.If the house for the birds will be placed on the pole, under a roof or balcony near the required triangular perch or a shelf.On the tree it is best to place the birdhouse.In this case, the perch is not required.Starling could sing their songs while on the neighboring branches.

Step manufacturing manual birdhouse

Necessary material for building a birdhouse with your hands: unplaned edged boards, nails, two bars, wire, carpenter's glue.In the first stage marked in pencil on the boards of the floor, walls, ceiling, perch according to the drawings and diagrams.

Thus, after the first stage, you should have 7 pieces.In the second stage construction elements are cut.A chisel or drill bore holes 3-5 mm in diameter.

The hole should be round and must be located at a height of 5 cm from the ceiling.The cat in this arrangement will not be able to reach out to the chicks.The third step is to make an assembly house.

side walls and the front facade is held together using wood glue.After the glue dries, the assembled frame is further held together by nails or screws.The back cover is beaten in the last turn.

roof is desirable to make removable, since after its release the birds, the nesting box can be cleaned for future owners.

In the last step made birdhouse is fastened to a tree or a wall of the house with the help of screws.If the nesting box placed on the tree, it can be screwed in using a wire.For the birds it was convenient, but also to the chicks do not fall out of the house, it is attached at a slight tilt forward.House should look to the southeast or east.To place at the height of a house can be up to 5 meters.Decorative birdhouse constructed with their own hands in order to give the site a unique and attractive.

Many people think that scares bright dwelling bird, but it is not so.Birds thrive in the original birdhouse.I do not think that after the construction of the house, the birds immediately inhabit it.Sometimes it can take several months or even a year.

Photo birdhouse

Video birdhouse manufacturing their own hands