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Heating And Water Supply Of A Private House

August 12, 2017 18:06

Change the gasket at the tap with his hands

Leaking faucet - this is switched out of the pipes of money, in addition, it considerably affects the nerves.Most often, the reason lies in the small details of a crane - a rubber gasket designed for dense overlapping crane lumen when it is closed.Causes damage to the gasket may be several: the discrepancy gasket sizes, poor quality rubber skewed during installation.Often the cause of getting hit by a lining of a foreign body - a grain of sand, corrosion products.Exerting pressure points, they gradually deform the rubber, and it breaks.Repair mixer in this case is quite simple, and to change the gasket at the tap afford any.

How to replace the gasket in the valve

How to replace the gasket in the valve


Change the gasket at the tap - a simple task, but it requires training.First, make sure that the water can be reliably cut off valve.If for any reason the valve is defective, you must call the plumber.You can not work on the plumbing ceiling without water - the pressure will suddenly strong, and you run the risk of serious flooding neighbors!

pads for replacement must be purchased in advance.If you have already changed it, the dimensions must be known to you, otherwise you can buy a set of gaskets for sanitary works.Prepare the board to put it on the bottom of the bath or ceramic shell - it will protect plumbing from damage in the event of a fall or other key tools.Beforehand, type in a bucket or other container of warm water may head parts have to wash the rust, lime or sand.

From the tool you need:

  • Adjustable plumbing Key.In its absence, you can get a set of ordinary wrenches;
  • Screwdrivers, Phillips and flat;

thin knife, scissors.

technology replacing gaskets in the tap

device the most common types of faucets and mixers shown in the illustration.To properly carry out the repair, you must determine what kind of faucet you have installed: turning to a metal head, swivel head with a ceramic or a single-lever mixer with replaceable cartridge.Cause leaks in the first and the second case may be defective gaskets.Single lever faucet leaks when clogged or damage the cartridge, and the only option is to repair its cleaning or replacement.

The device most common varieties of faucets and mixers

device the most common types of faucets and mixers

If you have determined that your crane belongs to the first or second type, it is possible to start the repair to determine which gasket has failed, according to characteristic features.If water is leaking out of the tap - a problem in the valve gasket.This is the most common fault, and work on the replacement of the pads are very simple.If the water flows out of the gate head - have to remove the old upper part and change the gasket between the head and the gate valve body.

Driving mixer device

Driving device mixer

technology repair and replacement pads:

  1. Shut off the water valve and drain the remaining water from the pipes, fully open all valves, fed from this pipe.If water is leaking slightly, substitute any capacity under the mixer.The bottom of the sink or bath close cardboard, it will protect it from damage in the event of the fall of the tool, as well as eliminate the loss of small parts - the fallen screws or spacers may fall into the sink.
  2. Depending on the design of the crane, remove the faucet handle.The design of the handles is different, some just put on a head gate, but most often they are secured with a screw, closed with a decorative cap.This cap is necessary to pry with a knife or a screwdriver, remove, and then unscrew the screw with a screwdriver, holding a crane handle.After that the handle or hand wheel can be easily removed to allow access to the head of the crane.

    Remove the faucet handle

    Remove the faucet handle

  3. twisting head by a crane using a wrench.If the head is equipped with ceramic discs, you need to carefully, in good light to examine ceramics - it can be chipped, cracked, and often they are the cause of leaks.In this case, you need to change the whole head.

    Turn off the tap head using a wrench

    Turn off the tap head using a wrench

  4. If metal head, inspect the bottom lining in the form of a washer.Razlohmachennye jagged edges, gaps, loss of elasticity - that causes water leaks.In this case, the gasket should be replaced by a similar set of pre-purchased.Sometimes it is enough to wash out the old pad and flip it.In some cases, when there is no opportunity to buy a pad, you can make it yourself from a rubber sheet, cut it in the form of an old lining, with an allowance of 1 mm.The inner hole and make a little less, and the edge on the lower part of the small cut with scissors at an angle of 45 degrees - it will prevent the lining of the vibration when you open the tap and prolong its service life.

    Unscrew the metal spacer on tap

    Unscrew the metal spacer on tap

  5. To replace the O-ring on the head it picks up a knife or a screwdriver, gently removed, washed with tap water head and put a new O-ring.
  6. crane assembly is carried out in reverse order.First, set the head in place, twist it with a wrench or an adjustable tight, but without much effort.Install protective covers, bushings and other elements, put pen, fix it with the screw and put in place a decorative cap stub.
  7. Open the valve and, gradually opening the valve on the pipe to intermediate status, check whether there is leakage in the open position of the crane.If the valve is working properly, the water pressure is adjusted smoothly, then it is closed completely and check for leaks in the closed state.After checking the valve can be opened completely.

To reduce the wear pads can be installed in a water supply system, coarse filter - it prevents the ingress of sand and other small particles in the mixer than rubber reduces the risk of fractures and cracks in the ceramic.Also, if possible, should be changed in time to the old pipe on the modern.