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August 12, 2017 18:06

Putting a filter for the pool with their hands

Putting a filter for the pool with their hands

owners own ponds for swimming certainly thinking about how to build filters for the pool with your own hands and save significant amounts of money to purchase the finished product.

Any body of water, including artificial, has the ability to continuously contaminated by a variety of reasons.Of course, swimming in dirty and muddy water is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous.

Dirty water in the pool can cause serious infections.

most effective way to deal with this problem - it is to install a special filter that can always maintain the pool water in good condition.

Many people purchase the device in specialized stores, however, do not always have the extra money to buy a filter, especially if certain tools and materials make it possible to yourself.

correctly assembled a homemade filter will work no worse than the factory unit, in addition, it will be possible to supplement it with a variety of useful features that will make the water purification process even more quality.

Before you begin to assemble a homemade filter for the pool, to begin to deal with the classification of these devices and understand how they work.


  • main causes of water pollution in
  • pool types and types of filters
  • device
  • sand filter order of assembly of the floating and sand filters

main causes of water pollution in

pool Any open water, including a swimming pool, it has the ability to continuously contaminated by a variety of reasons.The main pool and the main problem is the so-called surface contamination.

Their main reason is the dust, all kinds of pollen from plants growing nearby, as well as leaves, grass, bird droppings, and so on.

Manual cleaning

All of these types of pollution are natural, and therefore fall into the pool regularly.

Of course, most of this natural dirt can be removed with a net ordinary, that is, mechanically, but this is not always possible.

You can also make a special overflow the collecting, which due to its specific design will be selected from water waste, but not in full.

What tricks did not go to the pool master, yet a certain part of waste will remain in the water and eventually dissolved in it, which will mix with a variety of microorganisms and algae that will only aggravate the situation.

from the sun and warm light also affects the dirt in the pool, which are the reason that the water begins to bloom and emit a foul odor.

Dirt and irregular maintenance of the swimming pool can cause that water eventually begins to dwindle and lose their useful properties, and this in turn leads to the destruction of algae, which then form a so-called bottom sediment.

The end result, if you do not take drastic and radical measures, the water in the pool can be filled with insoluble debris and become a source of not only an unpleasant smell, but also many diseases.

Clear pool can be a variety of ways, but the most effective, which allows you to keep the water in good condition on a regular basis, is to install a special filter.

only filter can not clean the surface or the bottom of the pool, and the water column itself, where the main dirt accumulates.

Forms and types of filters

In order to carry out cleaning of the pool from the various kinds of pollution, it is necessary to use one of the ways, depending on the type of dirt.

For those contaminants that are directly on the surface of the water, very simply removed by an ordinary net.

Clean water in the pool

Remove dirt and debris from the bottom of the reservoir can be in using the water cleaner.But to remove all the remaining contamination is possible only with the help of various filters.

now generally available to the consumer to purify water in the pool, three different types of filters, such as: sand, earth and cartridge.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as a different device.

Very often, for the efficient operation of the filter pump needs to be injected water and thereby increase the efficiency of the device.

Among the filters that are used to clean the pool, is considered the most effective ground.

It includes several different cartridges within which impurities are special.

This unit can make the water in the pool is almost perfectly clean, but it is available and the cost is not everything.Very often

partial basins of water purified by the filter cartridge.

This filter resembles a cylindrical pump which consists of a number of different containers of cylindrical shape.

These containers filled with various compositions that can effectively retain particles of debris of various sizes, including the smallest.

device of this type of filters for swimming pools is simple enough, but other than that, it is very easy to maintain.

are removed quickly if necessary cartridges for cleaning, as they can be replaced by purchasing a new specialty stores.

cost of such a device is well below the earth, and so it is often used in private plunge pools.

Despite all this, still considered to be the most affordable floating sand filter, which also can be very easy to build with his own hands.

about how to make the sand filter for the pool with your own hands, you can see in the video, which is available below.



sand filter Currently this filter to purify water in the pool is the most affordable and popular.

This sand filter is relatively simple and intuitive device operating principle that makes it possible to assemble the unit in the presence of all necessary materials and tools on their own.

In the photo, which is placed below, you can see the floating sand filter, which is suitable for use in virtually any pool.

Sand filter device

him he is a tank of large dimensions, inside which is fine sand.In order to use this type of filter, you must be sure to have the next pump.

It provides pumping of water through the filter, which passes through the sand, it becomes more clear.

It takes away the sand in the various pieces of dirt and debris, thereby making the water clean and clear.

The sand filter sand can be used in addition to various other excavation impurities, which increases its efficiency.Quality

cleaning the filter depends largely on the type of sand used, and the injection force provided by the pump installed next.

Set the filter pool pump and simply, in addition, it does not require any special conditions during operation.

Of course, the easiest to acquire a universal device in a specialty store, but not everyone has extra money to filter.


In order to collect the sand filter the type yourself, you must purchase a certain pump power, become familiar with its principle of action and do all the work in accordance with conventional technology.

for small private swimming pools is the sand filter type is the best solution, with which you can keep the water clean for a long time.

order of assembly of the floating and sand filters

order to independently collect the floating water purification device in the pond, it is first necessary to buy all the necessary material and prepare the tool.

necessarily require replaceable cartridges of a certain diameter, as well as pipes made of polypropylene.

addition, require a small segment of the threaded rod and turn the corner.

All these elements should be collected into a single structure, and in turn, and the cap should be set a special pin.In order to fix it to the outer portion, the nut must be used.Further

pump is connected to the reverse side of the structure.For these purposes, you can use the device out of the aquarium, and should pay attention to the volume of the reservoir.

To design was kept afloat will require a piece of foam.

The principle of this device is that it will suck up water and drive it through the cleaning cartridge, and then return it back into the pond.

To collect the sand filter, require a medium-sized plastic container, which will need to be firmly set bowl near the pond.

Next, you need to fill it with clean and fine sand, for these purposes it is better to use quartz.

This is followed as closely as possible to close the container with a lid and bring it to the pump using a special hose.

For these purposes, you should use the pump with the average power that can pump the entire volume of the plastic barrel.The second pump output would need to connect to the sewer drain.

Through it will leave all the dirt from the filter.Further, it will be necessary to include a pump for five minutes and washing mode set, followed by compacted sand in the container.

After this improvised device for cleaning the pond will be ready to go.For more information on how to build with their own hands for the pool filter, described in the video, which is available below.


Collect yourself an effective device for water purification in an artificial reservoir with the right approach to business can each.

This requires only the desire and all the necessary material for work and tools.

It should be noted that the device, collected his own hands, it is very often more productive than what is sold in specialty stores.

Additionally, filter, assembled on their own, would save some money.