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August 12, 2017 18:06

We cover the roof with his hands Decking

We cover the roof with his hands Decking

In this article, we will consider how to cover the roof Decking with their hands, how to choose the material and to prevent errors in the installation.

It's no secret that the roof - a key element of the whole house, and by proper installation and quality of roof covering will depend on the durability of the whole structure.

in DIY stores represented a wide range of materials for roofing, but the leader among them is profiled.

He appeared on the market of building materials recently, but has gained a lot of popularity due to the huge number of advantages, such as:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • durability;
  • resistance to natural phenomena;
  • can withstand heavy loads;
  • aesthetics.

And if you think about how to properly cover the roof Decking, then you made the right choice, especially since the installation of a pent roof can produce himself, without building skills.

learn how to do it, observing all the rules and installation instructions, and we will tell you.


  • Specifications corrugated
  • Pros use trapezoidal sheet
  • calculation used material
  • Preparations
  • Waterproofing under decking
  • assembling corrugated
  • Mount horse

Specifications corrugated

Beforethe beginning of the installation work should be familiar with the characteristics of this material.

decking consists of layers: steel sheet, zinc layer, anti-corrosion coating, the primer coating, polymer coating and a protective foil.

The structure of corrugated board

This corrugated board manufacturing technology protects it from corrosion, gives resistance to natural rainfall, increasing the service life is several times as compared to other similar materials.

Modern for the production of corrugated board companies produce it in different colors, thickness, size and cost.

The easiest and cheapest option - to choose the sheets of corrugated board, matching the length of the slope of your roof.

This will help avoid horizontal joints during installation, and will protect your roof from leaking.

If the sheet length is shorter than the length of the ramp, you will need to do overlap and additional sealing of joints against ingress of moisture, it will complicate the process of installation.

Pros use trapezoidal sheet

Before you will be given instructions mounting corrugated board, be sure to learn about the advantages of this material:

  • has low weight - easy to install, does not require thickening battens and rafters, transporting and do not make much effort;
  • small price - would be a good solution for modern houses and to cover the roof of the garage floorings;
  • attractive appearance - multi-colored coating steel sheet, it is possible to choose the color for the overall appearance of your buildings;
  • durability - with proper stacking sheets covering reliably serve more than 15 years at no additional cost and work;
  • quick installation - roofing works using steel sheet is much faster than the installation of other building materials.

also laying the material does not require the involvement of the paid labor force, and the installation will be easy to make your own hands, the overlap of the roof takes no more than a couple of days, even if it is made from scratch.

calculation used material

First you need to take into account the climate zone you live in areas with high amounts of snowfall profiled sheets must be selected with the wave height is not less than 20 centimeters.

slope of the roof slope should not be less than 15 degrees.With this angle of slope overlap should be 15-20 centimeters.


Depending on the slope of the ramp, and the calculation is carried out and the number of steel sheet required to stow the roof profiled sheets.In the calculation, consider the overlap and overhang from the roof edge.

vertical overlap is produced by overlapping one wave.Ideally, when the length of the sheet coincides with the length of the ramp should be considered to increase the ledge overhang of at least 4 centimeters.

When calculating the material do not forget to take into account the skate, ends, pipes, etc.


whole process works on laying of sheeting on shed roof can be divided into 2 stages -.. This preparatory work and the installation itself.

When inability to handle Decking preparation stage can deliver a lot of trouble.

matter that the building material has a high strength, it is very easily deformed due to improper loading, unloading or transport.

In order to avoid damage of the material, it is necessary that the technology and the rules listed below have been met.

Transporting material:

  • when transporting steel sheet pile to be installed on a solid base, for example, on a wooden pallet which size should exceed the size of corrugated;
  • reliably fix the sheets to prevent sliding of one on another profiled sheet - it may damage the protective coating should also not be offset sheets.

unloading and transfer sheets:

  • transfer sheets should be performed strictly in a vertical position to avoid deformation;
  • transfer is carried out only one sheet, move the material best together.

rise trapezoidal sheet roof:

  • sheets are raised only in calm weather, to protect them from damage;
  • rise from the ground to the roof is best done on a pre-prepared logs;
  • rises profiled as one sheet.

When deformation of the sheet to give the same form it is impossible, and for mounting it increasingly becomes unusable, or damage to the installation of protective film will lead to rapid formation of corrosion.

Waterproofing under decking

as gidroizolyanta under corrugated sheets used by a huge number of modern materials, but the most important question is whether you can use as a roofing material in waterproofing decking?

In this we will try to understand.

course, indispensable roofing material, it is used for a long time and not only for the arrangement of the roof.Roofing material has very good hydro and sound insulation properties.

So, among the advantages we should note a small amount of the material.

The most important thing when installing waterproofing - is that the roofing material must necessarily have a cushion of air for ventilation to prevent rot.

also air circulation not let the smell of bitumen to penetrate into your room on hot days.

stacking technology is not difficult, you can watch the video provided below for a better understanding of the process.


Stack as roofing waterproofing as follows: the first stage are the rafters, which fits over the crate, crate stacked on the roofing material, roofing material should be placed on the counter-lath (it is usually made of strips of 2-3 centimeters thick), after the laid roofing pie, stacked corrugated sheets.

Roofing felt is fastened to the sheathing with nails with a rubber washer.

assembling corrugated

That's the most important stage of how to cover the roof Decking.

Decking can cover Shed, trehskatnuyu gable, hipped roof, and it is suitable for roofing a more complex geometry.

To assembling steel sheet produced in the required sequence, it is necessary to perform a simple stacking technology.Consider the example of her pent roof mounting.

installation work on laying on trapezoidal sheet roofs Shed begin with one of the lower corners of the end.The first sheet is attached with a screw at the eaves plate.

Then fit the second sheet to overlap into a single wave, which is aligned with the first par.

so stowed 4-5 sheets, they need to align the eaves line pent roof and fix definitively.

If the installation involves several levels of horizontal stacking sheets, the horizontal overlap should be at least 20 centimeters.

Now as to how to properly attach the roof decking.Fastening corrugated sheets produced by the deepening wave galvanized screws with rubber gasket.


Also note that the installation of technology is strongly recommended to move across the roof, just stepping into the recessed wave already fixed sheet in a shoe with a soft and non-slip sole.

also can not perform assembly work in rain, t. To. The coating becomes slippery, hold it even with a small angle of slope is very difficult, which can lead to injury.

If floorings for transport or as a result of installation scratches formed, they must be covered with special polymer coating designed for profiled metal sheets.

Mount horse

After the stacking of sheets of corrugated board must be installed horse.To install the horse, you need to put a special timber of at least 7h9 centimeters.

attached to him obreshetochnye bars.Bruce, placed underneath the horse, it is advisable to wrap a layer of roofing material.Skate set using self-tapping screws with rubber gasket.

fixing scheme

Stack elements need to skate on the leeward side with overlap at least 15 centimeters.

Step fixing screws should be about 20 centimeters.Also, if sheets of corrugated shallow ridge element, it is necessary to put the sealing layer.

That's the instruction on how to cover the roof Decking, follow it, check out the video and you will not have any difficulties with the installation work on the arrangement of your roof.