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August 12, 2017 18:06

Fill the floor in the garage with his hands

Fill the floor in the garage with his hands

final stage of construction of the garage will be concreting the floor.

Since the garage is better to make an observation pit, the floor itself - quite difficult to fill, and need to have some knowledge in construction work.

However, if you put a little effort, you can easily fill in the floor in the garage with his hands.


  • Construction of a viewing hole
  • Fill the concrete floor
  • Fill cement floor

Construction of a viewing hole

first step is to prepare a reinforced mesh and install the casing.

to start in the garage to dig a recess for a viewing hole.Then it all depends on how you finish viewing hole.

Some motorists trim brick wall, but this approach is impractical, because the brick is destroyed over time, so the walls of the observation wells is the most reliable to make concrete.

first thing is to take care of waterproofing viewing hole to ground moisture from getting into it.

You can use any available suitable material, for example - bitumen mastic.


When waterproofing is installed, you need to link the reinforcing mesh for the walls.To do this, a mesh layer, which will be located somewhere in the middle of the wall.

When the grid is ready for the wall, it is necessary to link the grid and to the floor of the pit.

Next best to pour the floor of the observation pit garage.Since the construction and waterproofing of reinforced ready, it will not be a problem.

floor can be poured easy on the eye, but best of all - do it on a level, it's easier to work with formwork walls.When

floor viewing hole is dry, you can begin work on the installation side of the formwork.To do this, made four shield required size, which are then mounted in a viewing box in the pit.

The most important thing when installing formwork - put in the future pits several spacers, which will be based in the opposite wall.

Because when pouring the concrete wall will disperse, and they will get rough, as it will be difficult to remove the formwork.In addition, such spacers prevent breakthrough formwork.

After the formwork is done, aligned fittings, walls and just filled with a solution.The solution should be liquid to completely fill the space and not formed in the wall cavities.

Therefore, by pouring the walls, it is advisable to use the building for concrete screed, which pushes the concrete in such emptiness.

When the pit is ready, it is not necessary to remove the formwork immediately, because it will need to pour the floor in the garage with his hands.After all work on pouring the main floor - is yet to be.

Fill the concrete floor

Before you pour the concrete floor of the garage, do the preparatory work.

First you need to remove all the debris out of the garage, which remained after the work with the viewing hole and remove from the ground floor, to the point that it was possible to fill dvadtsatisantimetrovuyu tie, and then you can safely call in to the car.

In simple words, the ground must be twenty centimeters below the entry level.


Then fit reinforced mesh.

If the observation hole is enough and one reinforcement layer, on the garage floor is better to make two layers, because this screed will need to withstand the weight of the car constantly.

first layer of reinforcement is lifted by supports to a height of five centimeters, then placed palm reinforcement, so-called "toads", which have a height of eight centimeters, and has a second layer on top of knitted reinforcement.

Thus, a mesh bottom and top - will be covered with concrete.

After finishing work on the valves need to put beacons, which will be poured screed.At best grid reinforced to make them of the same valve, by welding their welded.

However, if you are using a glass fiber reinforcement, it is impossible to cook it, and have the beacons put in another way.

can just a few short pieces of rebar driven into the ground and at the correct height - to tie pieces of wire reinforcement.

After pouring, before complete drying, the horizontal reinforcement is removed, and a vertical grinder cut flush with the concrete.

is worth recalling that the formwork is to align the viewing hole, too, according to the upper level of the concrete, so it will not interfere with the filling, and will also serve as an additional beacon for pouring the floor in the garage.

When exposed lighthouses, then pour it evenly on the concrete floor in the garage, as a result - should get a smooth surface, without bias, in which you can safely park your car is not on the brake, and it will be easy to push, if necessary.


At the end of filling the floor need to humidify the cement according to the instructions of the brand that you have used.

The most important thing when pouring the floor - try to make it as smooth, then it will be very easy to pick up trash, or clean it from dirt.In addition - the floor will look beautiful.

Fill cement floor

If the tie in the garage just in need of repair, you can simply pour the cement floor, but before you pour the cement floor in the garage, it is necessary to prepare thoroughly, so that the result was a beautiful and durable.

first thing off the floor to remove all the dirt and debris.In order to remove oily stains, you can use a solvent.

Also, all the pieces of concrete must be removed which are poorly kept on the floor.

to old and new ties grappled well, you need to wash the old floor several times with water, and after drying process it with primer type "betonokontakt" best to take the most powerful labeling of a number of primers.

This will ensure good adhesion surfaces and the floor will not crack over time.

After that, you can start pouring the cement floor.

done a liquid, but a very strong solution that is a thin layer of a few centimeters is applied to the garage floor.

should try to align well floor.Also fill the entire floor surface should take place on the same day, to avoid seams.After all these joints will still burst in the future.

When the screed is ready for a few days it should be watered so that it is not cracked.

Because for such repairs is used very strong solution that is non-wetting simply burn out and become fragile.

Hydration should be done two to three times a day, you can also cover the screed the used bags of cement or cardboard, the paper will retain moisture and the concrete will dry up much better.

Any repairs to the garage are two ways to do it yourself, if you have time, or find a company or artists who do work for you.


It is from this choice and will depend on the price floor pouring into the garage, because knowing the price for such work, you will be unpleasantly surprised.

Independent execution of works - a great way to save money, and although the result may not always like the way you like, or not so qualitative as professionals, but it is not only economical, but also very interesting, because to create something out of nothingwhat is the ultimate pleasure.

In addition, with experience building work can be a good part-time job during the holidays.