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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bituminous mastic for waterproofing

Bituminous mastic for waterproofing

To increase the duration of the life of the building, great importance have complex work related to waterproofing.

It prevent the damaging effects of moisture on a single element of building structures - is the main goal of many masters.

To accomplish these objectives apply mastic asphalt for waterproofing, which is applied to the selected design elements.

protection against the ingress of moisture from the soil and precipitation for concrete, reinforced concrete, metal, wood and many other structures made by means of waterproofing.

In construction practice is applied:

  • hot waterproofing;
  • cold waterproofing.

These two types differ in the application of technology to the surfaces to be protected.Buy bitumen mastic for waterproofing is easy, it is in many specialty stores.


Bituminous mastic is made of resin.It is intended to carry out work to improve the protection against the destructive effects of moisture on the construction, which is underground.

also need to do the insulation for pipes, floors, roofs or wells.


  • Mastic for the foundation
  • Mastic floor
  • rules applying
  • Mastic roofing
  • Mastic for well
  • rules applying

Mastic for the foundation

Some of the most common waysthrough which applied waterproofing - it obmazochnye ways.They can be used when the hydrostatic pressure of not more than 200 cm.

If the indicators are more than two meters, the use of bitumen-polymer mastic, which is applied in several layers.Their thickness depends on the depth at which laid the foundation.

If the depth of two meters, it is usually limited to two layers.Their thickness should be 1 mm.At a depth of more than two meters - and is applied three layers of bole having a thickness of about 1.5 mm.

control the thickness of wet film with a special disc, and after curing - are universal thickness gauge.

need to follow some rules When applying layers of mastic.For example, this layer of insulation is applied only after the previous hardens.

Neglecting these rules, there is a risk that will occur delamination or adhesion will be poor.

completely dried mastic asphalt for waterproofing the foundation is considered to be when the material will no longer stick.

Drying depends on factors such as:

  • ambient temperature;
  • humidity;
  • base humidity.

Mastic floor

To protect the floor often use different materials, but the most popular is considered mastic.

Most often it is acrylic, which are added to antiseptics and a variety of plasticizers, and other substances.


When applied waterproofing on the floor, get a waterproof layer, which has no seams and has a high elasticity.

Modern bituminous waterproofing floor wax dries quickly and has no unpleasant odors.Also, it is not toxic.

This material is used for waterproofing the floor, which is made of a material such as concrete or reinforced concrete.In addition, it is used to insulate the floor slabs.

waterproofing sealant has proven himself in the bathroom or in the baths and in laundries.

rules applying

This paste can be applied directly to the adhesive plaster or compositions.Sold insulation in the finished state.

Before you put on the floor surface - it is necessary to mix.Do not forget that the floor surface is pre-prepared.

If the floor surface is porous, the base must be pre-treated with a special atmosphere, which prevents excessive absorption of the mixture.

application of mastic should take place on a clean and dry floor surface.

usually applied two or three layers, which have a small thickness.Application of the next layer should be done after the previous layer dries.

basement coating

time between coats should be no more than 6 hours.

As for the room temperature, it should be about 5 to 30 degrees.It is not necessary to apply the mixture in direct sunlight, wind and precipitation.Complete drying takes place for 24 hours.

Do not make advance stacking different materials, such as linoleum, parquet, laminate, tiles - to dry layers of bituminous mixture.

Mastic roofing

protection roof is very important.The upper part of the house is exposed to precipitation.The most dangerous rainfall - is the snow and ice.

Bituminous mastic for waterproofing roof today is very popular.It is liquid and is sold in ready to use, quickly hardens and creates a solid coating which is water.

Very important is the fact that the coating is elastic.

It will not crack under the roof of vibration.These techniques are effective protection in the event - when the roof is not insulated.

If the attic is heated, it creates a certain temperature difference.In an effort to warm the air in the street, along with moisture condensation.Insulation will gradually get wet.

In this case - is ventilated gap.To create constructed crate and crate control.

In this case, will be lifted roofing material over a layer of waterproofing and insulation.


different films that retard condensation are used for roofing.They prevent getting wet insulation.

addition, bad diffusion membrane showed themselves, which are made of a material such as polypropylene with microscopic holes.They are able to pass the steam and all of the moisture on the outside.

Mastic for well

well Waterproofing is very important for the design.Her coat is able to prevent the ingress of moisture into the design.

Bituminous mastic for waterproofing protects the bottom of the wells and concrete from the damaging effects of water.

budget option waterproofing material designed for wells, is - "HydroStop".

That this stuff smeared all the technological openings and seams that are in the design.

waterproofing of high-tech means for the wells is considered "penikrit" and "Penetron".

also the following types of waterproofing materials for the wells is considered to be sprayed and "gasoline-asphalt" mixture.

rules applying

For shotcrete process, it is necessary to use non-shrinking or expanding cement.Plastering is done using cement guns.

Cement should be applied in two layers.The layer thickness should be 6-7 mm.

next layer is applied after drying the previous one.


cost Bituminous waterproofing today is not very high, so the wells do waterproofing using asphalt mastic.

Such compositions are also applied in multiple layers.

When purchasing bitumen bitumen solution should be used not less than the 3rd grade.Well after processing inside it becomes shiny and smooth.

mixture (waterproofing) may be applied by a mechanical method of application.

For waterproofing of wells used a film or a sheet.Also, using gluing insulation.

sticker Before the first waterproofing layer, the surface of the rings must be thoroughly cleaned of dirt and foreign objects.

Thereafter, the entire surface is treated with mastic asphalt.This coverage will play a soil function.Further, mastic asphalt is applied, and it is glued special fabric.

sure to remember that the price of bituminous mastics for waterproofing, which is of good quality - is quite high.But the price is fully justifies the exploitation process.

bottoms of the wells are not subject to application of layers of insulation.Instead, it runs dumping (drainage).This binding event that you need to perform.