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August 12, 2017 18:06

A simple process of laying slate roof

A simple process of laying slate roof

Laying slate the process is not so difficult, if advance to receive instructions about the technical aspects of the work, to prepare the necessary tools and fixtures.

roofing your home is just as important as the foundation and walls.

Thanks to the protection of premises occurs from precipitation.

main question after the completion of construction of the house - what kind of roof coverings to choose from.

choose the appropriate option from the huge number of modern building materials are not so easy.But preference is still given to the slate.

Slate, to date, the most in demand for roofing material.

newest equipment and modern technologies used to produce this material, much improved its appearance and make it more durable and stronger.

Pros use wave Slate:

  • resistant to moisture;
  • resistant to frost;
  • resistant to the sun;
  • durable;
  • nonflammable;
  • easy to install;
  • small price;
  • long life.

worth noting that the slate as compared to other building materials, it is very easy to use, the installation of slate with their hands do not require the involvement of the paid labor force, and to cover the roof will not be difficult.

This is another advantage of this material, for which he still chooses a large number of people.

Laying on the roof

Also, the low price and high quality allow us to call it one of the best roofing materials.

such sheeting can be made installation of any roof - pent, gable, hip or hipped.

Still, mounting wave Slate is best carried on roofs with a slope of the ramp to 20 degrees or more than 35 degrees, it will reduce the likelihood of snow accumulation.

Before starting the installation of the roof, in order to service it has become a long-term, and you will not have problems and issues need to be familiar with the basic nuances of how to cover the roof slate.


  • Types and Features slate
  • Preparing for installation
  • Tools Required
  • Mount crate
  • Installation work
  • How to put slate
  • Flat slate

Types and Features slate

Production slate process simple.Produce it from a mixture of cement and asbestos.Asbestos
when mixed with cement creates a rigid reinforcing mesh.

evroshifer There is also composed of cellulose and glass fibers impregnated with bitumen, and the third type - it metalloshifer.

most used for the roof view - asbestos cement.

He has a relatively low cost, and roof coating will last 35-40 years.

slate sheet may be:

  • shestivolnovoy;
  • semivolnovoy;
  • vosmivolnovoy.

wider step waves, the more material will be spent on the overlap.To select the type and method of laying it is necessary, given the size and slope of the roof.

Preparing for installation

Like any building process, laying slate roof with his hands in several steps:

  1. Preparations begin with the calculation of the roof area, the necessary amount of consumable material of construction, procurement and delivery;
  2. Install furring for future coverage;
  3. Placement waterproofing layer;
  4. Installation slate sheets.

to last step approach should be the most serious.It depends on the quality of laying the longevity of your roof.


To correctly determine the number of sheets of slate, there is such a thing as usable area, it is different from the actual area.

If the actual area is about 2 meters, and taking into account all possible overlaps it will be reduced by 35-40 cm.

So, getting the slate, this figure should be considered.

also be waste left by cutting, more importantly predict marriage, sheets with misuse can be broken, so that, by ordering the material, increase it.

will be cheaper if you stay 1-2 leaf, than they are not enough, and it is necessary to organize a second delivery.

Tools Required

for assembly work, we need:

  • drill or screwdriver;
  • roulette;
  • Bulgarian or hacksaw;
  • level;
  • pencil;
  • hammer;
  • twine.

Mount crate

Prior to cover the roof of slate, you must install the rafters, they laid waterproofing material - he will not allow moisture and condensation to get under slate and penetrate into the attic space.

Install furring

Previously used for this purpose roofing material, but modern technology and manufacturers offer a huge selection of insulation materials with high technological data.

Crate set of high quality wood, it is necessary to use only well-dried material, without a lot of knots - they are able to withstand high loads, such as snow.

Step crates of timber should take into account the fact that each sheet of slate is designed for support of at least three jumpers.

Installation work

slate stacking technology takes into account the main wind direction and laying the sheets so that the overlap fit downwind.

If the installation of slate for you to a new experience, you should know that this kind of material allows to establish a single point of not more than 2 layers, the calculation of the purchase of the material it is also necessary to take into account, typically used chess method of laying, it is the easiest andmost effective.

How to put slate

To cut unnecessary parts must be used grinder or a hacksaw.It is also important to avoid breaking of the corners.

Installation Guide recommends starting with laying the lower left corner and go straight on the roof, rising to the roof ridge.


first row of the right to lay on a pre-stretched twine to overhang was flat.

in horizontal rows slate need to be laid overlapping, overlapping vertical rows should be about 20-25 centimeters.

easiest and most convenient way to cover: it is necessary each new row slipping on 4 longitudinal edge of the wave.Thus, the sheets are stacked in a staggered manner.

To do this every other row need to cut the sheets 4 in the wave length.Four-leaf is placed first, then placed the whole sheets.

to secure the slate it is necessary to drill a hole with their own hands and set them special nails, screws or screws.

hole should be a couple of millimeters wider than the diameter of the nail.In no event it is impossible to drive a nail without making holes in the sheet - this will lead to breakage.

Fastening materials should have a rubber gasket, they should firmly fix the plate to the crate, but do not go all the way.

If you use vosmivolnovoy slate, it is necessary to fix the second and sixth wave semivolnovoy - in the second and fifth.

Step between the nails is about 10 centimeters.As you can see, laying slate simple process, which is the strength to perform with his own hands.


After the slate tiling installation work it is recommended to paint, it will give an aesthetic appearance and serve protection from the appearance of moss.

For color slate tiles Now there are special paints, acrylic-based coatings used for tile and concrete.

They are resistant to external weather factors, not afraid of the cold, sun, rain and snow.

The first step is the application of the primer, for it is better to use deep penetration compositions.This will ensure maximum consolidation of the surface.

paint will be easier to go to bed on such a surface, and its consumption will be reduced.The second stage will be followed by painting in two layers, one layer is not enough for even coloring.

Dye need, starting from the top down.Can then further coat the surface water repellent layer of varnish.

suitable for dyeing brush or spray gun, if you dye flat slate tiles, use a roller.

Flat slate

Unlike Slate wave, which is mainly used to cover the roof, there is also flat.

flat slate tile Price is not very different from the wave, it is also suitable for installation on the roof, no different and flooring technology, but its scope is much broader.

It is used for lining the interior and exterior walls, as fences, different buildings, as well as a dry screed for laying tiles.


tiles High quality and availability indicators flat slate found in great demand and a wide range of applications of this material.

So, with their own hands with the help of it you can equip the garden plots ranging from Gated Community, to small buildings such as showers, toilets.

choose what type of slate for roofing their own hands, you choose flat or wave - its quality will not disappoint you.

How roofing with current technology it is not inferior to more expensive building materials.

To help you, given all of the video instructions and photos, follow them, and your roof is strong and durable.