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August 12, 2017 18:06

Building a hut with his own hands

Building a hut with his own hands

If you set out to - to build a shelter in the ground with their hands, then this article will be instructions on how to build a hut.

Dugout - usually small e refuge in the forest, field or other isolated areas, partially submerged in the ground, which is being built with the help of available natural materials available at the place where it is being built.

In many cultures this type of housing was and is a major, he is known to mankind since ancient times.

This structure - the easiest, quickest and surest way to build a shelter for protection from the weather, and perhaps also for permanent residence.

Inside the dugout is usually furnace bed and the minimum necessary things.


  • choice of location for the construction of
  • Pros and cons of the construction of dugouts
  • tools necessary for building
  • Preparation for construction of the dugout.
  • Construction dug
  • finishing

choice of location for the construction of

place for the construction of the dugout with his hands need to choose very carefully.Usually choose the sunny side of the hills, the soil there is always land.

On a flat surface, such as wood, should be avoided swampy areas, and digging a hole under your house, you must consider the level of groundwater.


If the occurrence of the water is close to the surface, due to the constant dampness will begin the process of rotting wood, mold spread, which will eventually lead to collapse of the entire structure.

If your job is to build a house for a longer stay in it, to the construction of their own hands must be approached with the utmost seriousness.

Pros and cons of the construction of dugouts

First, consider the advantages and positive aspects:

  • small amount of used building materials and as a consequence - a little material costs;
  • anonymously from view by a small elevation;
  • good at trapping heat.When equipment stove warms up quickly, it holds heat better than a rustic wooden house;
  • does not require much power - you can build with their own hands alone;
  • Fast - construction takes no more than a month;
  • Easily recovers.Even if there is a collapse of the structure or fire, only need to clear the hole, the rest of the construction does not require a long time;
  • lack of foundation is much easier and faster work.

Pent dugout

Now cons:

  • A large amount of digging up the earth from the pit;
  • Dampness in the cold season.If a few days did not use the stove, condensate appears on the walls;
  • darkness due to lack of windows;
  • in heavy rain water can flow up the steps into the house.

tools necessary for building

Build dugout will not be difficult even alone, for this you will need:

  1. shovel - one bayonet, one shovels;
  2. wood saw;
  3. ax;
  4. roulette;
  5. hammer;
  6. scrap;
  7. claw.

to acquire all the necessary tools it is important to take care in advance.To keep things on hand.

Preparation for construction of the dugout.

If you need a cheap building, which will serve you for a long time, dug with his own hands a great solution.

Consider the stages of preparation for the structure of the dugout with his own hands in more detail.Before you start it is important to calculate all the details, even small defects entail consequences.

Once you have decided on the construction site, you can proceed to the definition of the boundaries of the future house.Starting with the construction of the necessary holes.

To mark the start of building size.

Usually it is 3x4 meters.The depth depends on your height, with an average of 1.5 meters.Make a rough draft.Calculate the necessary building materials.

Make an order and delivery of the necessary materials in advance - it will save you time and money.

Consider that an untrained person is required to be in the process of building a small percentage of marriage.In the calculation of building materials consider it.

Once everything is ready, you can proceed directly to the construction of the dugout with his hands.

Video instructions for preparation and site selection for the construction.


Construction dug

So, at the first stage of construction is necessary to dig a pit.

If the top layer of the earth is covered with sod, it is necessary to remove layers and set aside in the future it will be needed for the device roofs.

Of course, it's best to dig a trench with an excavator, but in certain areas it is impossible.

If you build a hut in the forest or field, then, armed with shovels, starting with his own hands to dig a hole, it is important that your markup was even, without distortions, in the future, this can cause problems, such as cracks in the skin.

After the pit dug, you need to carefully align the bottom, walls and soffits.

The second step is to install the support poles, put the rafters, and strengthen the wall.

avoid rotting wood, all of the elements it is desirable to handle antiseptic and paint special protective paint.

Rafters can be dug into the ground or rest on a log lying on the ground.The pillars and rafters made of round logs or use metal pipes.

The construction process

Their main task is to sustain that will be stacked on top.

next step, you must first withdraw from the stove chimney pipe.Further, on the set of rafters laid crate beams.Beams must be placed as close as possible to each other.

They are fixed to the rafters with nails or wire.Under the conditions of the forest can be used instead of beams associated bundles of twigs, reeds or cane.

end faces sewn vertically, as well as the roof and, on the one hand possible to form a window on the other make the doorway and hung door.

Before installation of the roof on the roof can be put layers of roofing material, it will help keep the heat inside the dugout.Further, the entire roof frame obkladyvaetsya layers of soft clay.

Each new layer is placed after the previous dried out.The thickness of the layers should be about 15 centimeters.On top of layers of clay spreads turf.The ends must also be coated with the clay.

around dugouts need to build drainage channels that during rain, the water did not flow down to the house.

All these steps will help to answer the question: how to make the dugout?Upon completion of all of these actions, the external work on the construction of dugouts completed, and you can proceed to finish inside.


If you plan to equip the dugout for housing, as a warehouse or cellar, it can be an inexpensive minimal finishing.

First, you need to install the oven, you can make it out of heat resistant bricks or stones.Since there is a problem with ventilation, we have established pre-chimney, a kind of hood.

Furniture can also be assembled on site from the remaining boards, for normal and comfortable living enough bed, a table and a couple of stools.

Construction of dugout

This does not require a lot of skill and dexterity.You can also nail the shelves in some places where they will not interfere.

For most heat-resistance wall sheathing can be finely sawn boards, in addition, you can make a wooden floor, it will protect your feet from moisture.

wall, which adjoins the oven, close the boards is not recommended in order to avoid fire.

During construction, do not forget about security measures, use only secure fastening, fixing beams, quality instrument.

If you are in the forest wilderness and you need emergency medical care, then it will have to exert themselves to you.

Therefore, always keep a first aid kit with all the necessities: iodine, cotton wool, bandages, a tourniquet, and a minimum set of medicines.

Now, after reading this article, you will know how to build a hut.And its construction you will not have problems and difficulties.

And if you are unsure whether or not to build a hut, then the answer is, of course, necessary.