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August 12, 2017 18:06

The question of the tightening of plastic windows

The question of the tightening of plastic windows

purged box, and set the warranty period has expired and you are interested in the question: how to tighten the plastic windows?If so, then this article is for you!

all recognize the fact that the plastic windows much easier and more practical than traditional (wood, aluminum).

But even plastic windows do not last forever, and perhaps, in time, will need to make their adjustment or repair the same.

In the case of such a need, it is not necessary to go directly to the company for repair of plastic windows, many types of work you are able to hold their own.

initially determine which tools we need to work.It's only a chisel and a hex key.

most common fault in plastic windows - a small draft or blowing in the area of ​​the window seal.

To fix this, you need to figure out how to pull the plastic window.


For example, you can use the method of turning the eccentrics.To do this, you need to inspect the place where the plates are located on the frame counter.

This is the case if you are using Roto hardware.In the center you can see a place for a hex wrench.

inserted key must be turned in the right direction.Determine this is the direction you will be able to empirically.


If you use Winkhaus hardware, then you need to take for constipation fingers, and then pull the cam box and turn it in the required direction.

If used hardware companies AUBI, Sigenia and others, then look at the leaf rollers on which the hole is located in the center.

In this cavity to insert hex wrench.On the video you need to find a point.

The closer you are to the point of turning sash gasket, the greater will be pressed respectively sash windows.

to during the warm season, the seal is not so much wear, it is recommended to return the video to its original position in the summer.

process of tightening of plastic windows

Inspect the mechanism of plastic windows on the availability of matching arrangement of rollers return them piecemeal.

If mates are not located correctly, the rollers can when closing a window does not extend beyond the respective plate.

If there is such a situation, it is necessary to rearrange the plate.

For this purpose, unscrew the screws that secure the strap, then remove them to a level below that movie completely went over the bar.

you feel blowing in the area of ​​the loops of plastic window, in this case the reason may lie in the poor performance on the installation windows.


To fix this you need to remove the bead with the sash, and put it between the profile and glass, some pieces straightening plates.

you need a wide chisel to remove the bead.

to the place of the joint profile and bead need to rest my chisel and gently blow the detaching.

You can make straightening plates of ordinary ruler.

Only it is important to make sure that the width of this plate was not less than the thickness of the glass window, and the straightening plate edge is not rested during installation of the glazing.

Otherwise, it may result in damage to the window - the glass may crack.


to your plastic window will last you a long time, it is necessary at least once a year to check all the mechanisms, lubricate all the necessary elements to make adjustment to the optimum position.

In the cold winter months can be more tightly pull the window, it is better to weaken in the hot season, which is several times reduces wear incoming plastic window components.