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August 12, 2017 18:06

Recommendations for floor leveling under laminate

Recommendations for floor leveling under laminate

very relevant question - how to align the floor under the laminate?

covers the floor of the apartment with laminate prefers more and more people.

But this coating acquire a lot of money.

money spent would be a pity if the laminate will squeak under your feet, or even worse - cracked.

reason for these troubles - the uneven floor.

fix flaws that could complicate future sex exploitation process, it is possible with his own hands.

Laying laminate to perform better on a flat surface.If there is no certainty that it is necessary to level the floor, conduct some tests.

equips ruler meter long (or building level) and carried out all over the floor, looking, whether between the ruler and the floor gleams.

If the gap does not fit into two millimeters, it is necessary to take up the alignment.

recommendation!Not advised to take as leveling chipboard material.It is not suitable for floor leveling, because it is characterized by a lack of environmental friendliness and throws into the air hazardous substances.


  • Materials for leveling
  • How to prepare for the installation of laminate flooring made of concrete?
  • How to prepare for the installation of laminate flooring made of wood?

Materials for leveling

Old and proven method of leveling the floor - cover it with a mixture of sand and cement.But now spread other modern technologies.

They are very convenient to use, possess unique properties of adhesion, thermal insulation and soundproofing.

Apply on the floor already finished mixture is much easier and faster.Of course, in the sale is a huge variety of leveling compounds, so you need to get acquainted with their spectrum.Many

made on the basis of cement, silica sand and modifiers.There is a mixture solely for the wooden floor.And there for the concrete.


Types of mixtures:

  • repairs - for masking highly significant errors;
  • Priming - specifically for coating of concrete;
  • sealing - leveling compound for glossing over cracks.

To achieve the most hardened and enhance the quality of the solution, the right to buy this plasticizer.

How to prepare for the installation of laminate flooring made of concrete?

How to align the concrete floor under the laminate - often interested.For this procedure, you will need to make a tie.Concrete screed is necessary to fill in the spaces with concrete floors.

If the surface is already covered with a peelable adhesive or concrete, then they should be removed.Otherwise, the floor will bubble and deteriorate its performance.

Pre must be removed to the base flooring.Then check how moist concrete, which was located under the floor.We examine the surface for cracks and irregularities.

Only after this test, the surface is covered with soil.Then on the draft platform sealed dry composition of all the emptiness.

Leveling the floor with their hands horizon need concrete screed.At the height of the screed set specific pointers - beacons.Then proceed to knead the mixture of sand and cement.

Ready solution is applied to the platform, leveling it by building level or regulations.In a room of normal size (walls 3 or 4 meters long) missing two pointers.

concrete layer thickness at the thinnest point must be more than 7 millimeters.

Once the deposited layer has hardened, carry out additional priming.Next, pour self-leveling mortar.Then

room in the apartment is not used until the absolute hardening concrete.This result is achieved in a day.Following this creates insulation against water and noise.

Making screed - the most popular floor adjustment method.But you can take note of other ways of how to smooth the base:

only leveling mortar can be used when leveling the floor.But the thickness of the layer should be made of such different places in the floor that was not the mounds and pits.

Fill screed

right of making the self-leveling mixture should pour it into the water.She is bred from 75 percent sand and 25 - Cement.Stirring is carried out with a drill with a special nozzle.

composition used immediately after preparation, since then dilute the thick mixture will not be water.

advised to pay attention to the shelf life of dry product, it is limited.The mixture was smeared with a thin layer, which spreads to form a flat mirror surface.

when mixing and pouring cement screed, its surface often obtained bubbles.They definitely need to be removed, eliminating the risk of poor adhesion to the platform.This is done with a spiked roller.

An easy way to level - do this tile adhesive.This method helps to eliminate gaps and errors.In addition, the alignment of the glue cost cheap.

To align screed tile adhesive, you should use the wedge to 3 m in length.It is directed diagonally.This adhesive is ideal hiding holes formed in the screed.

Covering a floor tile adhesive is not recommended in small quantities.Otherwise, there will be void.

floor tile adhesive Alignment advised to make when there are small cracks and bumps.To carry out this work tile adhesive will not be difficult even for a beginner.

Important!Do not forget that because of the rising level of the floor screed.So you have to be ready to lift the door.It is better to think in advance.

Instead beacons can take plasterboard guides available on the market.They put at a distance of 60 to 80 cm. The substrate may serve as pointers for small pieces of plywood or plastic.

fiberboard in this situation it is better not to take a substrate instead, as it absorbs moisture, thereby disrupting the concrete.

have floors made of reinforced concrete high rate of absorption, so these surfaces is recommended to process more than once.

To save straight and smooth surface are the horizontal level.Concrete is poured only after mounting rails.

dive into alignment technology of concrete floor with his hands in the video.


How to prepare for the installation of laminate flooring made of wood?

When the wooden floor, and you're going to put him on the laminate, it is important to test the strength of the floor.

If the floor is partially ruined, the board targeted by rot and deflection required to dismantle and put the other.The wooden floor must be cleaned from the bumps special tool.

But if you do not take away from the surface of old linoleum, then adjust the surface of the irregularities is required.

alignment methods:

  • can completely remove the wooden floor and replace it with a new one.But this method is expensive;
  • When the wood floor properly repaired and corrected, no longer needs a serious training ground.But if it seems that on the floor there are still irregularities, should lay a plywood surface.And when it detects that the floor is heavily rotted, it is better to do a full alignment of the screed;
  • Make a wooden floor with their hands can even special plates DSP.This allows you to quickly make adjustments to the surface.Then it goes without guides facilities as the foundation of wood on the floor already.Down put cement particle boards, cutting them, based on the area of ​​the room.To the board plate is secured with screws.The gaps perfectly smeared Rotband.After installation, inspect how smooth coating obtained;
  • also pits and bulges on the floor can be removed with the help of tsiklevaniya.Scraping machine quickly cuts the hills, allowing to produce rapid leveling floor.But after the application of this method, at the base do not put the updated cover, then varnish it several times;
  • affordable option - chipboard floor laying.A suitable thickness of the material - 12 mm.To heat does not go out of the house, they recommend putting a heater.Since the veneer sheets and particleboard have sag property, you need to install support - lag.They are attached to the lighthouses, which are held on with screws.For a system of strength between joists leave distance of 10 to 25 cm. Logs are fixed tile adhesive.Then polozhka done under the laminate - put polyethylene foam;
  • equally beneficial for the price way to align the plywood floor.Pre-sliced ​​layers applied to the lag system.Paul placed plywood, shifting the seams as when laying bricks.To attach sheets of plywood take screws.As in the case of the DSP, making the polyethylene substrate.

Recent methods associated with the laying of chipboard and plywood lining, have a drawback.In the operation of the floor can rise.But it's not as scary as it seems.The maximum height of a possible rise -. 3 cm

How should get acquainted with the methods of leveling wooden floor with their hands can be in the video.