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August 12, 2017 18:06

Building partition plasterboard with their hands

Building partition plasterboard with their hands

plasterboard partitions is the best way to share a common space into several separate rooms.

It should be noted that this versatile material has long gained popularity and high demand during the repair work.

Despite the fact that this material can be used for many purposes, nevertheless, most often it is performed by means of mounting walls of plasterboard, some of which are pictured in this article.

Such walls have an attractive design, and in addition, their installation does not take much time and can be done by hand.

In turn, decorative plasterboard partitions allow you to make the overall design in the interior of the apartment is not only original, but also stylish.

partition is a fairly simple device, the basic element in favor of its frame, which runs as a wooden or metal frame.

If there is a handy step by step instructions, all necessary material and tools, then put it right with their hands, everyone can.

For more information on how to make a partition of the drywall, explained in detail on the video in the article.



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  • frame assembly
  • Casing frame
  • Additional recommendations

benefits drywall partitions

plasterboard partitions has several advantages compared with those made of other materials.

First of all, its design has a relatively low weight, which plays an important role in the construction of interior walls in the space of the house.

In addition, they have a good load-bearing capacity, which allows to hang on the wall are any objects and decorative elements.


Properly executed, such a partition allows indoor excellent sound insulation, in addition, the installation of additional elements in the interior of the frame makes it possible toto increase this figure.

Plasterboard also distinguished by its high moisture resistance, and hence, with the help of it you can run the partition and in the toilet.

It should also be noted, however, that within the walls of the universal device is very convenient to carry a variety of engineering systems and pave the communication.

Interior partitions from drywall can perform absolutely any shape and form that allows you to design the apartment is incredibly original and stylish.

When this material as the walls, many pay attention to its relatively low cost, despite the fact that according to its qualities such design in no inferior to many others.

It is worth noting that working with drywall quickly and easily, in addition, if there is a corresponding instruction on hand, it will be able to collect each with their own hands.

Of course, the partition would have finished putty, but the volume of so-called wet works will be substantially lower than in the regeneration of, for example, the inner wall of brick.

The advantages of this material can be attributed to the fact that the thickness of the plasterboard partitions is determined directly by those who perform the work.

The photo posted below, you can see some samples of partitions of this versatile material.The very process of work with their own hands analyzed in detail in the video.


preview milestone

before will be done with their own hands drywall, it is necessary first of all to think carefully about its design and make a detailed drawing.

For its preparation does not need to make any complicated calculations, but the product should be thoroughly planned.

First we need to move with extreme precision on a piece of paper all the conditions of the room in a certain scale.

Next drawing is drawn on the place where it will be directly carried out the installation of the inner wall.

In the case where the process operations will be erected more separate partitions begin with the drawing, to which would then be attached others.

Similarly performed the frontal image, which will be necessary to specify all the supporting structures.Also at this stage should provide all jumpers.

In order to properly calculate the amount of future posts, you must define the expected load as accurately as possible, which will be provided on a partition during its operation.

should also take into account the fact that the cladding sheets of material it is necessary that their edges were attached to different profiles in the frame structure.

This will maximize evenly distribute the load across the frame area.Also, the drawing must include the design of future partitions and tailored to each decorative element.

is recommended to make and a detailed plan of forthcoming works.

This is followed in the required amount to buy all the material, and prepare a tool that will be required in the course of the work with his own hands.

The photo shows some options partitions of this versatile material.



Installing partitions with their hands design starts with a marking in the space areas, according to a predefined drawing.

For this purpose the surface of the nearest wall deposited the required distance, and then on the floor held the main line.

Then with a plumb and level the same is done on the surface of the ceiling.

Then should be prepared to work all the guide profiles, which at one of their parties should apply a special sealing tape, after which they are fixed firmly on the pre-drawn markings on the floor and on the ceiling.

Fastening profiles to the surface is best done with dowels and screws.

Rack mount profile should be started directly from the wall, the first of them is to abut tightly to its surface.

mounting racks made at the top and bottom of the guide directly.

To improve sound insulation properties of all profiles before mounting their recommended paste sealing tape.

After you have installed and secured extreme rack profile, go to the installation of the rest.

Their number is selected based on the expected load on the partition, and also takes into account its overall design.Next, go to the installation of horizontal crosspieces.


In this case it is necessary to take into account the place of the future joints sheets of material.Also, for added strength throughout the frame structure, it is necessary for the whole of its area to mount the stiffener.

This will help make the partition more stability, as well as enhance its overall reliability.

For more information on how to mount the frame walls with his own hands, you can see on the Photo and Video section.

Casing frame

Before you begin the frame paneling, drywall should be marked properly and carve out in accordance with, as indicated by the drawing.

with sheets of drywall, which will directly form a butt angle should necessarily have an exquisite cut.

Next drywall should be attached in place so that the raw edge of it as accurately coincided with the center of the walking track profile.

Thereafter, the sheet tightly fixed by screws with the same pitch, which is recommended to do with the value of twenty-five millimeters.

After that, proceed to the next fixing sheet of drywall, keeping an eye out for the perfect seal of all joints.

also necessary to ensure that the edge of the drywall always lay it on the user's profile.For more information about how to sheathe plasterboard partition, you can see in the photo posted below.

Installation on the profile sheets

Very often in these interior walls is necessary to arrange the doorway and in this case, provided certain organization performing the work required.

Generally, the frame assembly at a doorway should be carried out just as soon as the guides will be installed profiles.

It should be noted that the design of the door opening can be formed in an arbitrary shape and a different configuration.

for his organization at the place of rack mounted reinforced profile, which further raskreplyayutsya ribs.

also its amplification can be carried out with the help of guides and profiles.In any case, the design should get the most stable and durable.

At the final stage, lining plasterboard surface directly at the very doorway.For more information, described in the video, which is available below.


Additional recommendations

partitions made of gypsum board, have one significant advantage, namely, by design, you can discreetly hide various communication and engineering networks.

Their frame is placed as the plumbing and electrical wiring, and without any effort, and the overall design of this does not change.

laying of communications is recommended at the stage of the assembly of the carcass overall design.

If planned under the plasterboard lining water system, all pipes should be mandatory to wear a special insulation to prevent the formation of condensation in the future.

In turn, the electric wires laid recommended solely horizontally while using the protective sleeve.

These security measures will help to minimize the various risks that could result in a fire or deformation of the structure.

example plasterboard lining under some utilities can be seen in the photo posted below.

Water pipes in the wall

Also on stage frame assembly should think about laying insulation and other insulating material.

For this purpose between the uprights erected neatly laid insulating material, then it should always be recorded.

Typically, such material is used as a mineral wool or expanded polystyrene.

After the material to be laid and fastened, frame plasterboard sutured in the order, which has been described above.

In the photo below you can see the detailed process of laying under the drywall insulating material.

Insulation in partition

If all the work will be done properly and in accordance with the technology, plasterboard wall can not be distinguished from ordinary interior wall.

In any case, the use of plasterboard for the construction of partition walls is the most optimal and profitable option arrangement of the inner wall.