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August 12, 2017 18:06

The choice for roofing material - which one is better ?

The choice for roofing material - which one is better ?

Those who are engaged in the construction of their own brick, wooden house, garage, garden question arises - what materials are better for roofing houses?

In DIY stores, markets a wide range of roofing materials: metal, tile, decking, soft tile, roofing material and other.

From each other they differ not only in appearance but also in quality, price, characteristics.

To cover the roof for a long time did not have to move or repair, you need to choose the best option.

To do this, you must examine all the characteristics of different types of roofs, consult with experts, friends and acquaintances who have already mounted the roof on your site, and determine which is best.


  • Features corrugated
  • Features and benefits of metal
  • Making roof clay tiles, it features
  • Features slate
  • Ondulin - flexible tile
  • Roll materials
  • What to chooseroofing roof?

Features corrugated

Construction of wooden houses, cottages, garage - it is expensive.Although it is not necessary to save on materials.

sheeting used to achieve the following objectives: to make high-quality roofing and save money.This high quality material, durable and has an affordable price.

corrugated sheet structure

on the market construction materials presented in several forms:

  • Corrugated Galvanised, not having a coating of polymer.Its price is only 60 percent of the corrugated coated.Such sheets are used for the construction of the garage, outbuildings;
  • sheeting made of black metal - cover this kind does not have;
  • copper or aluminum profiled;
  • sheeting that is specifically used to cover the roof.

Each type of roofing material has a different thickness, the width of the sheets, coloring.

choosing profiled metal roofing, you should pay attention to the feature - the roof decking has a capillary groove.

It is intended to melt, rain water dripping down smoothly.Such profiled sheets should acquire.

If the groove is bent, flattened, this list is not suitable for the roof of the roof.Decking, which is designed for the facade design, use is not recommended for the roof.

Profiled metal is a cold material, so the frame should definitely put a heater.

also mandatory and waterproofing film.It will prevent the ingress of moisture into the roof of the pie.

Features and benefits of metal

Metal is a common material for roofing, which is located at an angle.

material is durable, lightweight, so it is suitable for covering buildings, even without basement: garage, outbuilding.Thanks to a wide palette, metal will blend in with the walls.


Equipping roof tiles, should pay attention to the training grounds.Due to the propensity of corrosion metal is placed only on the waterproofing, vapor sealing materials.

otherwise moisture will penetrate below the surface of the sheets to form corrosion.

Metal has a special feature - a high thermal conductivity.If you do not put it under the insulation, the material will protect premises only from rain and snow.

for soft insulation suitable substrate, such as basalt fiber, glass fiber, foam or polystyrene plates.It is important that the insulation does not get wet.

To do this on its inner side keeps the film, do not absorb moisture.You can buy for the same purpose a special roller blade.

reflective aluminum film of insulating material from the vapor condensate.

Metal roofing has to be ventilated.

waterproofing should be made of quality materials, to prevent the emergence of "cold bridges", as a result of fogging metal will disintegrate.

Metal used to cover buildings not having fanciful, exquisite form, everything for the roof of the garage, summer kitchen, other buildings.

Making roof clay roof tiles, it features

clay tiles on the roof looks of any home is very stylish and expensive.Especially this roofing material looks elegant, if the walls are decorated in the same style with the roof.

tile of clay has some features that are important to consider when choosing it to the roof of the roof.

material is heavy, so the roof structure should be strengthened: install thick beams, sturdy crate.All this leads to an increase in construction costs.


When laying the clay tile will not cause trouble.Even a novice builder with this work can cope perfectly well.

When installing the material leaves little waste is reliable and durable.

Under ceramic tiles must be installed vapor barrier soft.The material may be any thickness.Among modern multilayer mats can be noted.

They reflective film combined with insulation in the form of air bubbles.

Using this material, it is worth noting - a thin insulation does not provide sound insulation, so it is necessary to lay an additional layer of soundproofing material.

Features slate

main advantage of slate - is its low cost.Before the advent of new roofing slate enjoyed great popularity during construction.

The mounting slate is not difficult, the material is durable and suitable for the garage roof, wooden structures or small house.

worth knowing that slate contains asbestos in the composition, so experts do not recommend using it for the roof of the house where people will live permanently.

Decorate roofs also does not work, because the slate is only available in gray.

deciding to cover the roof of slate, it is necessary to carefully choose when buying.

Poor material is too fragile and will crumble in the process of transportation and installation.


When roofing slate needs insulation.The soft layer is placed beneath the roofing sheets.It is important that there was a waterproofing membrane over insulation.

Otherwise, the material retains heat, lose properties.

Ondulin - flexible tile

tiles from clay can be used for installation on the roof, with the correct geometric shape.But what if the roof has a complex structure?Onduline roofs for such approach is best.

ondulin is made of cellulose fibers impregnated with polymeric substances.

Recto covered with acrylic paint or vinyl, so that the material will not fade in the sun and exfoliating.

Due to its properties ondulin very popular:

  • lightweight material - they can cover a large area;
  • high strength;
  • has water repellency;
  • not affected by mold, corrosion;
  • resistant to alkalis, acids, gasoline, industrial gases;
  • high durability.

Ondulina Installation should be performed on a hard surface, so you should make a quality roofing lath.

correctly laid ondulin will not create vibration chatter by the wind.


Insulation under ondulin stack needed.Heat losses without such layers will exceed the cost of purchase and installation teplomateriala many times.

It should take into account the particular layer that will retain heat:

  • soft layer should be of high quality, only so insulation will keep warm;
  • soft insulated part is important to choose environmentally friendly;
  • insulation must be non-flammable;
  • not buy a heater that has an unpleasant odor from it will be impossible to get rid
  • when it leaks into the room;
  • insulation should not change the thickness dimensions in the process of operation;
  • moisture does not soak into the insulation;
  • soft layer to withstand frost.

Thanks to the wide range of colors ondulin can be applied to any roof structures - garage, summer kitchen, garden, house.

He will take any form, and non-standard roof will decorate the entire building.

Roll materials

Roof for the roof of a wooden house, garage, garden, stone buildings, other structures.

Over the years, this material has proven itself as a quality and reliable, so today it is used to cover the roof.

a large angle roll coating stack uncomfortable, so experts recommend to cover the surface of which has an angle of inclination of not more than 30 degrees.

Roof is of several varieties: sheets Ruberoid, asphalt board, rubemast, Fiber-glass, Euroruberoid, Roll membrane materials.

Today, manufacturers use in their production of new technologies, in this connection, simplified installation materials and the service life is increased.

Roller covering can be installed in several ways.For the convenience of all the work on the coating of wooden, brick house, garage, utility room should be carried out together.

In mechanical method of laying a soft roof is laid with nails.They fixed insulation film roll coating.


coating material can be pasted, and can overlap on the roof of a gas burner.

At arrangement of soft roofing should not neglect high-quality insulation.It should not pass moisture, be resistant to frost and do not miss steam in the heat.

quality roofing pie will depend on the heater.

Soft roofing material is very elastic, in the heat of summer is not dry, and frost is not cracked.Among these coating materials have a very expensive and quite affordable.

But they are all in operation retain their properties for a long time.

What to choose for the roof of the roof?

Just can not say what kind of roof to choose from.What better roof - for each owner of a private house the answer will be different.

for an important quiet cover, for another - the ability to easily and quickly cover the roof, and the third - the attractiveness of the coating.

Some people prefer a hard material such as metal, ceramic, and somebody chooses soft.


decision of choosing a roofing material is to take after reading the characteristics, properties of each material.

important role played by the cost.Be sure to pay attention to the climate where the construction of a stone, a wooden house, the garage will be carried out, cottages.