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August 12, 2017 18:06

Contactless faucets for kitchen and bathroom

Contactless faucets for kitchen and bathroom

Previously contactless mixer could only be found in public places.But now they began to appear in apartments.

This miracle of technology makes it possible not to twist or move the lever every time for optimal water pressure and temperature.

As soon as you hold your hands under the faucet - mixer will start to work immediately and the water will flow a predetermined temperature.


  • The principle of
  • Benefits and Features
  • Where to buy and how much it costs?


Usual valves or levers on the contactless mixer for no kitchen.You only need to bring your hands under the faucet, the water starts to pour herself.

This is due to the infrared sensor or photocell.Infrared feels the heat of the human body, and with photocell - reads swipe her arms to him and opens the water.

shut-off valve, which is controlled by the sensor when you hold your hands in front of him, opened and the water begins to flow.

If necessary water volume and temperature can be adjusted using a small external lever or screw hidden under the body.

All proximity models of mixers - is electrical, power is required for them.

Some models are powered by batteries, which is enough work for several years.


There are models that work from the usual network adapter.Occasionally you can see are very expensive mixers with batteries.

Which model is better, safer battery is considered as where the water is, there is dampness, moisture and electricity does not like.

Modes in contactless mixer for sinks, too, are different.

Some models operate in such a way that the water flowing as long as hands are in the sensor zone of action, in other models in occurs in a small period of time.

You can find non-contact washbasin having protection from overflow water sinks.

If the sensor responds to an object which is under the long jet, it automatically closes the water.

combinations are very popular model, and when the contactless lever mixers are combined with each other.

Benefits and Features

Touch noncontact mixers are very convenient.

They allow:

  • Save water, as they are switched on for a few seconds, and water flows only when it is needed.You will never forget to turn it off.As soon as you take your hand out of the zone sensor visibility, the valve is closed;
  • hygiene, you do not need to touch the handles, so the arms are not re-contaminated.It is like many housewives are taps in the kitchen;
  • Maintain a constant temperature of the water.You can hold water temperature adjustment with a metal rod, or the water is heated to the desired temperature by a thermostat.Some products are water temperature change "on the fly", it requires moving the hands apart;
  • Sensor faucets are easy to install in the old hole.

can purchase contactless taps and shower equipped with spout and showerhead.In recent years, gaining popularity with mixer jet illuminated.

Some models have a monochrome light, in its spout integrated LEDs, integrated into other special system, which changes the color of the water flow depending on the temperature change.

If there is cold water, its color is blue, the closer to the hot, the redder the color of the water.

Many think, what better to buy a mixer non-contact touch.


They produce many well-known brands, is:

  • Kopfgescheit - these mixers are perfect quality and maximum affordability;
  • HANSGROHE - the release of the non-contact mixers engaged the German company, a leader in the production of sanitary ware;
  • HANSA - Mixer this company has a variety of functions;
  • ORAS ELECTRA - their release involved in a Finnish company.They are reliable and up to date.

Particular differences between branded mixers do not, so when they are selected, you can only rely on your own taste.All of them give warranty period of not less than five years.

You can also buy a contactless mixer from Chinese manufacturers.Typically the cost is much lower.

Where to buy and how much it costs?

average price of contactless mixer from leading manufacturers starting from 15 thousand rubles.

This equipment is no different variety of designs.

usually sensory taps installed in public places, but many are willing to have them at home, this is not the last role played by considerations of prestige.

can buy contactless taps for sinks in any store that sells plumbing.Sometimes you can see the contactless mixer for the price of 3 thousand rubles.

This is the Chinese model, they do not have long-term guarantees and inferior in quality.Models Russian producers have cost an average of about 6 thousand rubles.

Do not install the sensor faucet in the bathroom, since it is impractical to pour water into the bath, it is necessary to turn off the touch function.

Basically this smart appliances installed in hospitals, catering and other enterprises.

most modern models are equipped with such equipment consoles to configure the required parameters.

The more decisions a mixer performs, the higher the price for it.