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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make a false fireplace yourself - step by step instructions

for citizens in the presence of the home fireplace is almost a pipe dream.But this dream can be a reality almost, because there is the possibility of manufacturing their own hands false fireplace made of plasterboard or other suitable material for this purpose.Even if some fake fireplace, his presence gives the room an extra comfort and convenience.Such a fireplace can perform not only a decorative function.It may well become a source of heat when it set, for example, electric heater or a burner, running on biofuel.

Materials suitable for making false fireplaces

Plasterboard is the most popular material used in the creation of many equipping of the house.Use it to make a niche and boxes, shelves and stands for different equipment and, of course, false fireplaces.This material is easy to assembly and finishing, allows you to create any three-dimensional shape, a very reasonable price.

cladding or decorative bricks under rasshivku can be used for the construction of a decorative fireplace in the case where there is a desire to give it the look of this.For those who had to deal with a little masonry, this task does not present any difficulty.But preferring a brick, you must first calculate the load on the ceiling elements, which in this case arise.For brick trim fireplace did not require additional finishing, since the mere sight of a neat masonry has a certain charm.


laminated chipboard and similar materials are also perfectly suitable for arranging false fireplaces.In order to achieve greater accuracy, it is necessary to prepare a drawing of future decorative fireplace, pointing to him all sizes and sawing chipboard ordered in specializing in this firm.Used for making false fireplaces plates you need not be laminated.You can use chipboard, uncoated, after assembly fireplace, decorate it according to your preferences.

Various products polyurethane moldings type, half-columns, casings are used mainly for decorating has made false fireplace.However, they can be glued directly to the wall, which, however, spoil the feeling of naturalness of the fireplace, but it can be corrected with the help of some decorating techniques.For example, a "furnace" can be hung from a mirror that will impart a sense of depth.Or on the portal can be hung wooden shelf, which will mimic the chimney.

There are, of course, and other materials from which to build a decorative fireplace, but to list them all is impossible.The starting material can be a anything: wood, polystyrene, cardboard, glass, metal, plaster, plastic panels.

false fireplace - 2

necessary materials and tools

As used for the construction of a decorative fireplace material impact on the choice of instruments, additional materials, methods of work and finishes, we take as an example the most common option when for making false fireplace used drywall.

With its creation will need the following materials and tools:

  • required amount of drywall.In the case where you plan to apply for finishing or decorative ceramic tile, drywall, use moisture-resistant.
  • Two types of profiles (rack 60 × 27 and 28 × 27 guides) for the frame structures false fireplace.
  • Screws for metal, having a length of 14-16 mm for the frame assembly, and screws for fastening drywall, with countersunk head.
  • dowel-nails for fastening the frame on a concrete or brick wall.
  • composition of the remaining material is determined by the kind of finishing: in the case of painting or wallpapering - a primer and putty;when tiling - seam grout and tile adhesive.
  • Drill
  • screwdriver
  • Scissors on metal
  • wallpaper press knife
  • Building level
  • Roulette

To determine the amount of materials needed, kindly make a drawing.Decorative fireplaces may have a variety of sizes that depends only on your preferences and their location.Therefore, first of all, determine the location for the false fireplace, its structure and make a drawing to scale.

make - trim fireplace

frame assembly

made in the following order when installing the frame work and the amount of:

  • Mounting frame begins with a markup on the walls and the floor and fixing lines for applying pre-cut guide profiles.To fix the profile, it must be attached to the wall and drill a hole in it so as to form a mark on the wall.The holes should be drilled in the wall using a punch or drill.The holes made by dowels are inserted.
  • Set rack in the guide profile and fix it with screws.
  • Mount base frame, then frame the portal with a niche for the furnace.To provide structural rigidity long racks and horizontal sections should be fastened together by bridges.If the fire box
  • hole should have a curved shape, the rigidity of the profile at the edges at regular intervals is necessary to make cuts with scissors, metal, and then bend it.

Facing using drywall

Every detail of the lining is cut after careful measurements using a jigsaw or of wallpaper knife.Screws must be screwed so that the hats were slightly recessed, and the distance between them on the straights it was no more than 10-15 cm.

work with plasterboard is easy even for a beginner.But during the work should take into account that this material is very fragile.


This step depends on the design of the entire room.However, most often used for facing tiles made of artificial stone, which is mounted on the glue.

If fully brick or stone would be inappropriate, the most affordable way to finish painting the decorative fireplace.Before it is necessary to carefully putty, smoothing corners and irregularities, sealing of joints between parts and sanding using fine sandpaper.