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August 12, 2017 18:06

Joining the loggia to the room - how to do it without the agreement ?

loggia if you join the loggia to the room, it will solve the issue 2 and significantly improve the comfort of living. First , significantly increases the level of illumination of premises, which, along with the convenience and entails some savings e / energy. Second , on the available "quadrature" to get more usable space, which is especially important for small size (especially the bedroom) apartments.

But this event refers to "work on the redevelopment" category.Therefore illegally, without the consent of the supervisory authorities, this is not recommended (how to coordinate, read here).The reasons are more than enough.For example, in the design of any building made appropriate heat engineering calculations that are defined and the nuances of construction (thick walls, the method of insulation, and the like).

Unauthorised modification of structural elements may increase the level of heat loss, deterioration of the bearing capacity of the structure of the individual parts.The enumeration of all potential adverse effects will result in a pretty big list.And yet, many owners still go to such trouble, or absolutely not thinking about the consequences, or in the hope of "maybe".And the result can lead to big trouble, you should be aware.

  • If it will reveal (eg, "well-wisher" inform someone should), then inevitably the official proceedings on the fact of violation of the legislation.As a result - a large fine and the forced removal of all "innovations" in order to bring housing in original form.Of course, for their own money.
  • Such unauthorized reconstructed living space to sell "in a hurry" will not work.In the process of the transaction will have to issue a certificate in the BTI.So, be sure to arrive a technician to make measurements and all will see.And then - or as described above, or have to spend time and nerves for various coordination is already "back" number.And not the fact that it happens.

to "sleep" before you begin home alteration, almost all of the work needed to harmonize.Although there are ways of joining the loggia without any major changes in the general plan, and therefore, without issuing permits.But it should be guided by specific requirements.

joining the loggia - 1

What can not

  • install the loggia water battery by connecting them to obschedomovoy heating system.Therefore it is necessary to place them (if necessary), electrical appliances (eg oil cooler, infrared heater, a reflector or something else) for additional heating "attached square meters."
  • «Touching" bearing structural elements (dismantle at least part of the outer wall of the room).
  • cluttered loggia, as it is the site of an emergency evacuation in emergencies.This should be considered when planning the use of the extra space.
  • External design (materials and glass design) should not make a dissonance in the appearance of the building.This alone - a violation of law.

To loggia became a natural extension of the living room, it is necessary to make high-quality finish, as well as a number of additional measures.



In this respect is much more convenient than usual loggia balcony.In contrast, her plate is able to withstand a greater load (it does support almost all the way around except for the outer edge).Therefore, the frame fence can be more massive.This allows aluminum + thin glass instead of a light frame to set, for example, the design of the plastic fiberglass (multi-chamber).


meant to trim the lateral parts of the ceiling, floor loggia.When choosing a method and materials should be guided by the adjacent apartment (top, bottom, sides).If they are open loggia "windswept", the insulation will have to conduct a "full program".How to do it correctly, you can learn by reading this article.By the way, a good effect is achieved during installation of "warm floor".

Dismantling window box

In fact, the sill can be converted into a shelf, table, bar.There are many options, but the main thing - it does not have to agree.Decorating does not require large material investments, and does not present difficulties.Now a large selection of inexpensive materials that can draw this part of the premises.

approval , accession Lodge

Door unit

If loggia insulated quality, it can also be removed.Receive a separate "open room in which to put the simulator, computer or desktop.

Well, if such a small alteration in the room does not fit, and want a more substantial reconstruction, with the removal of the exterior wall, you have to be patient and "run" on various instances.It is necessary in advance to be ready to spend more than one day (or even month) on the identification and resolution of all the issues involved.And still we do not know what happens.


  • order not to waste time, it is advisable to begin with a simple plan to make a reconstruction of the (draft) and show it to the engineer (Building maintenance) company, which is in the management of the house - his advice will not be superfluous.
  • If there is a desire to engage in a major reconstruction, with the demolition of the exterior wall, you need to carefully examine all the nuances of this work.Will it do it yourself?After all, without a jackhammer, as a rule, can not do.To remove construction debris?Especially a lot, and before embarking on the implementation of his plans is to weigh all the "pros" and "cons", see whether it makes sense to do it in such volume.