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August 12, 2017 18:06

What kind of ceiling is better to do in the kitchen ?

What kind of ceiling is better to do in the kitchen ?

Often the question arises whether during the repair of a ceiling is better to do in the kitchen?Not at all!Much more often the owners are considering the color of the future interior.

However kitchen - is a special room, it is often increased humidity, accumulated grease and soot.Hood is not able to solve all these problems instantly.

The porous surfaces odors and dirt are trapped property, dirty yellow color might spoil all impression.

In addition, the kitchen is not less exposed to the risk of flooding than a bathroom.

Because of all these factors, the kitchen ceiling loses its original appearance very quickly.All these features should be considered when choosing a method of finishing.

So what material is best to choose to furnish the kitchen ceiling?In answering this question, it is worth remembering all the advantages and disadvantages of the main methods of ceiling decoration.


  • plaster and putty
  • ceiling painting
  • Pasting ceiling wallpaper
  • Tiles made of polystyrene
  • Pinion ceilings and plastic panels
  • drywall constructions
  • Stretch ceilings

plaster and putty

with long time plaster and putty are the most common way to finish the rough surface.

White ceiling is always pleasing to the eye.In addition, it is one of the most economical options.But more often it is just a preparatory stage for further coloring.

A significant advantage of this type of work is that it is possible to choose an environmentally friendly material.Separate plus is fire safety.

With several layers of plaster, primers, putty, you can even eliminate the biggest flaws and surface irregularities, without sacrificing too much in this case the height of the room.

The disadvantages are quite complex multi-step process works.will not be able to achieve quality performance without the appropriate skills.

In addition, if the shrinkage of the house is still ongoing, in order to avoid cracks in the ceiling is ready to use serpyanku or fiberglass.They will allow the surface to maintain flexibility and integrity.

ceiling painting

The painting is advantageously carried out only after careful removal of cracks and irregularities.The paint is to choose from trusted manufacturers, such as washable for easy maintenance in the future.

Color is better to take a light, or a couple of shades lighter color of the walls to the space look larger.

painting process is quite time-consuming, messy and long, but it does not require special skills.All the flaws resulting from inept work can be easily eliminated.

The photo below shows a simple diagram of the order of work roll.First is to overlay paint in one direction and then in the other perpendicular to the first.

Work roll

worth noting the relatively small cost of finance for this type of design ceiling.

Among the shortcomings can be identified the importance of compliance with certain conditions of drying: the room should be well ventilated, and the presence of low temperatures can lead to cracks and crevices.

If the repair is carried out and it is necessary to paint over the dark stains of soot, they should be removed beforehand, otherwise the yellow stood out after a while, would nullify all the efforts.

Wallpapering wallpaper ceiling

This finishing material - not the best choice for the kitchen.However, in practice it is often used because it is endowed with certain advantages.

Definitely, it is one of the cheapest ways to decorate the ceiling.Moreover, it is extremely fast.

If microcracks appeared in the plaster due to shrinkage home wallpaper will help to hide this trouble.Colors you can choose the most different.

A drawing, for example, like in the following picture, well suited to hide a few irregularities of the ceiling.

Wallpaper on the ceiling

wallpaper is washable or choose for painting, to be able to care for them in the future.But do not forget about the shortcomings of this material.

No matter how high quality surface preparation was carried out before pasting, whatever glue is used, the wallpaper may come unstuck.Especially great this risk in areas of ascending hot air flow and steam.

Besides, no one is immune from the possibility of being flooded and, in contrast to the stretch ceiling, wallpaper paper will not save on this very quickly come into disrepair.

Tiles made of polystyrene

Despite its old-fashioned appearance - this coating is not so hopeless.In the style of the repair to the style of 80-90-ies, it could be a special feature of the interior.

The market is replete with different models of ceiling tiles, everyone can find something suitable for yourself.How these options is shown in the bottom photo.

Ceiling tiles

Of the merits should be made more affordable.In fact, the choice of such a finish is not pretty penny, besides the repair can be done with their own hands, without resorting to a specialist that is doubly saves money.

Moreover, this material is capable of visually correct all the flaws of the ceiling is not "eating" as the height, for example, a rack or suspended ceiling.

However, this ceiling is dirty quickly because the styrofoam structure absorbs all the dirt and soot.And this tarnish finish, changing color from the sun.

Pinion ceilings and plastic panels

and rack ceiling, and the ceiling made of PVC panels are representative of the group suspended ceilings.Noticeable difference in the appearance and value.

such ceilings are fastened to the structure of wood or metal.For wet rooms, including the kitchen should choose a frame made of metal.

The big advantage is that it is not necessary to conduct any preparatory work on the ceiling, all the bumps will hide behind the panels.

Rack ceiling indifferent to humidity, as well as plastic.Even if you happen to leakage from the top floor, it will not cause damage.

Rack ceiling

in the care of plastic do not have any problems all you need is a sponge and soapy water usual.
also is not affected by temperature changes.

from high temperature, the material can be deformed, but after cooling back to original form.The photo below shows the PVC ceiling panels.

PVC panels

Another advantage demonstrated by the photo, is the ability to install spotlights in any part of the ceiling.

design height is an average of 7-10 centimeters, which allows you to hide the wires inside.

drywall constructions

Another brilliant representative of the group suspended ceilings, which can be used in the kitchen, this brand ceiling.

This material will allow to realize the most daring design ideas: any color, any shape, any texture.All this is possible thanks to the dry gypsum plaster.

ceiling is demonstrated in the following photo is representative of a multi-level structure.

The ceiling of plasterboard

Any arrangement of luminaires easily feasible thanks to this material.

Mounting ceiling, certainly not the cheapest, but the output is a perfectly smooth surface.However, unlike the stretch ceiling, this kind of finishing is not finishing.

After installing similar design still needs a coat of primer, putty, paint.

Like all suspended ceilings, this allows you to arrange all wiring inside the frame, but, like everything, takes centimeters in height.

It's not scary for apartments with high ceilings, which is not true of small dwellings.

care largely depends on the paint finish.As a rule, this latex is selected.It nullifies any attempt to wash the ceiling, but this problem is solved by a fresh coat of paint.


Stretch ceilings

Stretch ceilings, if we forget about the financial side of the issue, can be called the best choice for the kitchen.

This heavy-duty material that when installing the heat stretched to a pre-prepared skeleton.

Stretch ceiling

obvious that self-installation of a stretch ceiling is not possible.In addition, it is very easily damaged by any sharp object.As a result, it will likely have to replace the entire piece of vinyl.

Under the action of natural heat material may sag, but is dismissive when the temperature returns to normal.

Additionally, material properties such as elasticity and strength, and can save repair property.If the neighbors will flood the apartment, all the liquid will collect in one place.

by gravity vinyl stretches, holding a large amount of water.After one has only to pierce the formed "bag" and drained into a bucket.Unfortunately, after a puncture suspended ceiling is not restored.In

care coverage is not fanciful: a sponge and soapy water.On such a ceiling is not going to condensation.

Another undoubted advantage is fire safety.A huge palette of color vinyl will select the best option for your kitchen.

choosing a way to design the kitchen ceiling, it is worth remembering the basic criteria for all types of finishes: cost, ease and speed of operation, the ability to carry out its own, as a result of the appearance, taking care of the ceiling.

By emphasizing important points for yourself, you can make the right choice.