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August 12, 2017 18:06

The benefits of installing ceiling rack in bathroom

The benefits of installing ceiling rack in bathroom

To create a rack ceiling in the bathroom is not necessarily cause for this Masters, all the work can be easily done by hand.

Such hinged design is very popular and in high demand.

for attaching them to the main ceiling using special needles and metal panels, and in the resulting free space hide the wiring for the lights.

So what good rack ceiling in the bathroom?To answer this question you need to disassemble the undeniable merits of this design.

First, rack ceiling is absolutely harmless and safe for the environment, which is especially important if the house has small children.

Secondly, the design for the bathroom additional insulation and soundproofing.

materials used for the installation, will not rot, corrode and do not contribute to the growth of bacteria even in a humid environment bathroom.

Thus they create a coating that has an anti-dust and reflective properties, as well as different aesthetic view and fits well into any interior.

Among other things, suspended ceilings are extremely strong and durable (lifetime of about 25 years) and due to the fact that they are simple and easy to install, install them, you can do on their own (thus saving budget).

Let's try to figure out what kind of rack ceiling is best suited for installation in the bathroom.



  • mounting optionsrack design
  • Materials rack hanging
  • system sets the framework
  • Mounting ceiling
  • Select fixtures

mounting options

rack construction rack ceiling mount can be done in different ways.By way of fastening suspended ceilings can be closed, open or have additional inserts.

Closed option involves going down rails on one another, ie,eliminates intervals, whereby coating is smooth.

In the photo below you can see an example of a closed harness.

Rack ceiling gated

Open attachment suggest the presence of a small gap between each rack, which is closed with a decorative skirting a width of about 1.5 cm.

But this option is usually suitable only for the bathroom with a large area, in the small space of the coating looks too cumbersome.

The photo below is a view of an open rack ceiling.

Rack-and open- ceiling

slatted cover with inserts reminiscent of an outdoor ceiling option, but in this case, open space covered with aluminum strips, which creates a perfectly smooth surface.

In this case, you can combine colors and shades, creating unique patterns on the ceiling, so this kind of coverage is especially popular among designers.

collect such a ceiling, if desired, you can own hands, the installation does not differ very complex.

The photo below shows the appearance of the suspended structure with inserts.

Rack ceiling with inserts

Materials rack harness

Make a rack suspended ceiling can be made of different materials.

most often in the bathroom doing:

  • suspended ceilings made of aluminum - they have excellent performance and low weight that allows you to install a lightweight frame;
  • plastic ceiling, which is easiest to mount their own hands.Also, the plastic construction has simple care and do not take up a lot of time when they wash;
  • the so-called French ceiling structures - for them to use food as a material of aluminum;
  • mirrored ceiling surfaces, which are a great solution for the bathroom with a small area.

So what the ceiling is best to choose?Most often mirrored ceiling rack is selected for the bathroom.

He has excellent low cost performance and, most importantly, mirror visually expand the space and reflect light sources, making the space brighter and more.

Mirrored ceiling can have a different basis as aluminum or made of some other materials, which are not affected by high humidity and corrosion, so they can even be washed.

Fixing ceiling

Since the mirrors have a high light reflectance, light fixtures can be installed in less than with conventional ceiling device, thus saving budget.

lamps, as well as a mirror ceiling, pretty easy to install their own hands and do not require any additional skills.

And now let's try to figure out how to mount a mirrored ceiling rack.

Set frame

mirror mounted ceiling does not require special preparation of the surface of the main ceiling, so you can immediately begin to strengthen the line trim and guiding profile.

The height of the gap from the ceiling to the structure chosen individually (it is affected by the chosen insulation, ducts, electrical wiring and other utilities).

Luminaire wiring is carried out simultaneously with the installation of the frame (in this case take into account the height of the cap lamps).

If you spend working with your hands, then frame the installation diagram must be disassembled in more detail:

  • Place a line trim and apply labels to the stringers;According
  • made labels assemble profile, which in the future will be the installation of the assembly.For fastening profile drilled holes in it, hammering them dowels and screws are screwed.Screws fasten every 45-50 cm, departing at 3-4cm from the ends of the guide sections;
  • then to the wall of the profile panel set stringers, and place them on hangers (for suspensions, typically used clamping mechanism with adjustment).As the use of fasteners screws and fasteners, as well as in the previous version;
  • After conducting compound suspensions and stringers with each other (in this case you need to make sure that all the mounting rails are located on the same horizontal line, a given profile, walking on the wall).

disassemble this scheme and implement a framework installation is not difficult.

But if you're doing all the work with his own hands, it is still recommend to watch the video below, which shows the detailed installation process for framing system.


Mounting ceiling

After preparing the framework can begin to carry out installation of the rack and pinion ceiling in the bathroom.

protective film with the material at the same time can only be removed once fully installed mirrored ceiling to while working and avoid scratching or damaging the surface.

therefore conduct cutting mirror strips to the desired length directly in the film (the film are released only edge rack panel, which will be docked).

After cutting insert mirror panels in the wall profiles and fix them in the grooves of the stringers (a click should sound at the correct fixation).

attached in such a way all the panels, filling the entire ceiling area.When the device built-in fixtures and their installation is carried out at the installation rails.

holes in the material is cut using a drill with an attachment of the desired diameter.

The video below shows a detailed process of installing a mirrored ceiling with lights river (before installing their own hands and advised him to look dismantle the scheme of work):


Attention!Through the installation, do not forget that the material is quite easily deformed, so do not make unnecessary efforts and to press hard on the rail.

If you have damaged or scratched the surface after installation (eg during cleaning or replacing a burnt-out light bulbs), it is possible to replace the spoiled one panel to another without touching the rest of the ceiling.

Select fixtures

Bath Lighting plays an important role as a properly fitted lights to help beat the mirrored ceiling rack in even better light.

So what kind of lighting is best to install in the bathroom?The choice is quite wide.

These can be devices with incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, LED lighting, raster lighting.

The photo below shows the suspended ceilings with different lighting.


Each decides what kind of lighting is better to choose for a bath, but regardless of the choice, the purchase should adhere to certaintips:

  • Choose lighting that will be as close as possible to the natural, will not cut eyes and dazzle.Do not forget that you are using the bathroom on waking and at bedtime and do not want to start the day and end of the evening were associated with negative emotions about too bright lighting;
  • Select fixtures by marking indicating their light output.On the strength of power depends on how many access points will need to do in the bathroom (especially this question is important for large bathrooms, which require fixtures in large quantities).

And finally, if you are not confident in their abilities and are not ready to carry out work related to electricity, with his own hands, it is better not to take risks and to entrust this work to professionals.

sometimes wiser to spend an additional amount for the hiring of workers, in order to save than do all the work on their own and not be at the same time make sure the end result.