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August 12, 2017 18:06

Exploring options for finishing the walls in the hallway

Exploring options for finishing the walls in the hallway

Decorating the walls in the hallway - a very important stage of repair the apartment, because anyone who comes to our house, immediately get into the hall.

It is therefore important to pay special attention to the issue than to decorate the walls in the hallway?

The choice of finishing materials for the hall is rather complicated, as on the market of a great many, and choose the right way to finish.

What is finishing the hallway you can see in this article.


  • Features materials for finishing the hallway
  • Preparation
  • surface option walls in the hallway
    • Decorative plaster and painting
    • Wallpaper different types
    • Panels MDF
    • Laminate panel
    • Artificial stone

Features materials for finishing the hallway

This room is constantly exposed to the negative effects of moisture and dirt that we bring to the streets with our shoes.

Dirty clothes and shoes, bags, bags with food constantly stain the floor and walls of the room and spoil their appearance.


is why finishing materials must be durable.Materials that require the use of sensitive, you can immediately dismiss.

should also choose the materials tend to accumulate grease, as through this room takes the greatest number of people per day.

Prefer those materials for which the easy-care, can be washed with detergents.

In addition, the materials must also be beautiful, suitable for interior of the house.

Decorating with artificial stone

Surface preparation

Before you mount the corridor decoration material, you need to prepare the walls to work.To begin with is cleaning the surface of the walls of the old coating, wallpaper, old plaster.

In places where the plaster keeps badly, be sure to pull all that in the future no problems.

next stage - the alignment of surfaces by means of plaster and putty.If you sheathe MDF wall paneling, panels or laminate, it is not necessarily align them.

To do so finish frame made of metal profiles or wooden slats.


Note that in close and very little hallway in an apartment is better to abandon the carcass finishing, so as not to take away the already small amount of the hallway.

If you choose finish wallpaper, decorative plaster, stone or liquid wallpaper, then in this case must be carefully smooth the surface.

option walls in the hallway

Types of wall decoration in the hallway can be very diverse.

solving than to decorate the walls in the hallway, it is advisable to pay attention to the following options.

Decorative plaster and

dyeing finishing plaster walls - this is one of the easiest and cheapest of finishes.The surface of the plaster is very strong, which makes it an excellent option for the hall.

plaster may be colored in the mass or colored.For coloring the surface applied water-based, acrylic or latex paints.

often used as decorative paints, with which you can create on the surface of the putty interesting effect.

As for plaster, such finishes look very original and transform even the most boring room.

Textures and simulation of decorative plaster can be very diverse.This marble, and raised pattern and fantasy figures.

Some materials allow you to create the effect of sand, silk, suede.Decorative plaster is sufficiently stable to external influences, breathable, it does not have an unpleasant odor.

Decorative plaster and various painting in the hallway on the photo.


Wallpaper different types

Another common hallway decoration material in apartment is wallpaper.They are characterized by low cost, a variety of colors and shades, easy to use.

In addition, high-quality wallpaper can be washed, they are resistant to various damages, hide flaws walls of their texture.

Experts advise to use in the corridor cleaning vinyl coating on a paper or paper-based.

cork wallpaper - a great alternative to conventional wallpaper.Such a coating can be washed, it is natural, it does not cause allergies, resistant to temperature changes and various influences.

Note that these wallpapers are very fond of cats tear, so the presence of animals in the house is better to use another kind of wall decoration.


Modern cork wallpaper can have different colors, patterns and variations of textures, and you should be able to pick up something for yourself.

Liquid wallpaper - another finishing option which is very useful if an entrance hall has a complex shape of the walls when the ordinary classic wallpaper inconvenient to use.

liquid wallpaper Pasting useful on difficult surfaces - arches, doorways, niches.

Apply liquid wallpaper on the walls can even amateur.They are filled with a variety of bumps and camouflage the defects.

The result is a smooth seamless surface that can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.If you cover the surface paint, the liquid wallpaper can be washed.

only drawback of wallpaper can be considered that they are difficult to remove from the wall, so this version of wall decor for those who want to make repairs than a year.

Various types of wallpaper in the hallway on the photo.


Panels MDF

Very oftenfor the walls in the hallway are using MDF panels.This is a practical finishing material, which also has an attractive appearance.

MDF panels consist of dry wood fibers, which is pressed and processed by high temperatures.

Such MDF manufacturing process ensures its durability, resilience and high strength.

Because of its high density MDF panels are often associated with wooden paneling.

material is resistant to moisture, so they can be washed, which is important for the hallway.

panels hide all the flaws of the wall surface, the walls do not have to align for a finish.Installation of MDF panels is quite simple, and the strength is not even an experienced repairman.

panels environmentally friendly, safe to people, provide sound and heat insulation space.

MDF panels can be cut into pieces of desired size, the material does not crumble and goes on any surface.

If you carefully look for cover, it will serve many years and will please their appearance.

As for the colors of the material, in DIY stores a wide range of panels of different colors and shades.Examples of such finishes can be seen in the photo.


Laminate panel

last few years, especially popular type of wall decoration in the room began to trim laminate.

This is due, primarily, a wide choice of materials and design capabilities.

You can easily pick up the simulation of various natural surfaces that are suitable for your interior, as in the photo section.

laminate Wall decoration in the apartment does not take much time and effort.

Moreover, this method allows decoration cover various surface defects.

If you decide to decorate the walls with laminate, you do not need to align the walls of putty.The laminate has special locks, which makes the installation process even more simple.

Attach laminate walls in two ways - the adhesive and the carcass.If you chose the first way to finish the walls with laminate, it is necessary to plaster the wall to the irregularities were not more than 1 - 2 mm.

Laminate on wall

slats are fixed with special glue or liquid nails.When the adhesive assembly to the lower elements will need to shift the process of gluing each element.

As for the second method of installation, laminate finishing can be carried out by using a metal frame, and by means of the rack.

in the cavity between the wall and the insulation material can be placed.To fix the panels using special fasteners.Places connection plates better prokleivat sealant.

Example laminate wall decoration in the photo.

Artificial stone

This material has a relatively high price, so most decorations with artificial stone is not the entire surface of the walls, but only on some of its sites.

Basically inlay stone can be seen around the window and door openings.

Small bricks texture look very attractive and natural, making the stone decor is very appealing to many.In the photo - an artificial stone in the interior hallway.
If your hallway, you want to finish the walls of stone, then you first need to decide exactly how you will use the stone.


for finishing stone indoors usually use two kinds of artificial stone - plaster and concrete on the basis of color.

Gypsum stone simply laid, it is not difficult to cut to size, but the concrete block can be cut only Bulgarian.

gypsum weight significantly less concrete materials, so the plaster is easy to hang on even drywall.

In addition, gypsum option price is much lower than the concrete decorative stones, but in appearance they are almost indistinguishable - both variants of texture, pattern and have a beautiful color.

only drawback of gypsum as compared with concrete can be regarded as its low moisture resistance, which, however, is easily corrected by impregnation or acrylic lacquer.

Decorating the walls artificial stone involves the use of a perfectly flat surface, which remove old paint and plaster wall.

to stone well mated to the wall, it must be primed.

Before you start a tile can be decomposed into a horizontal plane and pick up pattern so that the surface is not too large differences.

glue artificial stone liquid nails or special adhesive plaster.You can also use the all-purpose adhesive, as a part of which has a cement.

laying stone, be sure to check the operation level.Decorating hallway imitation stone on a photo.