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August 12, 2017 18:06

Fixing floor plastic baseboards

Fixing floor plastic baseboards

to understand in detail how to attach the interior plastic moldings is not only right, but also the most reliable, it is necessary to start to understand their structure.

Generally, the plinth is one of the main decorative elements in the interior of the house.

He almost always be on the mind and helps to give the floor neat and finished appearance.

Floor baseboards help almost perfectly disguise the gap between the base of the wall and the floor, but other than that, with their help it is possible to completely hide a cable passing, which should take advantage of the special channel.

Currently, the most frequently used baseboards made of wood and plastic.

Each of them should be fixed to the floor in different ways, but the easiest to undertake the work with their own hands is a plastic material, which, moreover, is more versatile and practical in its use.

It should be noted that only doing the job right will give the finished floor covering and a neat appearance.


  • Features plastic skirting
  • Preparations
  • Mounting plinths
  • Tips and tricks

Features plastic skirting

The main advantages of plastic moldings include their high versatility.

Attach can be both to the floor and the concrete wall, and, in this and in the other case, if the work is done correctly, the mounting strength will be tough enough.

Elements of plastic moldings

Conditionally plinth made of plastic can be divided into universal, suitable for all types of flooring, such as linoleum, parquet, laminate and those that are directly under the carpet.

difference is that the shape of the plastic plinths for carpet made in the form of the letter "G", which makes it possible not only to refine its appearance, but also to prevent rolling and deformation of the material during operation.

addition, plastic moldings is currently available from different constituent materials.

Thus, it is possible to acquire hollow or hollow plinths PVC, as well as those that have a rigid structure in specialized shops.

There are models that are equipped with a cable channel, which gives you the opportunity to harness pad is almost imperceptible.

main advantage of using plastic moldings is that fasten it to the floor or a concrete wall can be in virtually any room, from bath and finishing the living room.

should be noted and a huge selection of colors, which makes it possible to pick up such a plinth almost any interior.

This material has a certain flexibility and strength that allows them to work with practically any surface.

addition, with baseboards made of plastic, very easy to work with and the installation can be done with their own hands.

This versatile material has excellent moisture resistance that enables it to easily handle the detergent compositions in use.

classic version of the plinth made of plastic, is a model with a fixture equipped with a cable channel.

learn how to correctly attach your hands against the wall plinth made of plastic, is told in the video posted below.



Plastic skirting necessarily come bundled together with various additional accessories elements, without which perform their attachment to the wall with his hands is simply impossible.

Before starting work it is necessary, first of all, to determine the amount of materials needed.

baseboards required length is taken based on the perimeter of the room in which will be carried out all the necessary work.

In turn, the number of all kinds of plugs and connections selected with regard to the shape moldings.

In that case, if it is assumed that under the skirting board will be held the cable, you should opt for a material that has a dedicated channel.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the fact that attach the baseboard to the floor should be only after the full completion of construction work in the room, that is in the final stage.

should take care of the instrument, which may be required in the course of carrying out the relevant work.

sure to have on hand hacksaw and awl, which will be required to breach the technological holes.

In addition, it is necessary to get a tape measure, a pencil, and the construction area.

To attach the plastic plinth to the floor or the wall was convenient, you must purchase a drill with a set of drill bits and automatic screwdriver.

As if to work with a brick or concrete surface, it is desirable to have a number of punch.

Also, experts advise to draw up a detailed work plan that will attach plastic moldings with maximum quality.

On how to attach the plastic moldings quickly and correctly, described in detail in the video, which is available below.


Mounting plinths

Attach to the wall plastic moldings can be a large number of very different ways.

For these purposes, you can use a special liquid nails, fasteners, which are called clips and screws.

In any of the above methods of fastening the material it is possible to lay underneath the cable if necessary, but it is better if a special channel will be present for this purpose.If you plan to

installation using liquid nails, you should make sure that the wall surface is as flat.

Apply the composition preferably on a wall surface in increments of five centimeters, then it is necessary to press as closely as possible the material and wait in this position for approximately one minute.

Installation of skirting with cable

exactly the same way and attach all connectors and plugs.

should be noted that if you want to run a cable to do so should be even at the preparatory stage of the work before installation.

To mount the plinth turned out perfectly flat, it is necessary to use so-called clips.

use of this element makes it possible not to pay attention to the evenness of the walls, in addition, it is possible to use almost any material.

In this case, on the surface of the wall and to the markup held secure with screws clips themselves, if necessary, to lay the cable, and then you can proceed to the installation and the material itself.

At the final stage it is necessary to put all the plugs and decorative elements of the plinth.

If performance does not play a large value, the fixing can be done by drilling through the material.

This method is most often used in secondary rooms, where there is a desire to save money.


For this method of attachment is important to follow a step and monitor the evenness of laying planks.

In addition, it is best to do all technological holes using a drill to avoid cracking of the material.

The video posted to this article, to tell you more about how to manually set plinth.

Tips and tricks

Plastic is a fairly versatile material that is easy to process and can be used for many purposes.

main advantage is the flexibility of plastic, whereby it is possible to give a different shape.It should be noted, however, that plastic is easy to work with.

Made of this versatile material skirting boards are not only an attractive appearance, but also have sufficient strength and rigidity.

Among the main advantages of this material is the ability to virtually unnoticed hide under it any cable, which is especially important for modern apartments, in which the wires are located literally everywhere.


Of course, for these purposes it is better to use plastic skirting models that are equipped with a special cable channel underneath.

In any case, when fixing a plinth screws must be ensured that they did not touch the pre-routed cables.

Plastic moldings must be placed on a mandatory basis only after full completion of repair work on the final stage.

Before starting work must be completed not only walls, but also laid a floor covering.

When running a large number of wires is recommended to use a plastic plinth with a special channel.

The average length of the plastic profile is approximately two and a half meters and, on this basis, it should be calculated the required amount.

When buying plastic profile should take a small margin that may be required when cutting and finishing angles.


should also count the exact number of corners in the room and on the basis of the data obtained to purchase connecting elements.

purchasing plastic profile necessary to make sure that he was all necessarily from the same batch.

In any case, the entire plastic profile must have the same type of color and not contain elements of marriage.