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August 12, 2017 18:06

Resolved Question Design ceiling plasterboard

Resolved Question Design ceiling plasterboard

ceilings Design of drywall, thanks to its diversity of variants, the right solution for any apartment.

Today more and more people are opting for this type of decoration, and there are several explanations.

First, finish the walls and ceiling plasterboard is cheaper compared to other materials.

Secondly, the number of finishing options for large - can be completely different ceiling in the living room, indoor rooms and the kitchen.However

plus ceiling plasterboard is not only an attractive appearance, but also in its properties, this material has a high thermal insulation, moisture resistance and sound insulation.

In addition, it is completely safe for humans and does not emit any harmful substances.

design features of this material are truly inexhaustible.

Due to its flexibility and plasticity - you can create virtually any shape.

It is particularly suitable for those apartments, where the uneven ceiling - with the help of drywall finishing this disadvantage can be hidden.

They also can conceal wiring and cables to the unit.

repair Easy too is an advantage - no need to change the entire coating.If you see its deformation, it will be sufficient to replace only the damaged module.

All these advantages motivate choose exactly ceiling plasterboard finish.

In this article you will see photos of design ceilings of plasterboard in different rooms apartments, and learn how to carry out this process with their own hands.


  • design in the living room
  • Design in the bedroom
  • Design in child
  • design for kitchens
  • design in the corridor

design in the living room

for living not use as a single-level, soand multi-level structures - all depends on the style of the room.

If you practice in a minimalist environment, not like pomposity and unnecessary items, it is best to use in the living room sibling plasterboard.It is better to fit into the design of the room, complement its rigor.

However, if, for example, in your room, and the kitchen is no partition, you can visually distinguish between the space with the help of the ceiling, making it a multilevel in different parts of the room.


help in differentiation can and lamps - they are very easy to position on the ceiling of plasterboard, and in any form: it canbe built or traditional lighting options.

Integrated mini lights will give the living room a strict look, or vice versa, you can place them in the kitchen and in the living room to install a floor lamp or a lamp with a warm light that will make the room more comfortable.

Plus ceiling plasterboard is that you can do with it literally anything you want.

you can create a two-level ceiling of his living room and make it visual depth by painting one of the levels in a different color - it will make the room visually larger.

Also you can paste over his film, or decorate the moldings, if you prefer the classic living room design, or design in the style of Art Nouveau or Art Deco.

However, if you select the moldings, it is not necessary to do a two-level ceiling of plasterboard, becauseget the hang of it too cumbersome.

one-level coating also easy to decorate: can invite an artist to create an individual design of the ceiling, which will be implemented only in your living room (examples of painting and finishing ceilings in the main room, see photo).


Or you can choose a special film - now it is made very high quality, and looks like it is often worse than the work of the artist.

Although the temptation is great to experiment with the ceiling, do not forget that it should be combined with the overall style of the room.

If the room and so many pieces of furniture and decor, and wall decoration quite catchy, it is better to confine a simple one-level ceiling with integrated lighting.

If you want to just cover the ceiling decoration of the room was, the rest of its parts is better to do less catchy.

More design options ceiling of plasterboard with a photograph.


Design in the bedroom

Designtwo-level ceiling can be seen most often in the bedroom.

For this room rarely choose a pure white surface, preferring to make the cover of warmer colors - cream, beige, blue, or one that is better matched to the overall design of the room.

Solve one or two levels you want to see in your bedroom you can with the help of photos that will show you a variety of different finishes bedrooms.

Make the ceiling and walls in one color is not worth it - better to choose two, which will be nice to complement each other.


Excellent and favorite of many of the ceiling design for bedrooms- circular, when the second layer of drywall is more prominent, and the lamp is placed inside it.

This release levels are not only form but also color - second, usually a bright and catchy.On it you can set as spotlights, and hang the lamp in the middle.

However, for low rooms such a project is not very suitable, because visually reduce the space and make the height of the walls below.

Nor should we do cover the dark, if the height of your bedroom is not too large, that is. To. It is also "eats" space of the room.

Design in child

Design ceiling in the children's bedroom - a real scope for creativity.You can consult with your child and find out which option he wants to cover, before proceeding to the finish.

can create a ceiling any shape using a two-tier structure, or stay at the one-level, and to paint her as a child wish.

Coverage in children's drawing can complement the walls, or contrast with them, can be bright or calm - it all depends on your child desires.


Lighting bedroom is better to make a muffled, the lightI did not hit in the eye, but it created a "sleepy" atmosphere.

Ideal controlled lighting design, it is especially good for a child's bedroom, where the child will not only sleep, but also to read and do homework.

most popular option for the bedroom - ceiling built-in lights, it is, firstly, to save space, especially if the bedroom is small, and secondly, it looks stylish and attractive.

now gaining more and more popularity not spotlights, and LED strip one-piece - it is usually used for the two-level ceilings, obkleivaya her around the perimeter of the second "convex" level.

tape can be of any color, which is also perfectly complement the design of the bedroom, giving it a romantic and relaxing atmosphere.

design for kitchens

Before starting finishing ceilings in the kitchen, it is recommended to determine the order, how you want to see your final project and what you want to emphasize.

, will suit best to the second level of the square to highlight the dining area and to highlight the center - a round.

If the kitchen space is uneven, it is possible to visually align with the help of a rectangular shape of the ceiling plasterboard.If

apartment project involves the union of two rooms - living room and kitchen, it is logical to make a multilevel ceiling plasterboard to visually separate the two zones.

color also depends on the ceiling of your kitchen project.

You can often find a white glossy finish that reflects light.The secret of this effect in a special paint, which can be purchased at any hardware store.

Integrated lights in the ceiling that will provide cold but bright light - it is quite suitable for the working area.

If you want a warm light, for example, in the dining area of ​​the kitchen, you can make a ceiling matte, but not white, beige or milky.

Kitchen is best to use the built-in lights, becausethe brightness of the light can be controlled, that is, to create a different atmosphere in the room, and, secondly, they will not disturb you, especially if the ceiling in the kitchen is quite low.

Options lighting for kitchen and other rooms are looking at the photo.


Another original version - ceiling transition inplane wall, thus forming a small arch design.

usually make such a transition in the dining area to separate it from the cooking space.The surface of the walls can be built lights that will illuminate the space.Excellent

such an option will look for differentiation rooms connected by a living room and kitchen.

Of course, such a construction is used only if allows the height of the ceiling and walls, asit is quite massive and takes up a lot of space.

Another original design of the ceiling for the kitchen - a smooth symmetrical pattern that goes around the perimeter of the ceiling.Allocate it with the fixtures, and the color, which is different from the main cover.

If your kitchen has a breakfast bar, you can turn it into a kind of center of the room, placing it above the second layer of drywall.

It can be used as a lighting device, thanks to a built-in fixtures.

Generally the kitchen ceiling perfectly with the furniture and other finishes, organically complementing each other.

Use your own ideas for the interior design, as well as see photos of ready rooms, they will help you decide on the design of the ceiling in your own kitchen and other rooms of the apartment.


design in the corridor

Designceilings made of plasterboard can be not only in the rooms indoors, but in the hallway, but there should not be too carried away.

best to single-level neutral ceiling with recessed light fixtures, it is - the classic version.

However, if the height of the walls in the apartment large, permitted the creation and multi-level structures.

Pretty original will look Painted Floor - for this you need to create a pattern on the liquid paper, make it surround and attach to the ceiling (ceiling painting options volume, see photo).


ceiling design with the help of drywall, you can create inabsolutely any room of the apartment, the main thing to imagine what the result you want to get in the end, this will help you photos of design options and a private fantasy.