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August 12, 2017 18:06

The shelves in the bath with his hands

The shelves in the bath with his hands

shelf device in the bath with his hands requires taking into account the many nuances and subtleties.

is not to say that the production of shelf - work is too complicated, but the right to build a structure, you must have certain tools to understand the requirements for building materials and be able to choose a suitable timber.

dimensions here also play an important role: they determine the usability and design, and human health, and the steam room effect.

shelves are going to do, and even with his own hands, it is necessary to develop a preliminary plan, to determine the number of lines and form.If all the calculate correctly, then after a few days you can enjoy your holiday in the bath.


  • Which board to choose?
  • Features
  • shelves shelf unit How to make your own?
  • How to calculate the correct size?
  • Features care timber

Which board to choose?

Many people think that to make the shelves is quite simple, because it is the final part of the construction of the bath, which is often referred to as finishing.

itself shelves - a rather high design often speed or angle, which looks similar to the beds, which sit or lie down during the evaporation.

It is understood that not every board is a good option.


Since in the steam room are high temperature and high humidity, we need a strong frame and robust timber that will not crack and soak.

So, the tree that you want to make shelves for bath should have a low thermal conductivity.

In addition, people who visit the steam room, should not remain after the splinter, which means that the regiments design involves careful handling and the wood itself should have a snug fit of the fibers.

very rare as the top layer is selected pine and spruce, as the temperature increases are allocated resin.

The most common flooring that is easy to do with your hands, use:

  • Aspen - because it is very resistant to moisture.Aspen shelves at higher temperatures do not crack, do not change color.Another plus of these regiments - low cost, and therefore accessibility for people with different budgets.The disadvantage is the relatively rapid decay, which will sooner or later exposed to this board;
  • Lipu, which is different smoothness.Good takes many forms, not shrink or swell;
  • Alder - it is difficult to mechanically damage, it is highly durable at any level of moisture.This material has long been used in the steam room, because it is a very long time;
  • Maple, although his attempt to use less.It is cheaper than lime, but its hardness often does not allow to give it the desired shape;
    Poplar - soft material, so often it is used more for decorative elements, a frame made of poplar do not.

happens that for regiments and used oak, but due to its high cost and high humidity, which is still destructive acts on the timber, it is not the best option.

Device features

shelves Shelves can be called and a shelf, and shop - are one.This design is indispensable in the bath, and is a durable flooring.

Its height and size will vary depending on many factors, and if will work with your hands, it is better to know all about the traditional device.

Usually one regiment consists of the following parts: frame and flooring.

drawing regiment

First, let's deal with the first item.The framework is needed for the proper fixing of the whole structure, it is a support for the flooring and should withstand the weight of people sitting down.

usually consists of a frame struts, which are comparable to the legs of the chair or bench.These racks, in turn, connects the horizontally mounted board evenness and reliability.

can also make the frame of the Finnish technology - it is not made rack, and the entire structure is fastened to the wall in the steam room.

Flooring should be made of thin planks.

If the work carried out in the bath with his hands (if you trust the professionals to build a sauna, all of the work inside and they will perform themselves), then it is important not to forget about sanding, then to the guests and the hosts were not splinter and crack.

Sami boards are fixed with a small indentation in the frame.There is also another option - sliding shelves.

design allows these regiments to remove them from the bath into the fresh air, for example, to dry.Also, with their hands not hard to do armrests, backrests, shelves for the feet.

in the steam room is better to leave a small area and make small shelves, as this will be less space - the lower and fuel consumption.It is also easier to heat a small room.

But too small bath area also will not be a good choice.It will be constantly high temperature, because of which construction regiments necessarily begin to crack.

help here is a special timber for oil, but it is better to choose just the right size for the steam room.


Most often, the device multi-step regiments do, despite the fact that their own hands to do it harder.But here it is just a simple law of physics.

Hot air always rises, which is reflected by a special overlapping roofs and collects in the upper part of the sauna.

Typically, each shelf can be used for sitting and for lying, but the minimum width of a step shall be thirty centimeters.

How to make your own shelf?

If you decide to do construction work in the bath with his hands, you must first decide the fastening materials to be used for fixing the regiments.

Professionals advise taking no nails and screws - they are more reliable and allow still secured board.Also

then screws the shelf will be easier to remove, if necessary, and the oil, which is used for moistening the wood does not affect them.

best to attach the screws from inside the structure, because otherwise there is a risk of getting burned by touching the red-hot metal steam.

if to do so does not work, then the screws on top of closed pieces of wood.

Consider a simple framework of creating an algorithm.

first to simplify the work you must do the markup - marked the extreme stands.On the racks themselves are mounted rubber pads.Primarily assembled upper girder (often only the top two).

It was in the steam room must be secured not only among themselves but also securely fixed on the walls.The front desk must be held in one position and to fix them to the side beams.

last to secure the front of the board, which create a frame that looks like a stable frame.To avoid mistakes, all measured the height and width, and the evenness of line level checked.

If all jumpers and the boards are fixed correctly, you can proceed to the installation of flooring.

Two variants of shelves

Making this part of the regiments was not extremely difficult - only need to consistently tighten the screws in the rails.Best of all, the screws should be tightened up to the stop.

Do not trim spending closely on all sides, because then the floor will be completely closed, but the moisture will still accumulate under the shelves that lead to rotting.

Also, when such cladding is difficult to treat the floor during cleaning, to remove water and dust.

How to calculate the correct size?

Dimensions regiments played a huge role in the steam room.For example, Russian bath, the minimum height of one stage - two feet.

These dimensions are suitable even for lying adult, if he will bend his legs.Typically, the minimum length is selected for the shelf - it is almost two meters.

But of course, if your family has a very tall people, it is best to do with the stock shelves.

As regards the latter parameter, the minimum width of the flange, as mentioned above, may be thirty centimeters.

But many experts say that this size is not enough, especially if you intend to use a broom, where the need for supply scope.

Therefore it is better to do a minimum level of forty centimeters wide.

The broader the regiment, the better and more comfortable, even fat people easily can fit on it, but you should always evaluate the sauna area.

Features care timber

course, steam tree - almost the only option of the material.It is environmentally friendly, normal transfer of moisture and high temperatures.

But even wood effect permanent pairs.Moreover, despite the low thermal conductivity, even sitting on a wooden shelf, you can get burned.

That is why there is a special sale of shelf oil.

Video: This thick oil

is used to process each step - it is quickly absorbed by any tree, leaving no trace, and without changing the color of the boards.

also handles such oil and varnish, if you decide to cover their shelves in the steam room.However, the paint in the bath - not the best idea.

With increasing temperature it can evaporate and breathe steam lacquer is extremely harmful to health.Some mixture of low quality paints while heating soften and stick to clothes and skin.

oil is used only in lukewarm bath.They should treat all dry wood surfaces and allow them to soak up the solution.It is best to apply the oil in two layers with a short break.

coated shelves leave at night, and the excess mixture was removed with a cloth.

oil in the steam room - irreplaceable thing.It will not only protect you and your guests from burns and discomfort, but also eliminates the need to constantly wash the wood from different spots.

In other words, it repels any impurities, so long as the flooring will have the original form.

There is no need to clean with a stiff brush, which can be left on the surface to remove splinters and lacquer layer, if any.

general all materials that you choose to work with their hands, must be different quality and reliability, because the room - this is not a design, where you can save on wood.

And if you add to the design of the metal parts, remember that they should always be hidden, so that it was not possible to burn yourself.